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Friday – 17 Sep 2010

Friday – 17 Sep 2010


[smartads] This early morning I woke up at 0538.  So there will definitely be a nap forth coming today.  Don’t know why I got up so early, I had to turn the driveway light off, which I did before Lita asked me to, but after a quick visit to the CR, I decided to stay up.  I’ve been finalizing my fantasy football teams.  I’m almost finished.  It’s 0908 now.

That was Mar and Marlou last night, by the way.  They weren’t here for any special reason that I know of.  Marlou reminded me about the Empire Builder games that I have stacked somewhere, he wants to look at the ones he hasn’t seen, I guess.  I’m hoping that he wants to play soon.  I think the only ones he has seen are Euro Rails and Australian Rails.  There are at least 8 different ones and to the best of my knowledge, I have them all.  Not all with me though.  Some are still in storage back in Texas.

I did make my own dinner last night.  I cooked up the hamburger meat, oh the gout, added some spices and a can of stewed tomatoes.  Poured that over some rice, and that was my meal, with a bottle of water.  Lita bought a lot of bacon yesterday.  Guess she didn’t want them to run out.  She bought 12 packages of it.  Of course they are not all that big, but it’s enough to last a couple of months anyway.  They ranged in price from P64.90 to P97.94  She spent slightly over P1500 at Monterrey.

Some, or hopefully most of that bacon will be used to make my favorite thing.  It’s a white piece of chicken, not the whole thing, just cut out what you want to use, stuffed with cheese, wrapped around a jalapeño and all that wrapped around with a strip of bacon.  If you bake/broil these, they are most excellent.  Of course, you’d have to like all the ingredients.  Most people I know couldn’t stand the heat of a jalapeño.  I tell them, then you should stay away from Habanero peppers then.  We have to fry them for now, but soon we will be able to cook them the right way.

While she was downtown, Lita also remembered to by the Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion chips.  I think she bought 3 bags of them.  I haven’t look yet because if I do, I might open a bag up to eat them.  I need to go get some breakfast too.  Not sure what I’m going to get, grits I guess.  I need to stay away from the sugar, so no more Frosted Flakes and a lot less Mountain Dew.  I can drink water, Gatorade, iced tea (no sugar) and juice instead.  I’ll be back right after I eat.  It’s 0930 now.

Well that didn’t take very long…it’s 0950 now.  I did have grits, instant grits that we brought from Texas.  Cheese flavored.  Mixed in a little pepper and I was good to go, with a bottle of water.

Has anyone noticed that I changed the background?  Do you miss the old one, or does it even matter?  I tried to get a Philippine flag running down the left side and a Texas flag running down the right side, but I can only put one picture at a time as a background, and I don’t have a picture of a Philippine and Texas flag in the same picture.  If I knew how to do it, I would manipulate the 2 pictures to put them together, then download the new picture.   I’m not even sure that is possible except with professional equipment.

Also did anyone notice the 2 other Expat links I put in on the right column?  I did have about 10 of them with just links, but this should be better.  These are suppose to be what they call ‘trackbacks’.  So when someone on my blog clicks to go to their blog, then the software will tell them it came from me.  I’m hoping that it works and the guys at those sites will put a trackback or at least a ping on mine.  Heck, for now, just putting my link up in there site, would be good for me.  I’ve written to several people to ask about this.  Actually my writing to people is how I came across my blog guru.  I’ve got questions for him that I will probably be asking today or tomorrow.  Still lots of things I’m confused on with this.

When I went in the other room to eat, it was so quiet.  Then I noticed that my wife is gone.  She probably told me where she was going, but she has this problem about telling me while I’m on the computer or watching TV, and I just don’t hear her, unless she really gets my attention.  If she just says it while she’s walking out the door, I most likely didn’t hear it.  I’m going to say she went to the market.  Think we were getting low on vegetables, but I don’t really know. Speaking of which, I hear her voice now. She has returned.

Just discovered something that going on my 10 Things I Don’t Like About Living in the Philippines.  You’ll have to wait to see though.  The 10 Things I Love About Living in the Philippines is going to be hard to narrow down to 10,but the other list is harder to fill.  This is definitely going on the list.

Well nap time has come and gone.  I laid down at 11:04am, and didn’t get up until 1:04pm.  It wasn’t a very good nap though, I got waken up about 4 times in the 2 hour span.  3 of those were for things that could have waited and the last one didn’t require me to get up.

Arnel has a helper with him today, I don’t know his name, never seen him before.  Think I’ll take his picture and a picture of their progress.

I went to take another nap.  This one was a little better, but shorter, 2:20 to 3:44.  Let me go get those pictures before they go home today.  Remember they just started today, so everything you see is just 1 days work.

Okay I got the pictures, but I probably won’t post them until tomorrow.  Still in the camera and I want to have at least 10 pictures before I download them.

I’m going to try something new here, are you ready?

US Flag with Bald Eagle and Philippine Flag with Philippine Eagle, both national symbols of their respective countries.

It worked.  That was the first time I put a picture within the post.  I’ve always been putting the pictures separately.  Want to you think, should I put in the pictures as I am talking about a subject, or is it fine leaving it the way it was?  I figure if I do it this way, it’ll make the post a lot longer.  Separately, it didn’t seem so bad, at least not to me, but it’s what y’all think that counts.

Let’s try one more thing…here we go!

Philippine National Anthem

That worked too, I tested it already.  The first time you may have to click the highlighted area below the video.  That was only the second time I installed a video and the first time using the URL option.  I’m going to use y’all as human test subjects and experiment on you, like this.

What do y’all think?  Do it this way, or the other way?  Let me know please.  Also let me know if you had problems with viewing either one of those.

Well it’s 7:01pm now.  Think I’ll close it down for the evening.  Sorry it wasn’t so interesting today.  I’ll try to make it more exciting tomorrow.

Salamat, Paalam


  1. lol john 2ff i wanted the translation of what was said in Christine comment..lmao

    • Okay Joyce, here it is:

      It’s good that you like living in the Philippines. I don’t live there anymore but I miss it. The best thing I like about the Philippines is the people. Even if they talk a lot and are gossips, they’re not bullies, are they? What I don’t like about the Philippines? The heat !!!

      • Don’t really want to comment too much on this, because it may spoil my Top 10 list, but some valid points here.

    • Winda took care of the translation. See it.

  2. Hi John! I’m not calling you “uncle”! 😉

    Count me in as pro-pix-in-text so we don’t have to move around too much. Salamat.

    Put a GPS or some other monitoring device on Lita since she’s so busy. 🙂

    i’ve a a few minutes to read your blog for today then I have to leave. But I’ll be baaackk.

  3. and i liked the pics in with the readin 2…

    • Okay that’s 1 for pictures with the reading.

  4. u could of wrote the translation down so i could see what it said

    • You talking about the translation for the Philippine National Anthem? I don’t know what it is. Or was you talking about something else?

  5. Hi, kuya

    Just found out about your blog ^^

    Seems interesting so far x) Hehe, yeah, people usually just shoud out where ever they’re going just as they’re on their way out the door. And just shout “I’m home!” just as they enter… x)

    Buti na lang nagustuhan niyong tumira sa Pinas..! Hindi na ako nakatira diyan, pero namiss ko siya. Ang pinakagusto ko sa Pinas ay yung mga tao 🙂 Kahit na madaldal at tsismosa sila, hindi sila nagbully no? ^^

    Ang hindi ko gusto sa Pinas? Ang iiiiiniiiiiiit!

    • Christine you do realize that I am a Texan living in the Philippines, not a Filipino living in Texas. I do not speak Tagalog, unfortunately. I had to get one of the cousins to translate the second half of your message. It’s cool though, at least you left a comment. Some people don’t even bother to. I do appreciate your input though and hope you keep reading and responding.

Texan in the Philippines