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Calbayog Info Directory

Calbayog Info Directory


Well we finally have the makings of some kind of telephone directory here in Calbayog.  It’s online only and also only for businesses, but it’s a start and I envision that it will only get better as time goes on.  It is so frustrating to need to know where something is and the only answers you can get are like “over there” or “I don’t know exactly what street it is on, but it’s in that direction”.  There was no real phone directory on line or in book form, until now.  All us expats hopes that this thing takes off big time.  It would make live here just a little bit better, even if everyone doesn’t know it yet.

It was started by a local expat that lives here and it is really looking good.  You can have a free listing, but it only has your business name and address.  He charges to add in the phone # and other details.  All the businesses need to do is “Claim” their listing from the directory, if it is already listed or they can add the listing themselves via the internet.  Payment details will be available on the site and they are geared towards making it as convenient for the business as possible.

The price he charges is really reasonable.  The most expensive listing I remember is P799 for one year of full advertising.  A bargain in any advertisers world.   Also, with the new shopping center opening soon, the plans for the new mall(s) and all the other businesses that are suppose to be springing up here, it’s a good think to have people know about you now.  If you advertise well and have good customer service, then when the new places open, you won’t lose so much business.

I don’t know if this service will ever expand to residences.  There are not that many people here that have landline phones.  Most everyone has cell phones that they use for everything. I even think that some of the businesses only have cell phones for their business.  At least some of the smaller ones do.  I suppose there is a way to get all the cell phones listed too, but I’ll leave that up to people that have more know how in that area.

So if you want to check it out you can do that at this link: Calbayog Info.  Please let others know that may be interested.  The more people that know about it, the better it will be for us all.

We Love Calbayog!!!

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