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House for Sale in Calbayog City


Rick Smith sent me some pictures he took of a house for sale here in Calbayog City.  I thought I’d go ahead and include the pictures on here in case someone was interested.  There is not much information except for the location and a mobile phone number to call or text.  It’s location is not too far from the center of town and is on the corner of Navarro and Luciendo.  That is only a few doors down from Mar’s house.  The woman standing in the first (and feature) picture is Flor, Rick’s wife.  She’s pretty, isn’t she.  I guess Rick thought it would bring some class to the picture.  To me this house looks pretty new, but I’ll know more after I go see it in person.  I just wanted to get this post in as soon as possible to not miss any potential buyers.  I’ll have more on it later.  It looks like they just finished building it from some of the construction looking material laying around.  I would be sure that they cleaned up all the things laying around before I bought the house.  Anyway, I have 10 pictures of the house and here they are.

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  1. looks like someone there needs to have a website showing houses for sale and rent. seems to be a great need. hope you are doing well.

    • That would be helpful and there actually might be such a thing, but I have yet to find one or even heard about there being one. Sometimes I wonder if agents would even get together and make such a listing.

    • Donna I found out about a place for rent in Davao. This is the guy’s website. He is an expat here.

  2. This house is 4 bedrooms 197 sqm and they are asking 5 million peso.

    • Thank you for that Carl. I hope that someone reading this wants or knows someone that wants to buy a house here. It’s not too far from the downtown area. It’s well within walking distance for sure.

    • Hi there,
      Will be in calbayog on april 2014, if this property still available would love to view it. Communication by email would be great but if not got mobile number.
      Thank you.

      Kind regards,

      • Howdy Mengie. Thanks for checking out my website. I am only spreading the word about the house, I am not associated with it. However you can use that phone # in the picture to contact the owner. If for some reason the phone # does not work, let me know and I will go to the house to see if I can find out something further. No one is living there, but maybe some workers or neighbors know something. Good luck with that and thanks again for checking out the site. Hope to hear more from you on other things.

        • Hi UJ,

          Thank you very much for your reply. This is the first decent website I’ve searched regarding Samar particularly Calbayog City, very informative. I would love to update you any useful and brilliant stuff that I may encounter when I get to Calbayog. Is there any chance, you know some info regarding Narcissa Hills like agent? If not, not to worry :)

          Thank you.

          • Well I now know were Narcissa Hills are, but I didn’t before you asked. It is over by the new market and where they are suppose to be building the new Robinson Mall (if they ever get around to it). My niece Juvic has a friend that is a real estate agent here and I will get that information to you just as soon as I can get it from her.
            I would really like it if you would update me with information and any Philippines related stories that you may want to share with others. That would in fact be great.
            I hope to update things on the site soon, I’m a bit behind at the moment due to laziness, but I’m getting over it.

          • Okay, I’ve got the e-mail for the real estate agent. Just contact her and she should be able to help you out with whatever you need.


        • Great! That was quick..Thank you so much :)

          • I try to please.

  3. Just for a matter of reference not as a complete and know it all answer, here is the information I have gathered about land and building prices in Calbayog Area. In the City Proper e prepared for P3000 -P5000+ per sqm for land alone , farther outside town it can be as cheap as P36 sqm be prepared to buy off and move any squatters already there off the land at your expense, buy from a real estate company Like Narsissa or from a bank, private individual sales are treacherous at best, not unusual here for family members inheriting property to never convert it to their names even after 20 years , or one of those inheritors selling off part of the land never notifying the other owners.Two contractors I have conversed with on several occasions for “American” style finishing and appliances, cabinetry in a house is running P18,000 a sqm construction,If you have to ask what I mean by “American ” style finishing you probably should not be buying a house in PH yet spend more time here first.

    • Good information Rick, thanks. So everyone that was wondering about the prices, there is a rough estimate for you. At least it’s something to start with.
      I always recommend that people spend some time in the Philippines before pulling up stakes and moving here completely. I know that everyone does not want to do that because they think they can make it no matter what. Well I hope that if they do that, they do make it, but they ‘could be’ in for a shock.

      • that is really good information. I wish I had comparisons like that for other cities. i have heard it is not safe to buy from private owners and that you may get lots of offers for things that could never really belong to you because of legalities. or maybe I should say “lack of”. i agree one should tread lightly when making major purchases in the Philippines and go through reputable loaning institutions and realtors and if not, always use a reputable attorney to complete the transaction. we do not expect to be buying for awhile and I have heard leasing land is a lot safer. anyway, thanks for the helpful info.

        • That is correct Donna. I have heard several horror stories of people that bought land and it turns out that the person they bought it from didn’t even really own the land. I don’t know of all the things that happen after, but I’m sure it was a big mess and I’m sure that some money was lost in there somewhere.
          We bought our land and didn’t have a problem with that, but our relatives knew the owner. In fact the ex-owner lives next door.

  4. looks like a pretty house. is someone trying to reach the number given to get more info? it would be nice to know the sqm and # of rooms and ofcourse the price. thanks for taking the pics and sharing them

    • Donna. It is a house for sale, not rent. Do you think it would be a place you would be interested in?

    • yes you are right. I am looking for a house to rent and I still have not decided on the area in the Philippines I will coming too. much of it depends on housing costs and availability. I have found, the prices of houses for sale also will reflect the rental prices. but mostly, when I asked for more information about this cute house for sale, I thought the information you could pass on about it on your website might help other expats looking for affordable housing. maybe there is someone reading this blog that might really be interested in this house but cant get too excited about it without knowing the price and other information and it seems it is a local call to the realtor for you.

      • I hope that anyone reading this that is looking for a house to buy would ask about the house. If they want to know, I’ll see what I can do to find out. I was talking to another American here today and he said that he and his girlfriend will be renting an apartment here. He didn’t say how much, but I will see him again next week and try to remember to ask him and see exactly where it is.

  5. UJ, it looks more like a remodeling job than new construction to me, also so an empty lot for lease just north of it but if for lease i’m assuming they are looking for commercial tenants not residential

    • Okay, remodeling. I will be seeing it myself before too long, maybe even this week.
      Thanks for letting me know about it though. You send me more things than anyone else. That’s good for me because I can’t be everywhere, especially when I hardly go anywhere.

      • I got the bump leg and get out more than you?
        Well we do live a bit closer in town so its short trip to get anywhere except your place hahaha. Actually we were heading to see my Dr on Nijaga when we passed by the house, it got my attention.

      • My Dr Iris Debutin has her office up for sale or lease if that works better, It is Currently the Calbayog Doctors Clinic on Nijaga St, they will be moving to and constructing a new building on an open lot at Rama and Magsaysay, even closer to me I like that, currently the house is the Dr office so a full remodeling would be needed but it is nice area of town and only 1/2 block south of the SO Cafe

        • More good information in case anyone needs it. You just never know what people need or want.
          Less of a walk for you pretty soon Rick. I know you like that.

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