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Thursday – 16 Sep 2010


[smartads] I hit the floor thinking today at 0641.  I was thinking about this blog and if I could actually make it better to try to attract more readers.  I guess changing the theme wouldn’t do much, because they don’t see it until they arrive here.  I need to get my site more readily available to the public.  I thought all of that between the time I woke up at 0639 until I hit the floor.  I go to all these other expat sites and I see lots and lots of advertisements on their blogs.  It keeps my hopes up, but if I could just get one ad, per week even, I think that I’d finally start feeling better.  I’m always wondering how many hits does it take?  How are they going to find my site?  Will they find my site?  Is my site good enough?  All these things, I guess, are just being to worrisome, but I can’t seem to help it.  Just getting 1 ad now would probably ease that doubt quite a bit.  Well enough of my sad, hard luck story.  Let’s see what the heck I have in store for y’all today.  Sorry no dreams last night that I remember.

Some of y’all may already know, because I let it slip in a reply to one of the comments, but the restaurant in Cebu that I’m thinking we should go to for our little outing is TGI Fridays.  It has many of the items that I have been craving from the States and there is Filipino food too, for some of our not to adventurous cousins.  My concern is that it is quite expensive and not sure the cousins, or us for that matter, want to spend that much money to eat.  I’ve looked around and I’ve seen other places like Carlito’s Way, Dave’s, Olin’s and I Love Steaks, but for one reason or another, I rejected them.  Has anyone here reading ever been to one of these restaurants?  Recommend it?  Dave’s seem the closest, but then I read 2 pretty bad reviews on them, although the review right after that gave them 5 stars across the board, but I assumed that was an employee trying to make up for the bad ratings.  After seeing two ratings with 2’s and 3’s and even one 1, it’s hard to believe 5’s in every category.  Next subject.

It’s 0845 now and I hear Arnel outside.  He is starting the store today.  The actual building, no more of the, on the side stuff.  I will be glad when it is done and we can make money from it.  We’ve been spending a lot of money on business here, I sure hope it ends up paying off in the long run.  They say it takes money to make money, so I’m hoping that whoever ‘they’ is, is right.  Then we can start working on finishing our house.  Does it seem like finishing this house is an obsession of mine?  Well it is, but there is really nothing I can do until everything is settled down.  It’s only been 4 months, I should learn to be patient.  I know that if I wasn’t laid off work for 1 1/2 years before we moved here, then this house would be finished already.  Next subject.

I sat outside this morning to try to help sell ice candy.  Everyone is so busy and Lynn is late this morning, I don’t know why.  I sat there only about 20 minutes and Lynn showed up.  I stay about another 10 minutes, before deciding to come in, no one ever showed up to buy any ice candy. 🙁 I did watch Titing putting the “LolyCat” on our tricycle though.  He was working on the second “L” when I left.  It was looking pretty good.  He’s probably done with it by now.

That gout is coming back in my foot again.  That happens when I eat too much beef within a certain time frame.  If I spread it out, it doesn’t affect me.  Never know which foot, actually ankle, it’s going to show up in.  It’s usually the right, but this time it’s the left.  I’ve still got some of the medication left though, so it’ll be alright this time.  Need to get that letter mailed in to be sure I can get it refilled later.  Plus we have other medications that we are out of already.  I’m thinking I can be taken off my blood pressure medicine.  Not sure, I’m still overweight, but I have lost those 32 pounds.  I may have gained some of that back, not sure yet.  I still haven’t started the dreaded E-thing yet.  You know, Exercise.  That may become a necessity soon, and I hear that gym memberships here are very cheap anyway.  Plus there is a gym not too far from here.  It’s before downtown anyway, and that is only about 1 mile away. Ramil gave me an estimate of membership fees, but I’m not quoting it until I find out the real price.

My wife had me trying to get that stupid “Kitty” off the top of the dirty kitchen roof.  Problem was that “Blue” and “Kitty” don’t like each other and they are always threatening to fight.  I had to throw water on them to separate them.  Then “Kitty” wouldn’t come to me after that.  Guess it was pissed because of the water.  I told Lita to forget it, if the cat is hungry, it’ll come down and ask.  I’m tired of chasing the stupid cat around begging it to come down and trying to ward off “Blue” all at the same time.  I just came back in the house.  No, just kidding, this time.  It’s stupid to chase a wild cat around to try to feed it. 😮 Soap box kicked out from under me, so next subject.

I have to go take a nap now.  It’s 1:27pm.  Keyboard keeps jumping up and hitting me in the face.

Alright 4:25pm now.  CR visited and the sleepees seem gone.  Yawn…well not completely gone, but heading towards the exit.

I don’t hear Lita’s voice, so that can only mean she is not here or dead (they probably would have waken me up for the latter so we’ll go with the former).  She did say something about going downtown to pay the cable bill, so maybe that is where she is.  She is also suppose to check on that bacon at Monterrey’s.  Maybe she will remember to go by Mercury Drug and pick up some of those Lay’s sour cream and onion chips too.

Speaking of chips, I’m starting to get hungry.  Only thing I’ve had to eat today was a bag of potato rings made with ketchup.  Didn’t know they had ketchup in them, or I would not have gotten them.  Lita took out some ground beef earlier and I told her that I would cook it myself later.  I’m thinking about cooking it with a can of those stewed tomatoes and some seasoning.  With rice of course.  Not too much, but filling enough for the day.  That’s all I need is some more ‘beef’ with my gout flaring up, but it can’t really be helped right now.  I’ll lay off the beef for about a month after today though, promise.

Tagalog word of the day is a big part of our business :  ‘yelo’  (pronounced just like the color) means ice.

On my fantasy football, of the 41 winning teams I had 17 1st place, 8 2nd place and 5 3rd place.  So 30 of 41 either doing win, place or show.  So that is a 70.68% for overall (41 of 58) and 73.17% in top 3 (30 of 41).  Should do better next week, if everyone plays up to their potential.

Think I’ll try to remember to bold face the Tagalog word of the day and initialize all the fantasy football stuff so it’ll stick out.  Something different.

My wife is back from shopping now.  She brought home the bacon.  She is going to be making favorite thing with it.  Have I told you what that is?  I will tomorrow for sure. 🙂

Time to close it down again.  I’ll be at 1421 words and don’t want to run out of things to say tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Friday, maybe I’ll venture out and take some different pictures.  Keep reading and please tell a friend if you like it (guess you do if you keep reading) so I’ll get more hits and the sponsors can’t ignore me. Have a good day! 😎
Hey Winda it worked. 😉 As you can see I discovered a few more too.
I hear Mar and Marlou outside.

Salamat, Paalam


  1. I never got in the habit of taking it either, even though I knew about it as early as 2003. I finally accepted that I will have to take one pill a day the rest of my life, but that is preferable to taking the long term damage from chronic gout. For me, the attacks seem to be more related to “fiestas” when a combination of meat, sweets and alcohol does me in. I’m enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!

    • Well I’ll have to accept that too, I guess. Either that or stop eating steak…NOT! If eating steaks AND drinking alcohol is causing the gout, then I’m going to need some extra medication.
      I’m glad you like the blog. Seems most people do, wish there were about 5000 more people like you, reading and enjoying.
      As far as I can tell there are only about 4 of y’all that read on a regular basis, Joyce (my sister), Keith, Winda and you. So if you don’t mind spreading the word, please do. You are free to give out my URL as long as it’s not to obscene places. Also let me know if you have anymore suggestions. This one didn’t work out, but the next one may be just what I’m looking for.

  2. The dose on the allopurinol is 300mg. I take it with my morning coffee or water.

    • You might want to fix it so these comments are shown in descending order of posting as opposed to ascending order of posting.

      • I think I can do that, but why do you say so? If I did that, then every time I wanted to answer one, I’d have to go to the bottom instead of having it handy at the top.

        • I think you are right UJ. Once people start replying to comments it works better this way.

          • Yes it does. At least I like it much better.

    • Sounds like a good time to start doing mine too.

  3. UJ,

    I’ve had terrible gout for over 10 years now. It would come and go, but when it came it was like a mack truck. I would be totally disabled for a week or more. I would treat the chronic attacks with colchicine. The new way to take that drug is 2 tabs when it first hits and 1 tab an hour later. It has nasty intestinal side effects, but its worth it. After my latest and worst ever attack I started taking Allopurinol every day and I have not had an attack for over 8 months, which is th longest I’ve gone since the first attack. Look it up on the web and if it seems like it would suit you, go get it at the local botika, take it daily and see if it works for you.

    • Thank you, but I already have this medicine for the same purpose. I have just been neglecting to take it. This is my first attack since I’ve been here, May, so, 4 months, plus about a month before that. I will not forget it again though. I think I caught this before it got too terrible. The first one I got was like you described, and I didn’t like that one bit.

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