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Centro’s 11th Store is in Calbayog


Calbayog City, Samar, June 29, 2013 – Centro Department Store in Calbayog City will officially open on August 16, with its goal of bringing the “manila style shopping experience” to the city.

Ms. Mailes Martinez-Mendez, Centro’s Marketing Manager in her Kapihan guesting said that Calbayognons will be assured of a complete range of offering of different fashion brands we Filipinos love, like Bench, Penshoppe, Jag, RRJ and Rusty Lopez, and also all the sports brands like Nike and Adidas to mention a few. And as to the pricing of all of their products, she further assured Calbayognons of fair and affordable prices as she also said that they customize it based on where they are.

Ms. Mendez also underscored that during the opening, they will be launching their loyalty cards, an earning points card that shoppers can also use to buy.

Centro Department Store in the city was first expected to open last March but because they wanted it to open at the perfect timing because it’s a month before the city’s fiesta, Ms. Mendez said that they have to forego some more time for them to better improve their design, a fully air-conditioned facility, and the construction of the building that is more modern.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mendez also mentioned Centro’s head title for this year which says, “Centro Department Store: all you need”. This means according to her that Centro is actually a department store for the whole family.

Centro Department Store is operated and owned by the Citistores Incorporated, a company that every time it opens a branch in a city has a community commitment that at least 50% to 80% of their employees will come from the city itself. This according to Ms. Mendez is their kind gesture of giving back to the city the investment invite it has made for Centro.

The final hiring of more or less 40 Centro employees from sales people to department heads for the city already ended. Those hired now pass through a long training process where they will be taught of the best customer service as what Centro is also known for.

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  1. I can already feel the pesos dissappearing from my pocket!

    • Hey, but I don’t think it will be open by August 16th. If it is, and as far from finishing they are now, I’m not going to be inside that place for the grand opening. I probably wouldn’t go to the grand opening anyway. It will be too crowded.
      I fixed your duplication problem.

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