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2 Recent Reasons Calbayog not Always Perfect


I know that a lot of times people have a tendency of only putting the good news about a place to make it look like a wonderful place.  Of course bad things happen every where and Calbayog City is not an exception.  Here are 2 recent stories I found that are not so good news about our city.  Unfortunately the good, in our case recently all the new construction going on, always seems to come with the bad.  I hope that these stories do not discourage people from visiting and/or moving here.  It really is a wonderful place and I enjoy living here.  But, if you are like me, then you want to have all the facts, good and bad, and you can make up your own mind as to what you want to do.  I wish I could just put both the stories on here for you to read, but that is a big no-no in the blog world.  I would like to get some comments on this post as to whether these stories affect your decision to come here.


CALBAYOG City, Philippines – A barangay chairman in this city was gunned down by an unidentified man, a police report said.

Police said that Restituto Mag-ampo, 51, a widower, and village chairman of Barangay Capacohan, this city, was shot to death at 11:45 p.m. yesterday in Barangay Obo-ob, also of this city, 18 kilometers from the victim’s place.

Police report added that Mag-ampo was in the house of Ms. Maria Fe Polod having a drinking spree with one of his kagawad (councilor), Henry Cuizon and other residents in Barangay Obo-ob when he was shot. Polod was also hit in her thigh, the police report also added.

A police officer, who refused to be identified, said that the crime “could be politically motivated and another

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CALBAYOG CITY, Samar – Many candidates in this city and neighboring towns in Samar’s first district are apprehensive and have expressed their concern about the presence of private armed groups, also known as partisan armed groups (PAGs) here.

A candidate who requested anonymity said that these PAGs should be neutralized “for honest and credible elections” to be held here in 2013.

Police authorities have earlier confirmed the presence of PAGs in Samar’s first district with members armed with high powered firearms.

A police official with the rank of Senior Superintendent who likewise asked not to be identified said

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  1. Some of Cheryl’s relatives are In local politics and I’ve seen first hand how derisive things can get but it has not put me off. I struck up friendships with people on the island, as is my nature, only to be told that they were in the other camp politically and really may just be using me to get at her relatives. I’ve had to mind my PS and qs as it were and restrain myself a bit more than usual. Some of these folks even went as far as to ask for monetary support to campaign which would have been very embarrassing. Needless to say I excused myself from the situation. I played the dumb kano card and explained that it really wasn’t my place to get involved with politics there as an American. I don’t offer any opinions on political situations but will speak to them about everyday things in a neighborly manner. I haven’t let them know I may be on to them and treat them the same as anyone else I meet, with amiable respect. I wish some things in life could be easier, lol. Stuff happens everywhere. I keep my eyes open and think twice about my actions there now.

    • I’m not really that type of person. I mean I don’t go out and make a lot of friends, I usually prefer to stay at home. Although I do like to go to parties at times. Sometimes we even give parties at home, but not on a regular basis. Of course when/if the restaurant ever gets open, whether it is still called the Blue Gazebo or not, I hope to have a monthly expat get together. I’m not sure there is really enough expats living here that will do that, but I’ll get it started and maybe the few of us here will start until the rest of y’all have time to get here.

  2. Unfortunately in the Philippines, just like in most other developing countries, putting ones political aspirations aside for the greater good does nothing to ensure the continued well being of ones family. Those that have enjoyed the fruits of political labor sorta get used to that gravy train, and it is obvious some will go to any extreme to protect it. I’d say it’s typical of any system that is non-performance based. I can remember staying in my apartment for a couple evenings leading up to the last Marco re-election bid and then during the Peoples Power Revolution in 1986. Just keep out of their political business and away from political rallies and you will never know any difference. Bahala na.

  3. Having lived there for years when in the military and visiting several times since. News like this appears to be the norm for there and would not stop me from visiting. Was there in May 2010 during the country wide major elections. I told the wife there will be a gun fight before the day is over. Sometime between 1400 and 1600 hrs on election day, I was kickin back with inlaws having a few cold SMG products and the bamboo grape vine had breaking news that a gun battle between to rival candidates had broken out about one km from where we were at. Needless to say a few died for nothing other than someone wanting to be the next elected official.

    • May 2010 is when we finally made the move here. I don’t suppose you were in Calbayog? If you was, I didn’t see you. I figure this kind of stuff happens everywhere, not just the Philippines. During election time, I limit my time downtown and try to stay away from any political rallies, just in case. I think tomorrow night I will be getting kicked by a couple of big Red Horses.

      • We were in Bacoor, Cavite just south of Manila. I learned a long time ago to stay out of politics there and never ever get near a political rally. I’m sure it happens all over the world, but I must say i’ve witnessed those type of actions first hand more so there than any other place besides mexico. Tenatively we’ll be coming again in May 2013 and staying in Bacoor again for about a month. Oh and FYI, an artic front came through last week, temps dropped to 18 deg here and approx 34 deg down in Belton/Temple area.

        • Well I guess I won’t be seeing you when you finally do make it this way, but I hope all goes well. Artic Front is definitely something I don’t worry about anymore. If I want to be cold, I’ll take a trip to Korea during their winter months. I just don’t see that happening though.

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