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Thursday – 9 Sep 2010


[smartads] I didn’t decide to get out of bed today until 0734.  Just wasn’t motivated this morning.  I haven’t eaten yet, but I think I will wait until after my final fantasy football draft at 1145.

I’d like for someone to leave a comment please, because I’m suspicious of it working at my new site.  I look at the old site and I see things, but here, there is nothing.  Just a short, “Hey it’s working, stop worrying!”, would be good enough.

I received an e-mail from my niece in my hometown of Belton TX today.  She sent pictures of the downtown area, and it is flooded.  That’s the second time my wife and I have missed a big flood in Belton.  The river behind the bank overflowed it banks by a lot.  I would show you a picture, but that’s not about my life in the Philippines.  Here we get lots of rain, but I doubt it’d ever flood like it did in Belton.

Turns out I didn’t get enough players in my fantasy football to have the draft, so I changed the date to Friday (Philippines time).  I may just scratch the whole league because I have plenty of other leagues already anyway.  This internet is still slow, so I guess 1 less team couldn’t be bad.

Lita had Vicky make me some french fries.  That was my brunch.  I’ll eat again in 5 or 6 hours and that will be it for the day, it’s noon now.  We saved some fries for the batas hanging around.  Children everywhere that I’ve been love french fries with catsup or ketchup (whatever).  Here they have banana catsup as well as the regular tomato catsup.  I haven’t really tried the banana one yet, but it doesn’t sound bad.

I think today will be a slow day, but I’ve said that before, and it wasn’t.  We don’t plan on doing anything today that I know of.  I guess everyone is fiesta’ed out.

Let’s move on to the next Apilado.  Quirino Apilado Jr. (Jun or Jr).  He lives in Tacloban City and works.  I don’t remember where, but he has worked in banks and for the city.  Think he is working for the City of Tacloban these days.  He is married to Luz.  That’s the only name of know of her, and I’m sure that’s one of the shortcut names.  Her name is probably Lucinda or something similar.  Luz is a nurse at a local hospital.  They have 3 children, they are: Jason, Jhunnel (Jew-nell), and Jade.  Jason and Jhunnel are both married.  Jason has 3 children and Jhunnel is working on it.  Jade, well Jade is hard for me to figure out.  She is a serious person, but she can joke a lot too, and at times I think she is a party animal.  I’m not too sure about the party animal thing, but I’ll bet she could if she wanted to.  Jade also got into the medical field, but I forget right now, which field.  Jun doesn’t smile as much as the rest of his siblings, at least I don’t see him smile much, but he is a wonderful person just the same.  He is not greedy, he is very helpful and he cares for his family.  End of Jun Apilado story.

Today we are putting our ‘slogan’ on our tricycle.  We decided that it will be Loly-Cat.  The same name as will be the name of our little store when it is finished, which is going to be a couple of months sooner than I previously stated.  It will probably be operational in November, instead of January.  Speaking of which, Lita just now walked in and told me to bring 300 pesos to Titing so he could pay for the labor to continue building her bar-b-q.  I told you, she ready to go with it.

I think I just fixed the sound on my computer.  I’ll call my Dad later to see if he can hear me.  That Yahoo Messenger keeps me in touch with him and the clarity, when it is working correctly, and that is mostly these days, is wonderful.  I reloaded the drivers and played around with it a little bit and, ta da, it seems to be working fine.

Lita has a small garden on the side of the house.  We are growing jalapenos and something other things.  I just remember the jalapenos because that’s what I wanted to bring.  Well add lemon grass to that list.  I just put to pots of dirt back there and she is planting them as I type.  She has a green thumb and I have a black thumb.  I couldn’t plant anything that you wanted to grow.  She could bury a rock and get a pile of rocks.  Well, evidently she is done because I just heard the TV go on.  She likes watching ABS-CBN, that’s what she watches most of the time.

I think the current theme I will keep.  I like it.  It’s easy to read and I finally got it arranged a way that should be good for y’all.  Even added a bookmark page for you, in case you need that.

My wife has adopted a local cat.  She calls it Kitty.  Actually there are 2 cats, but this one likes to come in the house.  I’m trying to teach it the word NO.  The other cat’s name is Blue, because he has blue eyes.  Kitty has Hazel eyes, but it’s also a boy, so we didn’t want to name it Hazel.  I caught Kitty on the counter a couple of times, and he got a firm smack down.  They are cooking bacon later, I’m going to be testing him.  I’m also trying to keep him from coming into my bedroom.  Lita let him in here one day without me knowing and when he rubbed against my leg under the desk, I almost kicked.  That cat might get killed if I kick.  I wouldn’t do it on purpose you understand, it’s just a reaction, because sometimes those water roaches crawl across my feet.  When I’m on the computer or actually doing anything I like, I’m really concentrating on it, and it takes me by surprise.  Blue shows up ever so often and wants something to eat.  I’m trying to break them of the habit of fighting when they meet too.  I just throw a glass of water on them and scold them.  It’s weird, but they seem to be listening.

I’m in contact with my blog guru to find out about the pictures not loading.  Hopefully he has some words of wisdom for me.

Let me slide the Tagalog word of the day in here.  Today it is: Tatay (Ta-tie) means: father.

Yes, my Messenger works again.  Got to talk to my tatay in the States.  We tried a conference call, but my cousin had computer problems.

All of us grown-ups around here (4 couples) are planning an outing to Cebu.  We plan to eat at a good restaurant, food we don’t normally have, like a T-bone steak, and some of us plan to stay in a hotel.  The Apilados have an apartment in Cebu that they want to stay at and we are invited, but I said that part of the experience was to stay in a hotel for a night.  They don’t want to spend the extra money.  I told them, “Whatever floats your boat”.  Then I had to explain what that meant.  It’s cool, I’m going to have a good time, without drinking too much.

Man this was a slow day today.  I’m going to hurry up and make that list of the 10 Things  I Love About the Philippines and the 10 Things I Don’t Like About the Philippines so I can insert them in the slow days.  No response from my blog guru, so I’ll try the pictures again on my own, cause sometimes they work.  Hopefully it’ll be fixed before tomorrow’s post.

I’m going to shut down for the night and try to do something interesting tomorrow so I won’t bore y’all.  I’ll work on that list too.  Don’t forget to send me a comment so I can be sure it is working.  Thanks for being understanding during my computer problems and these slow days.

Salamat, Paalam


  1. u r i found you..david allen was here the other nite and u didnt have nothing new for me to read to him…glad to see you up and runnin again..i try to read it everyday (if u post anything) laterzzzz johnny

    • Well I will post everyday, if my computer will co-operate and I’m at home. Maybe I should get a laptop too. Anyway you didn’t say how you liked or didn’t like the new look of the blog. I’m trying to make it appealing to a lot of people, and at the same time trying not to overdo it.

  2. No problem, never miss the chance to be a smart a$$

  3. “Hey it’s working, stop worrying!”,

    • Thanks Keith. I just knew that if you were the one that replied, you would put exactly what I typed. I just knew it.
      But it did make it, so I really do appreciate it.

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