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Wednesday – 20 Oct 2010

Wednesday – 20 Oct 2010


[smartads] Today started out basically like any other day at 0816, but before the end of this post you will see that something special happened for me today.  My hit counter sat at 17869 when I checked it this morning.  I don’t know what it was when I went to bed, because I had to hurry and turn the computer off, because of a brown out.  The brown out ended up only lasting about 3 minutes, but I didn’t know that at the time.  Just as soon as the lights went out, I told the guy I was chatting with on Messenger that I had to go, and left.  Sorry again Jeff for such a hasty departure.  I’m not exactly sure how long my battery backup keeps the computer on, I think about 2 minutes, and I wanted to be sure to bring it down in an orderly fashion.  About a minute after the computer was all the way shut down, the lights came back on, but I was already getting ready for bed, and it was close to 3am, so I didn’t bother with the computer anymore.

I had to get her attention for this one.

Posing at Titing's Eatery

Early this morning Precious was here jibber jabbering about something.  Turns out she wanted some ice candy.  Well we make her pay for the ice candy, you know so she’ll learn not to take something for nothing.  We charge her P1.   When she wants some of the BBQ, we charge her P1.  We let her drink for free though.  Don’t want her to think she has to pay for everything.  For a 2 year old, she’s a big drinker.  Bet she can finish a whole bottle of Mountain Dew by herself.  We try not to let her drink so much Mountain Dew though because of the high sugar and caffeine content.  She’s almost has happy just drinking water though, so it’s not much of a problem.  She doesn’t like Gatorade though.

Vicky is suppose to be here at 0800 each morning, but his morning she was not here.  She was at the market again.  In fact in addition to the normal market run, she also went to the grocery and Mercury Drug store too.  Normally when there is that much to do, Lita will go with her, but Lita has a sore foot and didn’t feel like going this morning.  Vicky had to buy me some ketchup and some more chips.  She got exactly what she was suppose to too.  I was afraid she would get the Sweet Blend ketchup, but she got the Original Blend like I asked.  She’s a good person to have to work for you.

This was the 3rd store I came to on my walk.

These boys were selling banana's by the road.

Although Lita’s foot does hurt, it didn’t hurt enough to keep her away from the beauty parlor today.  She likes to go to the beauty shop next to Mercury Drug downtown.  Actually both Mercury Drug stores are downtown, so I don’t know which one she is talking about.  I don’t frequent beauty parlors much.  Not at all if I can help it.  I don’t like the smell that emits from them.  I guess I should have noticed something different when she came home, but I didn’t.

I was suppose to have pinto beans for supper tonight, but it didn’t turn out that way.  I ended up eating french fries with the new bottle ketchup that Vicky bought.  I only ate about 1/2 of them and gave the rest away to whomever was sitting at the picnic table outside.  I didn’t care who ate them, I just wasn’t going to eat anymore.  The beans got started too late, so I’ll have to wait on them for tomorrow.  That’s fine though, I can wait.  I know they will be ready for tomorrow, so it’s something to look forward to.  No, that’s not the ‘special’ thing that happen to me today.  The ‘special’ thing is much better.

I thought I’d have BT sandwiches for lunch earlier today, but that didn’t turn out either.  Ha, I had something for lunch today, but heck if I can remember what it was.  Maybe I’ll remember by the time I finish this post.  Oh, wait I’ve got it written down here to put in the blog.  I had my second to last can of Underwood Chicken Spread at 1:00pm.

For my breakfast this morning I just had a bottle of Tropicana Twister Juicy Pulp juice.

Working at the dirty kitchen

Maintenance guys working, but not at the moment, at the hotel.

Well I went through with doing that new blog.  It’s not too long and probably not as interesting as this one.  It’s more or less just a place for people to vent their thoughts.  I decided to change it monthly so I hope to get plenty of opinions on there in that time.  I’ve already inserted a link on this blog under “My Other Blogs”.  It’s called, Putting My Thoughts In Type”.   If you have to look it up on the internet, just do “Putting My Thoughts In Type” (w/quotes).  I tested it, it’s the only article that comes up.  If you get a chance, take a look.  Like I said, it’s just there for people to post their opinions.  I’m not looking to get any money out of that one.  Not that I’m getting any out of this one.

Speaking of that.  I did something silly today.  I applied again for Google Adware, so I can get paid to advertise on my site.  I was thinking, after I submitted it, that I think I applied already.  I just remembered what happen.  I did apply already, but they turned me down.  Said that my blog was not the kind of thing that they are interested in using.  Oh well, I’ll just try another Adware company.  Guess I’ll be getting another message from them soon, declining me again.

I had to take a nap again today at 2:18pm.  It lasted until 3:56pm.

Did you see the ‘special’ thing that happen to me today?  You didn’t?  Maybe that’s because I haven’t put it in here yet.  Here it is.  Gary came by tonight.  He showed up here at approximately 6:00pm.  He brought me my goodies from the States.  I now have 4 cans of Dinty Moore beef stew, 2 containers of chicken and dumplings, 2 pounds of beef jerky (well probably 1 3/4 lbs left), 2 large cans of Van Camp pork n beans (that’s 4 meals worth with rice) and 96 packages of lemonade.  We will use most of that lemonade to make ice candy.  I’ll be sure to save about a dozen packages to make me some lemonade to drink though.  It’ll take a lot of bottle water, but I’ve got a 203 fl. oz bottle of water under my bed just sitting there.  How many packages will that take?  Let’s see, that’s almost 6.5 quarts, so 4 packages is more than enough.  Even 3 would do, but I like mine a little strong anyway, so 4.

This house was down on the right side. I didn't even know it was there.

This is the 4th store I came to. So many stores in such a short walk.

Gary was a pretty cool guy.  Very friendly.  He has a nice son and a beautiful wife.  We talked a little bit and he got to see some of the things he’s only been reading about.  He only stayed about 20 minutes or so.  His son George was very shy when they first arrived, but when the other children showed up to play, he was gone with them quick.  He made friends quickly too.  As he was leaving, they were all saying, “Bye George”.  I should have taken his picture for the blog, if he didn’t mind.  But I didn’t think about it until after he was already gone.  There was someone else with them too.  Didn’t catch who that was, but I’m guessing a relative of Jen (his wife).  Anyway, I’m happy now.  I hope to make that beef stew last at least 1 month.  I don’t want to eat more than 1 can per week.  If I eat that chicken and dumplings in there somewhere, the beef stew will last even longer.

Philippine Trivia

19. Bagumbayan was the original name of Luneta Park.

20. Iniibig and gawa are the first and last words of Panatang Makabayan.

21. The Presidential Saber is awarded to the top graduate of the Philippine Military Academy.

22. The original Philippine flag, sewn in Hong Kong in 1898, was made of silk.

23. Gen. Tomas Karingal was the first assassinated victim of the NPA’s Alex Boncayao Brigade.

24. Frank Murphy was the last American governor-general of the Philippines.

25. After the United States, the Philippines have the most Boys Scouts.

26. After Happy Birthday, the song most sung in the Philippines is Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem.

27. Hajji Butu was the first Muslim Filipino to become a senator.

So I’ll be leaving a happy person tonight.  You know it did not even rain today, that I know of.  I’ll be back tomorrow and let’s hope my eventful days continue.

Salamat, Palaam


  1. George’s birthday was October 13 so I don’t know what party she invited you to unless it was hers. I will have to ask her that.

    Xyza is pronounced Zai Zuh. Two syllables…the first syllable like the word xylophone and the second syllable is pronounced like duh, only zuh….make sense?

    • Okay and Got it.

  2. Sorry I did not make it back there the rest of the week. I wish we could have stayed longer but I don’t like driving at night, especially in the Philippines. The other person with us is named Xyza and she is our nanny. George can be a little shy at first but if he finds playmates, than he is fine. He is a joy to have around and I know he will want to go visit again when we are in Calbayog again. He especially likes girls…just like his daddy. I’m not sure when we will be back but I think we may be back for Jen’s birthday which is November 21. I will give you an advance notice this time..I promise!

    • It’s fine that you didn’t come back, you probably have lots of things to do, just getting back and all. Did you find out about the PLDT internet yet? I don’t even like riding at night if I can avoid it, but will if necessary or practical. And how do you pronounce Xyza? He did seem to get over his shyness pretty quick after Precious showed up. I guess it’s true then. The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys. Jen did invite us to a birthday party, according to Lita, but I thought Lita told me it was George’s birthday. Probably another miscommunication. It’s fine if you just show up without notice. I only wanted it last time because I wanted to be sure we had the money available to pay you back. It might be good to let me know though, to be sure we are here. We should be though. After we return from Tambis, early November, I don’t expect to be going anywhere except Cebu, and that should be in December, before Christmas sometime.

  3. Happy Halloween. with them treats, if i lived there i would starve to death..lmao

  4. Glad to hear you got your goodies and that it was a good day!!

    • I’m glad too. Wooo Whooo

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