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Thursday – 21 Oct 2010

Thursday – 21 Oct 2010


[smartads] This morning saw me getting out of bed at 0722.  I took care of the normal morning rituals (the 3 S’s) and proceeded to the computer to check the number of  hits I acquired during the wee hours of the morning.  Early this morning when I retired to my sleeping chambers, at approximately 0130, the hits were at 18326.  I wasn’t expecting too much, because of the way things have been going with that recently, but I still had secret hopes of it reaching 19000 when I check.  When the computer finally came up and I got to the blog site, I had 19449, oops, I’m sorry, I meant to say, 18449.  That’s 123 hits in about a 7 hours span.  That is not fantastic, but it’s better than it has been recently.

In yesterday’s post, close to the end, I stated that it didn’t rain all day.  Oops again.  I went outside at about 9:30pm and it was misting.  It wasn’t much.  In fact it was so little that if I would not have gone outside, but stayed in here on the computer instead, then I never would have known it was raining.  But rain is rain.  It rained again yesterday.  To the best of my knowledge again, it has not rained today though.  I was outside for a little while today too, so I do have some first hand knowledge about it.  I’m going to go check now to see if it’s raining or if the ground is wet, because I haven’t been outside for at least the last 2 hours.  Hang on….., nope no rain, and it doesn’t look like its rained all day either.

Kiss me baby!

The last store on my little adventure.

Eddie came by this morning to pick up the tricycle as normal and he even took Vicky to the market this morning, but a couple of hours after that he brought it back.  He said that his leg was sore and he couldn’t continue anymore for the day.  That means we don’t get the boundary on that trike for today because that one is based on 1/2 day usage.  He didn’t quite make 1/2 a day, so he doesn’t have to pay.  Of course that means he loses out on much more than P60 because he didn’t work.  That’s only P60 lost because we still get money for the other trike in his possession, that one he is buying from us and he is required to pay the P60 per day regardless whether he works or not.  In the long run, it definitely hurts him more than us.

I made pancakes this morning again.  I used too much water in the batter and it was kind of thin, but it still wasn’t too bad.  This pancake adventure started out a little different though.  When Lita bought the last package of pancake mix at COBO the other day, she bought a different kind.  This brand requires you to use butter and 1 egg in the batter mix.  I was going to give that a try, but we didn’t have an egg, so I reverted back to the same old mix.  No problem, we’ll just get some eggs soon and try that one later.  It did say “Hot Cake” not “Pancake” on the box of the new one.

The young man in the red wanted his picture taken.

Remember the guy in blue from yesterday?

Lita gave me a couple of little glasses that were stuck together today.  It took me almost 20 minutes to get those 2 glasses apart.  Turns out that someone stacked them up while they were still wet and it formed some type of wet vacuum, that’s why the wouldn’t come apart.  While I was trying to separate those glasses, Lita was putting some other glass away, and dropped it.  Smashed it all to pieces.  It was one of the glasses that has pictures of different countries on it, I think the one that broke was the Athens, Greece glass.  I hope to visit Greece someday in the not too far future.

Well I got my pinto beans for supper tonight.  I ate too many though.  I have a problem with that.  I ate 1 1/2 large bowls.  I should have at least stopped after 1 bowl.  I’ll force myself to do that next time.  They sure were good though.  Lita cooked them with onions and hot peppers.  That’s my favorite way, hence the over indulgence.  There is still maybe 3/4 of a bowl left.  I’ll probably eat that tomorrow evening.  But right now I am so full.  I think that I can be officially classified as “stuffed”.

All those things that Gary was nice enough to bring for me sitting in a box in the bedroom, and the only thing that I’ve eaten so far, is some of the beef jerky.  I keep thinking that if I eat one of the beef stews, then I’ll only have 3 left.  Yeah, I know, it’s weird, but that’s what I’m thinking.  I’ll probably eat 1 can either tomorrow or the next day though.  Hey…just this second I was thinking that I need to be sure to bring at least 1 can with me when we go to Tambis in about a week and a half.  That way I’ll know that I have at least one decent meal for me.  I think I’ll bring 1 beef stew, 1 of the chicken and dumplings and a little beef jerky.  Maybe a couple of packs of lemonade too.

2 of Grace's friends. From pictures she left in camera.

2 more of Grace's friends

I haven’t talked to Lita about using that large bottle of water to make lemonade yet.  I’ll do that pretty soon, before we go to Tambis.  I don’t use much sugar in my kool-aid, so for that 203 oz container, I’ll probably use no more than 2 cups, 3 cups at the most.  Depending on the taste after 2 cups.  I never made a container of kool-aid lemonade so big before, so it will take a little experimentation.  I usually put 1 cup per 1 package (which makes 2 quarts) and I’m putting 3 packages in this container, but 3 packages is to make it a little stronger, because really it should take about 2 1/2 packages.  I don’t what to save a 1/2 package, so I’ll just use it all, make it stronger, and adjust the sugar to taste.

The last couple of days we’ve been buying 7-up to drink instead of Mountain Dew.  It doesn’t taste quite as good, but it has a lot less sugar and no caffeine.  I don’t really mind, I’d rather be drinking Gatorade instead anyway.  I’ve had 2 7-ups today, 3 bottles of water, 1 Tropicana and almost 1/2 bottle of ice tea.  Almost as in I took a swig and it tasted so bad, I almost threw up.  I don’t know what was wrong with it, but I dumped it out.  That was the last bottle and I drank the other 8 bottles without a problem.  It was really gross.

Lita brought the CD player outside today, she didn’t ask me this time.  Of course when she brings it outside, it works just fine.  They were playing the radio and there was some talk show on there that had this annoying fake laugh that came on like every 10-15 seconds.  It was driving me crazy.  I told them they needed to change the station or play the CD, because I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  It was on for about an hour, and I really don’t know how I survived that long.  Lita went out there and put one of my CDs in.  Then she asked me to get her a couple of the country and western CDs I have.  I got her Shania Twain, Alan Jackson and Anne Murray.  This was right about the time I was eating the beans and I ate them outside on the picnic table.  I listened to Shania Twain while I ate.

Guess Grace has male friends too.

Do you know who is who?

At the moment, I’m downloading movies.  They are all Disney movies and so far I have 6 of them completed.  There are about 20 more all paused at the moment waiting for me to restart them.  I have them on pause because if I don’t, when I save my post, it takes so long to process.  While I’m downloading movies, I’m listening to the songs I have already downloaded and I’m deleting anyone that I don’t like or ones that I do like, but there is some type of problem with the recording.  You know, a skip or a repeat during the song.

Okay I’m out of things on my list to talk about today.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  I will now put my remaining pictures on here.  I think I have only 8-10 new pictures left anyway.  We’ll see.

Philippine Trivia

28. The most popular and durable of all Philippine almanacs is called Kalendariong Tagalog ni Honorio Lopez.

29. Rainier Lagman was the first Filipino to have a heart transplant.

30. Gemma Cruz was the first Filipina to win an international beauty title – Miss International 1964.

31. P5 million was the highest prize offered for the capture of then-rebel-now-turned-senator Gringo Honasan.

32. Palawan has the largest land area among the Philippine provinces.

33. Negros Occidental has the most cities among Philippine provinces.

34. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi was the first Spanish governor-general of the Philippines.

35. Evangeline de Castro of Baguio was the first Filipina to win the Miss Philippines title.

36. Cebu is the oldest Philippine city.

Check y’all tomorrow.  Don’t forget to check out my blogroll stories and take a look at my new monthly blog.

Salamat, Palaam


  1. BTW, when I try your other blog, it brings me up to a World Press Site and requests a user name and password. So I am not sure I have access. Also, googling it brought up some other sites.


    • I’ll try to correct it on the blog. If you use Yahoo to search and put it in quotes, it will bring up only my site.
      Isn’t that unusual? But, it’s true, I just tested it again.

  2. Hi JJ! Lately I haven’t had much chance to stay online long enough to kibitz but I did manage to quickly read your daily blog. Tried to remember the points on which you needed input, but at the moment the only one that comes up is drying dishes in PI. The two-legged dishwashers don’t bother to wipe them dry probably because the tropical heat dries washed dishes in a jif. By the time other chores are done, it’s time to put the air-dried dishes away.

    Can’t seem to access your other blog; same with MJTS flyer. But I’ll try again when I have more time. Glad to know you got your CARE package. 🙂 You’re taking your walks with or without company, good for you! Or as the Aussies say, good on you, Mate!

    Keep walking, snapping and typing! 😉

    • Well at least I know you are still around and reading when you can. Wonder what’s going on with your computer that you can’t access those other things? I know the MJTS flyer I have to click 3 times before I get to it, maybe you aren’t going far enough? Just guessing. No clue on the other blog access, it works fine for me. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem as you? No one else has said anything at all. Don’t even know if they’ve tried to go there or not.
      The little walk wasn’t really for exercise, just to take a few pictures, although I guess any walking is good. On that walk I was alone. When I go later on, after the heat goes down and the sun is still up, I plan to be alone again, but if someone goes with me, it’s okay, it’s just a causal walk.

  3. Hey,

    What site do you use to download music and movies in the PI?


    • Limewire 5.5.16 is what I’m using now. Watched Ice Age last night and it came out pretty decent. Not perfect, but very watchable.

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