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Friday – 24 Sep 2010

Friday – 24 Sep 2010


[smartads] Lita woke me up at 0746 to tell me that she was going to the market with Vicky.  I didn’t bother getting up until 0846 though.  She still is not home but I guess that is normal for her shopping.  Only 1 comment last night.  I guess this is the stage of blog writing where I’m suppose to not get discouraged, because it is rough starting out, building readers.  Well I am a little discouraged, but I’m sure I”ll be okay.  If I could get an ad placed on my site that actually paid something, then I’d be a lot less discouraged.  Just one is all I’m asking for now.  I’m suppose to be able to put ads on here myself, but I guess I’d have to have the permission of the owner of that ad, if I want to get paid for it.

You know the dust around here is terrible.  I don’t believe I’ve seen dust build up so fast anywhere I’ve every lived.  I have to cover my computer, keyboard and screen up at night to try to prevent as much as possible from getting all over them.  I’ve got a boom box here to my left that is covered in dust.  My chess set that I bought in Japan back in 1983 is also covered.  Glad it is folded up though, so the actually board is not dusty.

Tomorrow is a ‘scheduled’ brown out.  So we will have no electric from about 6am-6pm.  Give or take whatever they feel like.  Guess we should make sure we have gas for the generator, so we can start it up the latter half of the day, when it gets kind of hot.  I won’t have a computer, but I’ll have my a/c and fan.  Why in the world they need a scheduled brown out after as many times as the electric was off this week, is beyond me.

The a/c and fan in our bedroom

I hear Lita’s voice outside.  Hang on!

Yeah it was her back from the market.  I helped carry in some bags, didn’t bother looking in them.  Half the stuff she buys I don’t recognize anyway.  I only look when I requested something from the market, today I didn’t.

I’m thinking we need to make another trip to Tacloban within the next couple of weeks.  But I guess since we are going at the end of October, then I’ll have to wait.  Wish they had some cans of beef and chicken stew from Dinty Moore or Swanson’s.  I think Lita said something about bringing the big Pepsi truck the next time we go there.  She is suppose to coordinate with Titing to make sure it doesn’t interfere with or it runs in conjunction with the Pepsi deliveries.  Don’t want to mess up the cash cow.

Yummy Beef Stew

Yummy Chicken Stew

You know I believe that the next tricycle we buy is going to be for me.  I need to get out of here sometimes and Lita won’t let me walk down the street by myself without complaining.  Told you she’s scared a bunch of batas will surround me asking for money and/or chocolate.  If I had the tricycle, I could ride that downtown, or where ever, and if it bothers her so much, then she can ride while I pedal.  That’ll get me some exercise too.

Well I’ve been sleeping and loafing around long enough, guess I’ll enter something in this post.  Just was hoping something interesting would happen so I could enter it, but it didn’t.

You may have noticed that there is an ad on my site now.  It is for Yat’s Steakhouse in Manila.  I put that on there, because I found the code to do it.  I don’t know if I will get any money for it though, just checking it out.  I have never been to Yat’s, so I can not confirm their claim to be the ‘best’ steakhouse in the Philippines or Manila or whatever they said.  I hope to be able to go their one day though to get a personal opinion and pass it on to y’all.

Yat's Steakhouse in Manila and Clark

I’ve got a little story I’d like to tell you about Precious.  For the longest time the ‘only’ word she would say is “Mama”.  No matter what she wanted to say or who’s attention she wanted to get, she’d say “Mama”.  They were all worried for awhile that she might be doing that because she was deaf, but we found that not to be true, because if you ask you like, “Where’s Uncle John”?, she would point me out.  “Where Ante Neneng”?, then she’d point her out.  No matter who, she knew who it was.  So the deaf thing was a non-factor.  These days she is doing better, says a few more words, but still calls almost everyone “Mama”.  She even calls the men “Mama”.  She’s getting close to learning “Papa” though.  Just a cute little story I thought to pass on to you.

Precious and the 'real' Mama

Tagalog word of the day:  gatas (ga-tas) means milk.

Arnel is outside building a single bed.  Not sure why anymore.  I know that Lita wanted one when we thought Cora was coming.  I guess Lita has a reason though or Arnel wouldn’t be building it.   Oh, Lita is telling me now that the bed is for in the LolyCat Store for Cathy and Casandra, when they get tired.  Said she didn’t want the bed quite so big though.  I got an earful of it being too big and I didn’t even know anything about it until a few minutes ago.

Building a bed

Lynn is out there on the table cutting up chicken blood into little squares and putting toothpicks in them.  So people can have their snack for the day.  Looks like ice cream, doesn’t it?  Yeah you heard me, I said chicken blood.  Evidently it is molded somehow and made into a little cake.  Then they cut it up and put toothpicks in it like hors d’oeuvres.  It doesn’t look bad, but there is no way that I’m going to try it.

Chicken Blood on a Stick

I’ve been invited to do some drinking again tonight.  I may do it, but it won’t be anything like last time.  I think I’ll limit myself to 4 small bottles or 2 large bottles.  No more of the 7-8 small ones or 4-5 large ones.  That was too close to being out of control of my senses.  No, I think 2 large bottles of Red Horse or 4 small bottle of San Miguel will be plenty enough.  Well within my tolerance level.

It’s 3:20pm and I haven’t eaten today.  I’ll be back in  a bit.

Okay I’m eating now.  Chicken spread sandwiches with nacho cheese flavored Doritos and a Mt. Dew.

My lunch today

Arnel just put a couple of board on the end of the bed to keep the mattress from slipping down so much.  It’d be okay if we only used 1 futon for a mattress, but we have 2 and the top on slips a lot.  Well it was, it shouldn’t anymore.

To keep top mattress (w/blue sheet) from slipping back all the time.

Ramil was out cleaning the truck.  Something he should do more often.  He is our driver here, but we don’t utilize him very much.  He is suppose to be looking for a job in several places, including the hotel across the street.  He said something about applying for a job maybe showing the tourist around down town, when they start showing up.  I told him that’s fine, but if there are no tourist, then you will be cleaning floors or bathroom or something.  Says he doesn’t mind.  Knows he has to work his way up, in any company.

Cleaning Our Truck

All those sandwiches and chips are gone now, Mt. Dew too.  Think I’m still thirsty though.  Awww, a nice cold bottle of water.  Love it when they are cold.

The best water I've found here.

Wow, that was close.  I was adding more ads to the site, notice I have 4 or 5 now, and when I came back to edit the post, it was all gone.  All that was left was the 1st 2 sentences.  Man I was so pissed off.  I found a way to restore a previous save that I did on that draft though.  Luckily I save a lot.  I don’t know if those ads will bring me any money, but that’s the only thing I know how to do for now, so I’ll try it.  Maybe some one out there will need one of those services.  I’m also in cahoots with The Jungle Restaurant (see new page)  to do a banner exchange, whatever that is.  Something is going to work sooner or later, cause I’m going to keep trying until it does.  The Jungle is the restaurant I want to take all the relatives to whenever they are ready to take off to go.  It should be before the end of the year,  I’m hoping at least in November.

I got a better picture of Chatty today too.  Just by accident really.  I was going to sneak a picture, but she caught me, so I just pressed the button and the camera just happen to be in the right place to get a decent picture.  I’ll post that tomorrow too.

Well I better close for the evening.  It’s 7:00pm.  Got to think about whether or not I’m going to do any drinking tonight.  As I said earlier, I’ll probably do some, but not much.  Either way, it’s only a few steps to the house, so, in case your reading Mom, don’t worry about that.  I’ve already got some good stuff lined up for tomorrow, after the brownout, so y’all be sure to read again tomorrow.

First time 1700 words for today…WOW!

Salamat, Paalam

Texan in the Philippines