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Restaurant is Now Open

Restaurant is Now Open

Starting today the restaurant in front of our house will be open.  It does not have a name yet, but I’m thinking they will just transfer the name from the old restaurant, which they should be closing down.  That name is Chow Kit.  With the rent they were paying at the old place, they just were not making a decent enough profit.  Here they will be paying like 1/3 the rent, so that will be helpful.  Of course they are no longer in the downtown area, but we are all hoping that with the Ciriaco Hotel right across the street and them catering to foreigners, it will be enough to make it worth being open here.  I personally think it will work because I like a lot of their food and I’m a picky eater.  

I tasted their nachos last night (free samples) to help them determine the best chips to be used (they had 3 different kinds).  The best tasting ones were the cheapest, but the chips are not big, so not very good for nachos.  I’m thinking I’ll try to talk them into using those chips for like a taco salad (not on the menu at this time).  The chips I selected were the most expensive ones (not on purpose).  You can order extra, like 1 1/2 order or double order (which would be more of the American size).  The regular order is good for light eaters.  

They also will have fried chicken and I think cheese sticks.  I was told last night that hamburgers and cheeseburgers are coming very soon.  Their menu was not up the last time I was in there (about 10 minutes ago), but they had a wide variety of food at the other restaurant and I don’t see why they won’t just move it all over here.  Breakfast is also on the menu although limited at the moment to eggs, sausage, bacon and toast.

Beer prices are 1/2 what they are charging at the Ciriaco Hotel, just across the street.  San Miguel will be P40 and the San Miguel Light and San Miguel Apple will be P45.  No small Red Horse at this time.  They do have the 1 liter San Miguel & Red Horse which will be P100 per liter.  Of course they have soft drinks, juice and water for sale also.   Plus they have some hard liquors and wine.

There is enough seating for approximately 30 people, mostly inside with the air conditioning.  There are 2 tables out front under cover, which is probably the tables I would use the most while eating there.

Just like any restaurant, they will be adjusting the menu as things go along and I will be suggesting different American foods for them to experiment with.  I’m already trying to get them to include SOS and I mentioned the taco salad earlier.  I’m sure that as things go along, I’ll come up with some things that they probably would never think of because none of them have ever left the Philippines (not yet anyway).  Like I said, I can vouch for a lot of the food because I have tasted it.  Of course there is still plenty I will not eat, but that’s the picky in me. I’ve had friends try their food and they liked it also.  

So if you’re in the area, come on by.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Salamat Y’all




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  1. I’ll be in town on 13 May meeting up with Asawa who has neen on the island since early March.


    • Well stop on by when you get here. I’ll let you buy me a beer and maybe I’ll buy you one too.

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