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Sunday – 26 Sep

Sunday – 26 Sep


[smartads] Today why in the world I got up at 0543 is beyond my comprehension, because I didn’t go to bed until about 1am.  I couldn’t get to sleep either.  It probably was because I took a long nap yesterday during the brown out.  Getting up so early, I’m sure they’ll be another nap in store for this afternoon.  That could turn out to be good though because I should be up to watch some NFL on the computer early in the morning.  I’d like to be able to watch the Dallas/Houston game.  My 2 favorite teams playing against each other.  I’d like Dallas to win, but the way they’ve been playing, if you can call that playing, it’s doubtful.  They’ve been more like playing at playing.

Go Cowboys!

Well I know one person found out already this morning, Tom Dean, that when I uploaded the video on Facebook, I forgot to mark it so ‘everyone’ can read it.  It was marked ‘friends only’.  It has since been corrected.  I thought about that during my restless sleep this morning, but I had already turned the computer off.  Didn’t want to turn the computer back on for that because I figured not too many, or even no one would would try to look at it during that short period of time.  Some new savvy viewer did though, and I’d like to apologize again to him and anyone that did try to view it, but couldn’t.

There it is again for anyone that tried and couldn’t get it to work, or wants to see it again.  Just copy/paste it to an address line.

Lita is off to church already this morning, along with Anna Pearl.  They actually left at a good time today.  Church starts at 0600 and they usually leave between 0600 and 0610.  Church is only about a block away though.  It has to be close if Lita is going to walk to it.  Titing and Neneng will be going to the later mass today.  They are usually up early for this one, but slept in today for some reason.

I hope the spelling on the Tagalog word of the day was correct yesterday, because I had to depend solely on my translator.  I always thought the spelling was: pungit, but in the translator it was pangit.  I’ll double check on that when Lita is home or maybe one of the other two (Titing and Neneng).  I think it was right.  Gary seems to agree with me also.

I forgot to weigh in yesterday.  I told myself that I would do it every Saturday if I was home to check my weight status.  I going to weigh myself now.  Last week I weighed 136.65 kilos (approx 302 lbs).  Hang on a minute.  Today’s weight is:  (Woo Hoo) 133.9 kilos (approx 296 lbs).  This is my lowest weight in about a year.  Keep it up John, keep it up.  Or I guess I should be saying way to keep it down John.  That seems like a lot of weight loss in 1 week, then I remembered that last week I weighed in not early morning, but after breakfast.  Today it is well before breakfast.  I guess that makes a BIG difference.  From now on, I’ll do all the weigh ins before breakfast.  If I miss for some reason, I’ll just do it 1 day late, but get back on regular scheduled Saturdays as much as possible.  Since I arrived here in the Philippines, I have lost exactly 16 kilos (from 149.9 to the current 133.9), that’s approximately 35.36 pounds.  In case you forgot, my goal, for now is 95 kilos.  I think that would be good for me.  I plan to maintain between 90-100 kilos (190-220 lbs).

Lita had me outside moving all the bamboo furniture around.  The bamboo part is not heavy, but if you combine it with the coconut wood used for the frame, then it becomes slightly heavy.  She wanted to block off the entrance to LolyCat, so the batas won’t be in there playing.  Arnel has some of his tools in there and today is Sunday, so he won’t be working today.  Actually I think he won’t be back for about 8 days, not for sure positive about that yet, but pretty sure.

I notice that I am starting to get a lot more spam trying to get into my blog.  I have Akismet blocking it for me, but yesterday there was 15 spam attempts.  Is that a good thing?  Does it mean that my blog is starting to get noticed in more places?  I hope so, because what ever spam Akismet doesn’t stop, I will.  I’m just glad to be getting the added attention.

Lots of batas looking for ice candy this morning.  I bring it out to them sometimes and if I notice they are staring at me, which happens a lot, then I’ll do a little dance or make a funny face for them.  Had 3 little girls already come by twice today and bought 3 ice candies each time.  I gave them the ice candy each time, so maybe they were just coming back to see me.  It doesn’t matter, as long as they come back and are happy.

I got another new reader today… Welcome Wayne.  This is the first time that I’ve put a welcome for a new reader, I think I will do that from now on too, because I really do appreciate any new readers.  For all the newest readers, sometimes I refer to people by name on here without specifying who they are.  Well that is because I have already, in a previous post, identified that person and instead of boring everyone with the same detail over and over, like Lita (my wife) or Titing (our cousin), I just continue like everyone already knows.  If you get confused or just would like to know, ask me or go back to the 21 Aug 2010 post and start reading from there.  I’ve been told that most of those posts are pretty interesting so it shouldn’t be all that bad.  It would be time consuming, but you shouldn’t be bored.

It’s been raining a little again today.  It’s overcast right now and I just heard a big roll of thunder.  I hope it does rain some more because it needs to cool off a little bit around here.

Before Vicky went home yesterday she made me a big pot of tea.  Lita just finished putting it in the Gatorade bottles and I put them in the refrigerator.  Well, all except about a glass and a half, I’m in the process of drinking that right now.

You know it kind of weird here in the Philippines.  I say that in reference to an experience I just had with a bata buying ice.  Not the ice candy, but just ice.  Two batas, one girl, one boy, came by with 2 bottles of that Tanduay Rhum I was talking about.  I asked the little girl, “Is that yours”?.  She just looked at me, laughed and said no.  In the States, children are not allowed to purchase liquor, but here it’s common.  Not that the little kids drink it, but just them buying it is strange to me.  About 10 minutes after they bought the ice, they showed up to get an ice candy.  I asked her, “Did you drink all that already”?  Again, just a laugh and a no.  She bought a chocolate ice candy and I asked the little boy, “What!  No ice candy for you”?  He just motioned with his hands, no more money.  I suggested that the little girl share with him.  When I talk to these batas, sometimes I have no idea if they even know what I’m saying.  I just like to see them smile.  If they want to giggle while the walk away, even if it’s at my expense, it’s cool.  Children should be happy.  These kids don’t have much to be happy about in my book, but somehow I see most of them smiling.  Maybe it’s just me making them smile.  That makes me smile to think that is so.

Front of Joyous Eatery owned by Judith and Victor Gloria

There are some familiar places here.

There are small eating places and stores spread out all over downtown and the surrounding area.  One thing, just as anywhere, that will sell, is food.  As long as the price is right, people will buy.

The bata's at our place like the hamburgers here a lot.

Sari-Sari Store, store name "Lucky 13", on the main highway.

We usually stop in front of this Yolly’s burgers when going to the market, because there are shade trees there.  I usually stay in the truck, drink a Coke and watch the girls work and/or walk by.  This Sari-Sari store, “Lucky 13”, well I thought it was an unusual name, and I needed another picture.  As long as it’s educational and/or fun, that’s a good picture to post.

Street going down town from outside the Home Depot.

Wow, it’s still early and I’ve already got 1500 words.  Looks like another at least 1700 word blog.   I’ve got not complaints recently, but I’ll still try to keep it down to under 10,000 words.  Just kidding!  I’ll try to keep it under 2000 for sure.

Just as I predicted yesterday, Khany and Bebie left early this morning, before church even, heading back to Tambis.  We will see them again at the end of next month though on our trip for All Saint’s Day.  We always stay at their house when we go there.

Tagalog word of the day:  bahay (ba-hi) means house.

You know that one of those little girls that I sold ice candy to, she has been back 4 times today.  This last time, just a few minutes ago, she brought 5 of her little girl friends.  Maybe she just like to see the big American handing out ice candy, maybe they just like to hear me talk, or maybe they like all my silly little gestures.  Whatever it is, she keeps coming back.  If I don’t be careful, Lita will stick me with that job permanent, just like the pancake making.

It’s already starting.  I had to cook my own supper tonight.  I had bacon and tomato sandwiches (3) with some Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips (not too many) and a Blue Bolt Gatorade.  I’ll have to put those chips away or I’ll end up eating a lot more of them.  I will end up getting another Gatorade, for sure.

Well it’s 7:02pm now.  About time to bring another post to an end in The Pearl of the Orient.

Hope it was enjoyable reading, as I always hope, and you’ll be back for more.  Bring a friend, or at least tell one.

The President of the United States ordered me to break through the Japanese lines and proceed from Corregidor to Australia for the purpose, as I understand it, of organizing the American offensive against Japan, a primary objective of which is the relief of the Philippines. I came through and I shall return.  —- General Douglas MacArthur

And so I also shall return, tomorrow.

Salamat, Paalam


  1. i see u found a bigger nice pics tks

    • Whatever it takes to make you happy Joyce.

  2. I lost two posts in this Comment section, so am a bit leery that this one might disappear as well.

    Having a Kano in town is a big thing. Our little town had a gangly American, Bob, who stayed after WWII married to Nang Trining (forgot her surname). The staring must have been worse then because it drove him into a hermit-like existence. He stayed inside their bahay kubo and very rarely went out, which made him even whiter. The only time I actually heard him was when I fell off a caimito tree which grew at the corner of the town plaza, not too far from where their house stood. He yelled when he saw it happen. 🙂 I wonder if he ever learned any Visayan words… He must’ve been very young when he joined the army.

    You would definitely be an asset at your store, JJ. Sales will skyrocket if you stayed there a lot. :-X

    Sent you an email last week, did that go through I wonder. I’ll copy this and send it via email as well in case this one does the vanishing act again.

    Well, ingat ka.

    • Well this one made it through. I’ve been wondering where you were. Was having a hard time doing without my daily comments from you. I don’t think having a Kano in town is as big as deal as it use to be, except to the batas. Some of the locals seem embarrassed to show up at the BBQ if I’m sitting by the road, so I try to stay away, either back on the table or in the house. Ice candy, well that’s another story. That’s mostly batas and they are just as curious as can be. Every time you post a comment here, I get an e-mail also. I have not received ANYTHING from you in the past 3 or 4 days. Glad you are back though. Did you see my new venture that I’ll be getting into, the tourist business? I think that it’s going to start out with a bang, not too many problems, unlike a lot of businesses starting out.

      • Glad that one did go through. Phew. Didn’t want to make the comments too long in case it didn’t make the cybertravel. 🙂

        Yes, I did find your new venture interesting. Make sure you include in your “contract” that you retain the right to cancel if the group falls under a certain number (the minimum that you must have for any one tour to be profitable). What kind of insurance coverage can you get in case one of your clients decide to sue for any reason (falling of the van, etc.) Hopefully nothing of that sort will happen. Are you going to be affiliated with a travel agency who will be recommending your business to their clients. Another money-making area is selling travel insurance to your clients for the PI portion of their trip with you. If you can make a deal with a PI-based insurance company, that is. Then you can offer it to your clients as an option on their land tour. The travel agencies make up to 40% of what they sell. Worth looking into.

        Maybe your buddies in Texas can get a group to come tour the Visayas. You can meet them at Mactan international and take it from there, that’s what you had in mind am sure.

        Good luck, JJ and keep us posted on this venture.

  3. I liked your story about the batas coming by for the ice candy and whether they understand you or just like to hear your voice or look at the kano. I find the same thing whenever I am in San Joaquin. At times, I feel like the pied piper when I am walking down the street. I can look behind me and there is a stream of little ones following. I talk to lots of batas when I am there and they always giggle but I don’t think they understand me. Nobody is speaking English at their homes and they probably aren’t watching any English language programs on tv (if they even have a tv). I don’t know when they start teaching English in the schools. Lita might know that.

    • When you are an American, and a big American, then you will probably get stares forever, even if you live here for years. Yes it’s usually the little batas that are the most curious. Sometimes they ask for money, but usually not. I believe they start teaching in elementary sometime. Lita is sleeping right now, so I can’t ask. If they have a TV, then they probably watch English shows very rarely. They do listen to English music though. Lots of the batas around here listen to it. When they follow me done the road, sometimes, when I’m in a really good mood, I’ll give them a little jig. That just makes them giggle more, especially the little girls. It embarrasses Lita though. I don’t care, I like being me and that’s me.

      • Cowboys win and I have 96 packs of lemonade which was all the store had. I accomplished a lot today. 😉
        I have not had any of the little ones ask me for money in SJ. The only time I have experienced it in Calbayog was outside of Jollibees. I do the jig sometimes also and it embarrasses Jen but that is part of the fun!

        • Yes Cowboys did win. And Atl won in a thrilling OT. (Over NO). I got to see most of it on my computer. I’m sure we’ll be able to get by on the 96 packs, the 100 of only an estimate. Embarrasses your wife IS part of the fun, it would still be worth it if they wasn’t embarrassed, but not near as fun. It’s part of a husband job criteria to embarrass the wife, especially a Filipina wife.

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