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Friday – 8 Oct 2010

Friday – 8 Oct 2010


[smartads] Lita woke me up this morning at 0715 to tell me about her blood sugar.  It was lower than it was last week, but still slightly high, 114.  Don’t now why she bothered me with it.  I asked her if she took her medication for blood sugar and she said she didn’t yesterday because she is running low on them.  Well that’s the reason it’s not closer to perfect then.  We need to get to our new doctor, but I’m still waiting on an e-mail from Tricare to see if they changed my policy to Tricare Standard instead of Tricare Prime, which they don’t have here in the Philippines.  Guess I’ll have to send them an e-mail to see if it has been changed yet.  It’s been about a month since I mailed the form in, I figure something should have been done by now.  I hope so, cause we both need to get annual check ups and introduce ourselves to the new doctor.  There is suppose to be 2 or 3 doctors in this area that accept Tricare, according to the internet.  Mar says he knows one of them.  I was hoping it was a doctor that someone here has already used and knows about, but I’m not sure on that yet.  Will find out when I get word from Tricare that the switch has been made.

Looks like it was taken on the street in Tambis. Probably 2006

This picture taken in the same place as the one with Robbie, also 2006.

Lita and Vicky went to the market @ 0835.  I was in here on the computer and I didn’t get the exact time.  I know that she bought me 2 loaves of the bread I like.  I ran out yesterday.  They left with Eddie though.  Lita likes to use Eddie to go to the market, because that way she knows the money she is paying is going to someone that really needs it.  Of course most, or even all the tricycle drivers need the money, but this way Lita knows the people that are getting the money.  When she starts helping someone, she goes all out.  She employees Vicky, her niece, her son (soon) and helped her husband (Eddie) get the tricycle.  On top of that, she uses that tricycle as often as she can and pays the full price when doing so.  She has even let Vicky borrow money once when she had a problem.  Already been paid back too.  Of course Vicky and now Lynn are hard workers, so it’s easy to be nice to them.  They even work at the BBQ late every night.  The BBQ is suppose to close at 10:00pm, but sometimes it is almost midnight before it closes.  Vicky and Lynn don’t get home until after midnight.   They don’t seem to mind though, they never complain and they do it often.  Lita is in here trying to relax and they are out there now working.  They try not to bother her, because she gets tired from working all day helping out.  She’s suppose to be retired and only helping out occasionally, but she has a hard time being that way.  Always wants to help, even if it’s hurting her.  That’s when I have to step in and get her away from the work and ‘make’ her relax.  Usually once she lays down she’ll stay, but not always.  I can’t force her to relax, but I try.

Foghat is taking a “Slow Ride” right now.  I love this song.

At Judith old house in Calbayog.

Master T. Not sure of location of photo.

I made some BT (bacon & tomato) sandwiches again today.  I ate between 1:00 and 1:30.  I had to cook the bacon myself, because Lita was tired and hungry.  I let her eat, and I cooked.  No big deal, I’m not doing much of anything else anyway.  I made myself 3 sandwiches and drank a bottle of Premier water.  Lita actually found some good sized tomatoes at the market today.  They are all still green, but they will be ripe in a couple of days.  Be nice to have a decent slice of tomato, instead of a bunch of little ones.  I told her that if we had some corn meal, we could make some fried green tomatoes, but I don’t think she really likes those.  Anyway, I’ll have tomatoes for the next few days.

Khan Khan was taking a bath again today.  He likes to take a bath outside by where they wash the clothes.  He and Crystal took a bath there yesterday.  They just strip off there clothes, fill up the basin with water, add soap and go to it.  It’s mostly playing if you don’t monitor them though.  They have a ‘yaya’ to help them since Cathy has Casandra now and has to give her so much attention.  Their yaya’s name is Nicole, HE helps out with the washing, cleaning and bata watching.  Yes he is gay, but that is openly common here in the Philippines.  Of all the helpers that Cathy has had since I’ve been here, he is actually the best one.  Mga bata love him and he is a good worker.

Tagalog word of the day:  Yaya (ya-ya) technically it means governess, but they use it here widely for nanny.

At Judith's old house, 2006.

Don't know who took the picture, maybe me, they whoever didn't do a very good job.

Just for the record, it did rain again today.  I always find it amusing that when it starts raining, there are bodies heading for the clothes that are hanging out.  Today Nicole and Anna Pearl were the ones.  It usually is them anyway.  Nicole was faster today though.  He was coming down the steps as Anna Pearl was on the way up.  The just end up hanging them in front of my door or in the hallway.  They won’t dry as fast there, but at least they aren’t getting soaked.

I’ll sure be glad when we can afford to get tiles or linoleum for this floor, it’s driving me crazy.  But it’s not a priority.  LolyKat, my computer, bills, food, truck, furniture and health all come before the floor.  I’m also tired of sweeping the floor every other day to get up all that cement dust.

Mar and Ludy are here again.  I better go make an appearance.  He always asks me if we have any guests for MJTS yet.  Wonder if he’ll do it again today?

No he didn’t ask.  In addition to Mar and Ludy, Judith and Victor are here also.  Of course Mar and Ludy brought their lovely daughter, Marianne.  Lita was out there eating and she was drinking a San Miguel lite.  That triggered people, namely me, in wanting to get a beer also.  Mar bought a couple grande bottles of San Miguel, and I’m on my second and last glass.  Victor is out there looking like he is ready to go to sleep.  I told him to go ahead, the only time it’s not good to sleep is when you are driving or operating heavy machinery.  He said he will fall asleep at exactly 11:00pm.  That is about 1 1/2 hours from now, so I’m going to be out there to see, if they are still here.  They’ll probably be gone by then though.

I think this is Faye (2008)

Must of smelled some of that tuyo cooking.

Mar was glad that someone even just asked about MJTS.  He reiterated that all packages are negotiable, and can be brought down very low, if the customer doesn’t mind low class hotels and slower transportation, like boat instead of plane to Kalibo Aklan.  Of course that takes a lot longer by boat and cuts into sight seeing time unless you like to look at the ocean, but it’s less expensive.  Just little things like that help reduce the price.  That’s why EVERYTHING is negotiable.

Ramil brought Reverof to the hospital today, to check on his arm.  I guess he’s doing okay.  The cast is still on there but I didn’t hear any negative comments.

Ramil also had to ‘save’ me today.  When I went to the CR today, the door got stuck.  The lock was jammed.  Instead of me breaking the whole door down, which is what I felt like doing, Ramil got a hammer and broke the door handle off.  It’ll be cheaper to replace the door handle instead of the whole door.  We plan to get a handle with not lock on it now and just install a dead bolt lock.  That should take care of the problem, but if it doesn’t, I’d be willing to kick the whole door in.  It was better for me to get stuck in there then Lita.  She would not have panicked or anything, but it’s just the thought of her being stuck.  I would have kicked the door open before Ramil showed up, for sure.

Tomorrow is weigh in day already.  As usual I’m thinking I gained weight.  Last week it surprised me to lose as much as I did, so I’m hoping to be surprised again tomorrow morning.  I doubt it though, because I don’t normally keep losing.  I usually have a small hump to have to get over, so it probably time for the hump.

Glenn Campbell is a “Rhinestone Cowboy”.

I do not have any new pictures, so I’ll have to put a few old ones on there.  I fixed the little picture problem, so everything should be fine with todays.  I’ll double check the little problem I found and make sure it is good on today’s and all future posts.

World’s Largest Legal Tender
In 1998, during the Philippine Centennial celebration of independence, the Central Bank asked the Guinness Book of World Records to accredit its P100,000 commemorative bills, measuring 8 ½ inches wide and 14 inches long, as the world’s largest legal tender. The commemorative bills were called Brobdingnagian bills.

Salamat, Palaam


  1. LOL @ Keith.
    Dang UJ you should have kicked the door down for your readers….lol You could have posted picks of the broken door and it would have been cooler than being rescued by Ramil. But it does make Ramil look like a hero to brave saving you from the CR not knowing how bad the smell would be….lol.
    That does lead to a semi good question though… The CR is outside correct? And where is the shower? I don’t think I’m gonna make it if I have to bathe outside in a basin…lol

    • Yeah, Keith is a comedian. Has been for many, many years. It’s cool though, he’s alright. Takes some getting use to, but don’t we all.
      I wanted to kick the door in, but it costs too much to replace the door vs the door knob.
      Jaclyn Nicole Mock, why in the world would you think the CR would be outside? You think we’re the Flintstones? No, the CR is inside, complete with shower. It doesn’t have a bathtub though. Just a normal regular CR like you have in the States. We only have 1 bath. A blue tiled floor. A fan that comes on every time you turn the light on and good water pressure. We even have a regular flush toilet, unlike a lot of people around here who have to have a bucket of water to put in there to flush. The flusher is a cheapo one, and we might replace it soon, but you can flush it, just like in Texas, basically.
      Oh, and the bathroom door is a little messed up right now too. That will be resolved long before you arrive. Does that put your mind at ease about that?

  2. Thats a brave sole , rescuing you from the CR. Probably could have gotten out of there faster if they didn’t have to put on the chem warefare gear first. LOL !

    • Still the funny guy, I see.

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