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Tuesday – 14 Sep 2010


[smartads] This morning my day started at 0642.  I checked my blog and had 4 comments, 3 from the same person, thank you Winda.  The other was from my nephew, Marlou saying he could not access the video I have on here.  Winda says she can see it.  I can see it, so maybe we should find out if anyone else can see it.  Y’all let me know, okay?  I’m almost awake and Lita wants me to take look at the fan in the kitchen, because it’s making a strange noise.  I turned it on, and it is making a strange noise.  I told her, “Yep, it’s making a strange noise”.  I went back to bed.  Didn’t want to mess with it.  Just kidding.  I’d probably be taking pictures at the hospital if I did that.  I took the parts off the fan that you normally have to put on when the fan arrives in the box, leaving the fan stand with motor only.  I plugged it in and the noise was still there.  Told her it was probably the motor, and I can’t fix that.  Probably wouldn’t be worth fixing either, just have to buy a new fan.  Turns out the fan will work, you just have to leave it in one spot though, no ovulating.  This fan was not bought by us, one of the cousins did.  I won’t mention his name, because he said he will be reading my blog today and I don’t what him to know.  Just messing with you Mar….oops!

Lita and Vicky went to the market again this morning.  Not sure of everything she bought, but she had a lot of little bags.  I know she bought granny smith apples, my favorite apple.

Lita wants me to make pancakes this morning.  I think I got myself in trouble when I made pancakes that first time.  Now, all of a sudden, I’m the only one that can make pancakes around here.  It’s fine though, everyone else is so busy during the day and I just mostly work on my blog, check my fantasy football, eat and, and…well I guess that’s about it.  Unless you count taking a nap as being busy.  Think I’ll go make those pancakes now, I’m feeling guilty.  It’ll be 0900 in a minute or so, so it’s a good breakfast time anyway.

Well I couldn’t cook the pancakes, Vicky is already using the stove for other cooking things.  I don’t know, I don’t ask.  It’s probably either something for her and Lita to eat or something for the business.  I’ll survive without pancakes, I’ve got my Gatorade,  and I can always eat an apple.  I’ll wait until around 11 or noon before I start complaining I’m hungry.

The pedicure lady is here.  I missed last week, so I think I’ll be next for that.  Lita is getting a manicure right now.  Just so you ‘men’ out there know, getting a pedicure is better than using your teeth or pulling your toe nail off so deep it starts bleeding.   I didn’t know that in-grown toe nails could come back with a 2 week period.  Thought it’d be months before I had to mess with that again.

Tagalog word of the day:  mesa (same as Spanish) means table.

I found out that I have been spelling Chiqui name wrong.  I have been putting Chique.  I did change it on the picture of her and Marlou though.  It’s still misspelled in the post somewhere.  While I’m on the subject of names, some of you may have noticed in the last picture of Precious that her name is actually Claire Precious.   We all just call her Precious, well I do because she is.  I think the Filipinos do it because of the shortcut name thing they do to almost everyone.  Cathy is really into the naming girls with “C” on the first name and “P” on the second name.

Okay breakfast ate, had Frosted Flakes.  Boxes are not that large here.  Had 2 bowls, box empty.  I’m also finished with my pedicure.  I forgot to mention that when I got my very first pedicure here, it took this lady about twice as long as normal.  My leg was getting tired of being up on her knee.  She has a difficult time cutting my toenails with the little toe nail clipper she has, so she cuts it the best she can, then she uses whatever you call that thing that pulls out the in-grown nails with, and clips it off with that.  Then she smooths it all out with a, looks like a little piece of sandpaper.  Anyway, 30 pesos, done.  I’ve got a picture of the lady (I need to find out her name) on my camera, but I’m not going to download to the computer until I get a few more pictures.

It’s raining again.  Seems I get to say that everyday.  You should see the people rushing to get their washed clothes off the line.  Some of them have to go up to the second floor too.

While I was getting that pedicure people around me keep humming and singing only 2 songs.  One was “Sometimes When We Touch” and the other was “Only You”.  I’ve got both those songs on CD here somewhere, but I looked and I can’t find them right now.  You know how someone starts a song and when you hear it, and are thinking about it, then you start singing it too.

It’s 11:00am now, I think I’ll go take a quick nap.  Hopefully I won’t be disturbed, but around here, that asking a lot.

Well my nap lasted until 1:31pm.  That was a good nap.  Now maybe I can type without falling asleep on the keyboard.

Yesterday I told you that the Jollibees here in Calbayog was the only one on the whole island of Samar.  Well one reader, George, corrected me and said there was one in Catbalogan also.  I did further checking and this is what I found.  All the Jollibees on the island of:



Gomez St., corner Rosales Blvd., Calbayog City, Northern Samar

Jacinto St., Catarman, Northern Samar

Allen Avenue, Catbalogan City, Western Samar

I’m assuming that the advertisement I saw saying the Jollibees in Calbayog was the only one on Samar was and old one and that the Jollibees in Calbayog was the first one built.   That will teach me to post blindly.

WoW!  Big crash of thunder and another downpour.  Hope my computer survives, but I won’t turn it off unless the power starts to fluctuate.

I’m going to give our new BBQ business a couple of days before I mention how it’s doing.  All this rain is not helping though.  Rain, rain go away, come again on a summer day.

Well Arnel is finished for the day.  Another well spent 250 pesos ($5.55)  for 8 hours work.  I took pictures of the 2 benches he was building for the BBQ area, and more picture of the BBQ area.  I will post the daytime and nighttime pictures of it tonight.  In tomorrow’s post, I’ll let you know if it is doing well or not, regardless of the rain.

It’s 7:20pm now.  I had that Underwood Chicken Spread for dinner tonight.  Lita and Vicky were both too busy to cook me anything for dinner, but it’s okay.  I know they will be cooking something for me tomorrow.  I plan to have bacon and tomato sandwiches tomorrow night.  Or, or…maybe I will just take out some beef and/or chicken and TRY to make myself some fajitas tomorrow.  I’m sure they won’t have time for that, but I think I can do it.

Speaking of tomorrow, I think that’s when I’ll continue this.  I’m going to do the final check and adjustments on all my fantasy football teams and maybe get a Red Horse or San Miguel beer, just one for tonight and the regular bottle at that, not the large liter bottle like last time.  Check y’all tomorrow.  I’ll put the pictures in, at least 4, probably 6 in a bit.

Salamat, Palaam


  1. You’re going to end up a chef with all this cooking! 🙂 Maybe you could just sneak off with 2 or 3 BBQ sticks from the cooked ones for sale. We won’t tell shh.. LOL. Nothing quite like Filipino BBQs. About the stew. We always use a slow cooker starting before noon, tossing in veggies through the day, tougher ones first. When it’s ready the meat melts in your mouth.

    Your BBQ venture will do well, don’t worry. Give the word-of-mouth advertising time to make its rounds. Thanks for the photos. Arnel’s bamboo furniture looks quite neat and precise. Now you need catchy signs for Loly Cat.

    I’ve got to find out what the heck you’re talking about when you write of fantasy football teams. Google came up with 91,600,000 sites in 0.51 seconds. Lots of reading. |-O

    Keep typing! 🙂

    • I’m not the one doing the cooking, so a chef I’ll never be. Only thing I can cook well is chili. So far the pork on a stick is not selling that well, so I could probably get a couple of those. It’s actually probably the only thing I’d care to sneak off with there, and I don’t like pork very much. We need to get a slow cooker for here. I love stew of all kinds and that would make it easier on Lita when cooking for me. Any idea for those ‘catchy’ signs? How did you get those Smiley faces in the comments section? Fantasy football? Ask your husband, he probably knows. Basically it’s just drafting or buying (auction) players to be on your team, and you get points based on the settings of your league and how well the actual player does in real life. Keep Reading!

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