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Tuesday – 28 Sep

Tuesday – 28 Sep


[smartads] I was really tired this morning for some reason, but I got up at 0847 anyway.  Actually I probably would not have woken up at that time except Lita woke me up to tell me that she and Vicky were going to the market and wanted to know if I wanted anything.  All I could think of was tomatoes.  She said what about lettuce?  I told her, it’s not necessary, BT’s are just as good as BLT’s to me.  So, of course, when she came home she had lettuce, but no tomatoes.  She says we have enough tomatoes already in the refrigerator.  I didn’t see them, but I could be wrong.  Whatever.  I’m probably going to be taking a nap in a little while anyway, it’s 12:43pm now.  I should take a nap while it is raining outside, and it is raining a hard steady rain right now.  Lita is happy it’s raining because it will get rid of all the dust that has been accumulating on the ground and other things outside.

I see the Bears beat the Packers…picked that one wrong, as did probably most of the world, outside of Chicago.


Right behind them is where Ramil built his current house.

This game is a lot like rummy, so I picked it up fast. Surprised them.

HRM stands for Hotel Restaurant Management.  It’s a nice little course, I even considered taking it myself in the States at one time.  Things happened and that caused other things to happen, and I just never did.  It’s okay, if I decide to open my restaurant here, I will find a qualified manager to take care of it for me.  Have I mentioned that one of the things that I’d like to do here is open a restaurant?  I’ll have to check on that.  If I haven’t mentioned anything, then I will be sure to include that here.  If I run short of material today, I’ll check and talk about it later.  If I mentioned it already, then I don’t want to rehash it.

Found out yesterday evening that this “LolyCat” that I’ve been spreading to y’all has been getting spelled “LolyKat” on everything.  No clue why they would do this.  It is suppose to be named after “Lolita” (Lita) and Catherine (Cathy).  Loly is the nickname that Papa has for Lita.  So that comes out to LolyCat.  Something about not wanting to use the “C” because everyone will think it’s a cat.  Who really cares?  It’s okay with me though, I’ll just try to remember to use the “K” instead of the “C”.  If I forget and type it wrong, you can either ignore it or correct me, whatever floats your boat.

Tagalog word of the day:  pusa (poo-sa)  means cat.


Christmas 2007 - John Michael's house

Our son John Michael and our daughter-in-law Rose

The mailman showed up on a motorcycle at 9:20 this morning.  I heard him outside yelling O-pie (spelling is definitely wrong).  O-pie is a local word meaning, “Hello is there anyone there”?  Anyway, I got up to go outside, but Anna Pearl beat me to him.  She just looked at the mail and went back to the house.  I asked if anything was for me, but I guess she didn’t hear me, because I didn’t get an answer.  About 15 minutes later Ramil showed up with my internet bill.  The bill is in his name, so I guess Anna Pearl didn’t think about it being mine.  For 1 month, my internet is P994.20 ($22-$23).  That’s slightly less than what I was paying in Texas.  I paid $29.95 per month there.  Of course I had a little higher speed in Texas too.

She still looks just as lovely as ever.

Everyone said she would be a fat adult, except me. She turned into a beautiful young lady.

Remember that nap I was talking about earlier?  Well I think it’s time.  Although it has stopped raining, I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep.  Lita fell asleep with the TV on again, but if I turn it off she’ll wake up and say she just closes her eyes during the commercials.  I tell her that this is the 3rd set of commercials you’ve slept through, but she doesn’t believe me.  Whatever the case, I’m going to sleep now and I’m going to turn off that TV.  It’s 1:23pm.

I’m up now.  It’s 4:49pm.  Actually I’ve been up about 20 minutes, but I was outside wiping down the truck.  I needed to get all the dust off it.  When there is a lot of dust, people write on it and for some reason that just irks Lita to no end.  Ramil is suppose to be the one to wipe it, but he is not here at the moment.  I heard something about him going to Manila, but I’m not sure, no one tells me everything, unless I find out something and ask.

The BBQ business is in full swing out there.  People lining up for the the pig guts and fish balls.  Lita is thinking about adding a rice soup or rice pudding, something, to the menu, to see how that works out.  She told me the name and spelled something for me, but what she spelled does not have anything to do with food.  She’s a very nice lady, but a bad speller.  For all of you out there that know, it’s something like “lucal”, or as Lita spelled it “local“.  Is that good enough to get the real name out of someone that’s reading this?

Fellow reader Marge but a few years.

Lita with (from left to right) Mary 2, Mary 1 and Mary 3.

My supper is ready in the other room, when ever I’m ready.  It’s beef stew.  I don’t really like the beef that she uses in the stew though.  I just eat around it.  The meat taste funny, but sometimes it’s hard to tell Lita that without making her mad.  She’s got too many other things to worry about, so I don’t need to be adding to those worries anyway.  She’s slowed down since I got on her the other day, but if I don’t monitor her, she’ll start over working again.  She’s sitting outside right now, I hope she’s done working for the day, it’s 5:13pm.

I didn’t see anything about the restaurant I want to open here.  So I guess I’ll discuss that tomorrow.  If I start it now, I’ll end up with way too many words, and may come up short in tomorrow’s post.  Better to have material ready to go for tomorrow.  Sometimes when I’m typing something it gets me to thinking about something else.  I’ll write that down and either put it in the same post later, or just add it to the next day.  I sure seem to have lots of things I want to do here, don’t I?  Well as they say around here, “Dreaming is free”.  Of course at some point you have to be realistic too.  Like this MJ Tourist Services, if after I research it a bit and find that it’s just too much to try to tackle, I’ll dump it.  So far it seems okay though.  What I really need to do, shortly after my own research, is to visit the owner of The Jungle restaurant and get some input and suggestions from him.  That guy is really seems to be set up good there.  We can even get some discounts for our tourists there.

I believe that the way Mar had the tour package set up, that I can save each tourist at least $500, so far.   The presentation that he gave me was 18 pages long, and I’ve got that dwindled down to 5 pages.  I mean if this is going to be on the internet, then we don’t have to show all the pictures, we can just supply the links and let the person reading decide for themselves if they want to see the pictures and information.  Half of his presentation was all pictures.  We’ll see what he thinks about it when I show it to him.  I’m not done yet though.

Raven with his Lolo Mar at Malajog beach 2006.

At the food court in SM Mall - Cebu

Time for me to eat the beef stew.  Lita is getting excited and wants me to eat it as soon as possible.  I’ll be right back.

That was pretty good.  I still went around all the meat though.  She brought a little bit of the soup over to Precious.  Precious has not been her normal cheery self today.  She’s been kind of whiny all day.  She likes soup though, so maybe that will help whatever is ailing her.

Let me put a few pictures in here now.  I hope I find 1 or 2 that really make your day.

On the ferry boat, heading for Cebu

Surrounded by batas on the street of Tambis.

We had a brownout while I was trying to insert these pictures.  It occurred at 7:09pm.  It only lasted about 15 minutes.  I didn’t get the exact time, I was outside at the time.

On many of the pictures above I did write a summary, so please be sure to click on them to enlarge them and read the summaries.  It’s 8:25pm now, so I figure it’s about time to close up.

I hope the pictures were enough to liven up what I think was a boring day.  But maybe y’all don’t think so, that’s all that really matters.

Salamat, Paalam

The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo


  1. Rice soup. Got it! LUGAO or LUGAW.

    • Thank you. I knew her spelling of it was wrong.

  2. What kind of speeds are you getting with the internet there? Go to and let me know the numbers. I pay 3,500 pesos in Angeles for speeds that are only 10% of what I get in Montana and the cost here in Montana is about 2,000 pesos per month. Too much money for the speeds in Angeles but I need the “higher” speeds so I can do my work while in Angeles. That is my main worry about Samar. Can I do my work from there? I need a reliable connection and reliable electricity. I don’t think I can count on either.

    • Ping 182ms
      Download .53
      upload .47

      Is that good?

    • I tried a different server and got this: Ping 368 Down: .58 Up: .41
      Better or worse?

      • Yikes! Those are really really bad. My download speeds here are 10.40 which is almost 20 times faster and the upload speed here is .73 which is about double your speed. The ping here is 32 which is much faster than Calbayog. For the ping test, the lower number, the better. Basically, that is how fast a signal is sent from your computer to the ISP and returned to your computer.
        Do you know if your ISP has multiple choices for your internet service? For instance, in Angeles I have the highest priced option available for non-business customers. I can choose lower price options but my speeds are slower also. I just don’t know whether the speeds you have would allow me to do my work. About a year ago, I went to two different internet cafes in Calbayog and tried to work and it was extremely frustrating as the connection was so slow and inconsistent.
        I guess I will have to see what happens when I get there. Jen still has not got the service hooked up at the house in SJ and it is only 8 days before I leave here.

        • Don’t know if they have a faster service or not. I don’t think so, but they don’t tell me much around here. I hear they have satellite internet here, but I haven’t checked into it. The service I have now is good enough for me, as long as it changes screens when I press the button that’s good enough for my purposes.

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