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Monday – 6 Sep 2010


[smartads] Got up this morning but didn’t really want to, at 0645.  Got up at 0205 earlier in the morning because I decided that I wanted to personally participate in my fantasy football draft at 0300.  Didn’t want to go back to sleep after the 0205 wake up, because I may not wake up again, in time.  Naturally shortly after the draft, and checking for hits and comments on this blog, I went back to bed.  The computer runs pretty fast at 2 and 3 something in the morning.  Guess with everyone else on the Globe Broadband network in bed, I’m the only one in the area fool enough to be up at this hour on the computer.

Oh, ok I’ll tell you why I got up and didn’t really want to.  Cathy decided that today was the day that that baby is suppose to come out.  Only 8 days early.  I was going to the hospital with the group that went, but I didn’t think Cathy would appreciate me taking pictures to post on the internet.  They took our truck.  It hasn’t been totally fixed yet.  Hope the dang thing doesn’t break down on the way to the hospital.  It should be fine.   I’ll keep you posted on the new arrival.  This baby will make Precious an ante, and not the baby anymore.  Wonder how she will handle that?  On to other things, for now.

We didn’t stay long at the carnival last night because, wouldn’t you know it, brown out.  We waited a few minutes, but the power didn’t return.  We walked out of the area only a few feet and ‘then’ the power decided to come back on.  We decided to just wait until tomorrow.  The batas only got 1 ride, on the merry-go-round, but they seemed happy.  We also ate at Chow King before we went.  I saw another American guy there and maybe an American lady too, not sure she was American though.  There’s quite a few Americans here as well as other nationalities.

It’s a girl. Cathy had a baby girl shortly after arriving at the hospital here in Calbayog.  I will let you know the weight, size and name as soon as I find out.  She wanted a name that had the initials C P, so I suggested Casandra Rene, yes with 1 ‘s’,  and she said she liked it, but lets see what her husband and she decide.  As long as she and the baby are healthy, that’s all that really matters.    She should be coming home tomorrow morning.

As you probably noticed, I change my blog theme.  I have been looking and testing a lot of themes today.  I know I looked at over 500.  I limited it down to 46 that I liked best, then I limited that down to 9, that actually worked and looked pretty good.   This is one of those 9.  This one is in my top 3 favorite of the 9 too.  I’d like for it to be 3 columns wide, but when I do that, it messes the pictures up.  I’m consulting my new mentor, to ask his opinion on this, and other things.  I purchased a domain from GoDaddy and got off that free WordPress.  I’ve had to get use to a different set up, just when I was getting use to the other one.  It’s okay though, because with this new domain, I at least have a chance to make money on this blog.  That is, of course, if it is good enough, and I get enough hits to draw in the advertisers.   I may try a different theme once a week to see how it looks and works.  At the end of the 9 weeks, I’ll probably start a poll of the top 3, 4, maybe 5 that I liked the best, to see which ones y’all liked the best, so please try to keep up with which one is your favorite.  I like all 9 of them, but the most important thing is that y’all like it.  You have to read it, I’m just typing and I don’t even see the front page, unless I make a special effort to go there.    Or maybe y’all could just leave me a message after 9 weeks and tell me your favorite.  I’m going to keep all 9 themes handy, just in case a need arises to change.

I ate at Chow King again today.  Orange chicken again, of course.  I brought my nephew Ramil and 2 of his batas there: Joshua and Reverof.  Has anyone figured out what’s usual about the name Reverof yet?  Neither one of the batas ate all their food, but they got to bring it home to the rest of the family for later.  Since they didn’t eat all their food, I bought some cookies (Oreo’s) and ate them in front of them.  Making sure I told them how wonderful each and every bite was.  Ramil and Reverof (Rev), had Halo-Halo.  It’s an interesting dessert, though I haven’t had the guts to try it yet.  Check out the link to see if you’d try it.  Some of you on here that are in the Philippines especially, do you eat it?

It’s not official yet, but I think Cathy did name her new daughter Casandra Rene.  My wife said she was told by Cathy that she and Uncle John (me), already know what the name is.  I’ve got a picture.  You should have seen it by now, because I’m going to publish it right after I publish this post.  Isn’t she cute.  Of course ‘most’ new baby’s are cute.  I hope she turns out to be as wonderful as Precious is.

Guess I should tell you a little about all the pictures of the Apilado’s that I published.  The main family of relatives here is Apilado.   Papa (Quirino Sr) is the head Apilado, he is 88 years old and still kicking.  He and his wife, she died in 1980 something, had 5 children.  There is Judith, Amparo, Quirino Jr, Marciano and Fransico (from oldest to youngest).  All of the are doing pretty well for themselves financially, not rich or anything, but not wanting for too many things either.  Guess I’ll talk about 1 per day so I’ll have content in case I run short of material, which is not likely.

Judith (aka Edith) is married to Victor Gloria.  They have 2 children, Juvic and Grace.  I’ve already posted pictures of the 2 girls, excuse me, young ladies, so I’ll have a picture of Judith on today.  I have 2 pictures of her that I know of, 1 of them is slightly unusual though.  I’m not sure if I  have a picture of Victor or not, but I’ll look and post it if I do.  Judith runs an eatery in Calbayog.  It is called Joyous Eatery.  Guess she named it after her daughters, Juvic Joy and Grace Joy.  Judith is about the smiliest lady I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s not often that she is sad or mad, not around me anyway.  I’m guessing that since both Juvic and Grace are teenagers, she has had her sad and mad moments, just like any other parent.  Of the 2 daughters of Papa, I think Judith is my favorite, but that’s because I am around her the most.  Amparo lives in Tambis (in Southern Leyte where we went to the fiesta last week).  Don’t get me wrong now, Amparo is a very nice lady, it’s just that I am more use to Judith.   Judith is the one that may someday move into the house where we live now, after we move upstairs.  Of course she’d like to stay where she is, if possible, because she has such a good business where she is now.   Lots of tricycle drivers take their break there.  If she moved here, she’d have to start all over again, and there won’t be near as much room here as in her present location.  End of Judith story.

Tagalog word of the day,  in honor of Cathy’s new baby is:  babae (baa-ba-a) means girl.

Guess it’s time to shut it down for this fine evening.  Let me know what you think about my new blog theme.  There may be a few adjustments in the near future, because of a small problem I’m having.  If it starts to turn into a major problem, I’ll probably end up changing themes.

I’ll have to post the pictures tomorrow, I just drnak abouyt 15 glasses of Red hosur  berr.,  eill take car of that tommorow.  see  you then. bye.

slaamt, palaam


  1. Oops. I didn’t get to complete this sentence: “You seem to have made the transition from WordPress” WITHOUTH MUCH TROUBLE. There.

    Just as well I had to write again since I forgot to say that when you asked about “Reverof” again, I paid attention and by jove, I got it! Better than naming the boy “Erpmeis” – Spanish for the same word. Hahaha.

    • Didn’t have too much trouble, but since I am a rookie at this blog thing, I did have some difficulties. My blog guru helped quite a bit though.
      By jove, you did get it. Wonder if anyone else will. Don’t tell them, they can figure it out, sooner or later.

  2. Good to see you up and running again, John! Thought the brown out lasted longer than normal. You seem to have made the transition from WordPress.

    I truly enjoy reading your blog of life in the Philippines. I’m originally from Southern Leyte, so you can see where some of the interest lies. But it’s probably mostly because your writing style is very honest; I appreciate that.

    Keep on typing!

    • You keep on reading, I’ll keep on typing. I’ll try not to bore you, and I’ll always be honest. I can go back and look, but where did you say you were from in Southern Leyte? We probably went right through it on the way to Tambis.

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