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Kamalig Event Center Present and Future

Kamalig Event Center Present and Future


I didn’t take any notes for this post and I waited a couple of days longer than I should have before getting it started, so I sure hope I remember everything.  I think it’s something that Calbayog City really needs and am glad that it’s in the works.

Awhile back I was all high on the new place called Doce.  I still am high on that place, they have the best pizza in town, by far.  The owners are wonderful and when the karaoke is not playing so loud, it’s a good atmosphere at their restaurant/club.  Recently I’ve discovered a new location that has really caught my attention too.  I’ve already done a couple of posts on it, but I recently sat down with the owner, John Blackwell, and got some inside information of his plans.  He has lots of plans for the place and has actually already started on some of them.  I am, of course, talking about the Kamalig Event Center.  He and his wife (Irene) are trying to do something different here.  Filipinos are not known for trying new foods, but like to stick to traditional ways.  They are making an attempt at Kamalig to introduce to the Filipino a different way to make food and I think it is long overdue.  I’m hoping, and I know they are hoping to, that Filipinos embrace this different style.  I think it will catch on with the younger crowd first and will then slowly start expanding out to everyone.

John Blackwell at Kamalig Event Center. Part of (most of) the current dining area

First of all I want to say that they do have the best hamburgers in town.  In fact, just like Doce has the only pizza in town I will eat, Kamalig has the only hamburgers I will eat, although I hear there could be a couple of other places.  I may be looking at those later.  I happen to mention to John about watching NFL games here.  It’s difficult to watch them not only because of the time difference, but they are not shown on TV here, like they are in other parts of the Philippines.  He has been thinking of doing like a sports bar type atmosphere and I guess with me mentioning it, he decided to take action.  He now has 2 large screen TVs up.  I forget how large they are.  He told me, but I forgot.  I have a picture of them.  What size do you think they are? He will have these TVs hooked up to a computer so he will be able to play those recorded games, probably on Tuesdays.  He is also thinking of getting some of the latest movies and playing those on there on a continuous cycle throughout the day.  I can tell you that I will be there every week to watch the NFL games.  It’s something I do miss being here.

Wide Screen TVs at Kamalig Event Center

I also got a picture of the hamburger that I had, but the picture did not come out very well.  I took 2 pictures of it, neither of them were good.  John was not shy about showing me his kitchen.  He says he believes it’s important to have a clean kitchen.  I believe that too and I sometimes cringe when I see dirty kitchens and dining areas here.  I have even declined to eat in a few places because of the lack of cleanliness.  So while I was in his kitchen I got a picture of that too.  He was a little worried because it did have a few things in there that are not normally in the kitchen.  After all, they were not really opened yet when I arrived, but were preparing to open.  It looked very clean enough for me, so I got the picture.

Kitchen area of the Kamalig Event Center

Future plans for Kamalig are a lounge with comfortable chairs and tables.  Maybe that will be a good place for a get together to play cards, dominoes or board games.  He says that he probably will end up putting in a karaoke, but if he does, it will be in it’s own enclosed room.  I liked that idea.  A lot of people sing well, but a lot of them are pretty bad also.  Other plans include a small hotel with a Japanese garden.  That is tentatively schedule to be in the back of the event center and maybe it will have it’s own entrance.  I don’t know about that yet and maybe he doesn’t either, yet.  Also he was talking about a pool.  It didn’t look like it would be a very big pool, but he didn’t elaborate on that, that I can remember.

Well that’s what I remember from my visit.  I will add the rest of the pictures I got, at least the ones that are not duplicates of the pictures already taken.  These include one of the ones of the hamburger that didn’t come out well.  I recommend this place for at least a try.  I tried it and I liked it, maybe you will too.  I hear that their tacos are great, their grilled pork burger is tops and I know for a fact the hamburgers are good.  Oh and if you like your coffee a little bit strong, well they have some with a really good taste.

Hope to see you there.

Here is the first post I did for Kamalig.  I have it listed in my blog under restaurants: Kamalig Event Center/Restaurant/Cafe.  Also my most recent post (before this one) is a copy of their current menu.  The menu was provided to me by Irene.  Kamalig Event Center/Restaurant/Cafe Menu.  And here is the link to the Kamalig Event Center Facebook Page: Kamalig Event Center Facebook

FYI:  I found out after I typed in everything that they are 55″ TVs that he installed there.  So if you took a guess when you saw them and guessed 55″, you’re right.  If you didn’t, well never mind.


Kamalig double cheese burger

Kamalig coffee (a bit strong for me, but tasty)

Salamat Y’all


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  1. UJ,
    Nothing better than visiting the PI and being able to have a good burger and cold beer. Hopefully the new place will come to be and I’m sure the locals will more than enjoy it. I saw in Cavite something similar in that a local guy opened up a small place that served mostly “american” food ie: burgers and beer and even had fries, needless to say he and I became good friends as I practically lived there during our stay last year. How was your trip back to Belton last year? I was able to catch most of your writings but got side tracked due to a heart issue..must need more beer..haha I haven’t been back the central texas since both my parents passed away in 2011. Someone ask me one day if I miss central Texas, I had to admit I had fond memories but no longer miss the place, I actually miss the philippines more than any place else…warm beer and all..haha

    • It is nice for that burger and beer. And if you feel like pizza and beer, well there’s Doce here too. Wings and beer at both places, but John tells me that he has the best winds at Kamalig. I haven’t tried them yet, but plan to soon.
      I miss Texas, particularly Central Texas sometimes. I’m always happy when we get to visit. I actually think that if we ever come into a big wad of cash, like winning the lottery, then we’d move back there for at least most of the year anyway. Maybe one of those 6 months splits. We’ll see later.

  2. He makes a good homemade Italian sausage too.

    • Something else I’ll have to check out. You know I believe John did mention that to me also. I figured I would forget something, since I didn’t write any of it down.