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Friday – 29 Oct 2010

Friday – 29 Oct 2010


[smartads] Hits when I went to bed were at 22164 and went up 110 to 22274 when I checked again this morning around 0650.  The personal blog number was #477 of 1566 (31%), with 12 new visitors and 16 viewed pages.  Overall was 2368 of 6635 (36%).  So we are moving up.

Vicky is suppose to be here at 0800, but this morning she came at 0645.  She started sweeping the water off the concrete in the BBQ area.  Evidently the area is uneven and little puddles of water accumulate there.  Maybe someday we will fix that little problem, but as long as it remains a ‘little’ problem, then we won’t worry about it much.

After I said I wouldn’t make anymore changes to the blog, I did make a very small adjustment.  In fact I’ll bet no one even notices the little change I made because it doesn’t affect the daily reading of the blog.  I was going to put in here what that little change was, but I think I’ll wait and see if someone out there discovers it first.  It won’t be easy, but I’ll bet at least one person figures it out.

About a 4 1/2 minutes video about the beauty of the Philippines.  Filipinos beware, this video will make you want to get on the plane and come home.  I was wondering if it’d be okay with y’all if I posted videos here that showed the not so wonderful side of the Philippines or tragedies that affect the Philippines?  I found some videos that were in reference to the problems that the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are having in the Near East.  Some of the are even being killed.  I like putting the videos on here, but I can’t always put videos I’m in, because I’m not in the many.  Also I think it’s important that people see all sides of the Philippines, the good, bad, sad and questionable.

Eating squid at Joyous Eatery

A closer, but not so clear picture of the new market.

I guess that y’all noticed the new avatars.  Are these better than the others, or does it really matter?  I know Joyce was talking about having an ugly creature as her avatar.  I trust at least she likes this one better, unless of course she got use to the other one now, and thought it was kind of cute or something.  I can change back very simply or I can just have like blotches there instead.  Well not really blotches, but little squares with different designs in them, or I can make them all look the same with a couple of different designs.  Doesn’t matter to me, and it probably doesn’t matter to most others either, but just in case it does bother someone, let me know.  If we end up keeping them, I’ll have to learn everyone’s all over again.  That’s okay though, I can do that easily because I am on here a lot checking to see if any unanswered comments or new reader comments to approve, are on here.

Lita went to the market again today, by herself like last time.  Meaning she went to Judith’s house and picked up Grace to go to the market with her.  She got all the way to the market and discovered she forgot to bring the money with her.  She had to take a tricycle all the way home, get the money and return.  I wonder what Grace was doing that whole time.  She was probably talking on the phone, she likes to do that.  Not as much as Juvic does, but teenagers are teenagers.  Anyway Lita went to the market and came back, but I never did remind her to get any of those BBQ Chippy’s.  I didn’t remind her and she didn’t get them.  Oh well.  She did remember to get some onions though.  We were completely out and we use those just about everyday.  I even like to cut up an onion, fry it up and mix in some rice.  Sometimes, if I have them, I’ll mix in some pork n’ beans too.  Sounds a little weird, but it’s easy to cook and tastes good enough.

A further away picture of new bus depot at a different angle.

She is trying to open the CR, but the lock was too rusty.

Mar, Ludy and Marianne stopped by for a very short visit.  I don’t even know what they wanted, but they did get some ice candy for there grandchildren.

Tagalog word of the day: Okay I had an interesting conflict with this one.  I wanted to use ‘grandchildren’.  The dictionary I use says ‘inapo’, but Lita has never heard of that.  She says to use ‘mga apo’.  Now ‘apo’ is ‘grandchild’ so that makes sense.  Just wonder, to all you Tagalog speakers out there, is the ‘inapo’ one of those things that is just not used?  I’ve already had one of those.

I didn’t go anywhere today, so I didn’t get any new pictures.  I think I still have a few pictures left that I have not posted, so I will just put all the ones I have left on this post and I’ll go for a walk again tomorrow if I have to, to get more.  I think I’ll walk in the other direction this time to see what is there.  I’m sure it won’t be much, but there are some things.

Tomorrow is weigh in day again.  Remember last week I gain 1.8 kilos.  Heck I probably did it again.  I probably gained another 2 or 3 kilos.  It’s hard to tell, because I always feel bloated.  I drink a lot of liquids, so I won’t eat so much, and it makes me feel that way.

I’m still waiting on Tricare to confirm my new insurance.  We really, really need to go to the doctor, but if we go and the insurance is not changed yet, we can’t afford to make that payment.  Normally we could, but with going to Tambis, going to Cebu, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Lita’s birthday, my birthday, Valentines Day and our 31st anniversary all coming up in consecutive months, it’s going to be hard.  Heck by the time our anniversary is done, then we will have to have the money to go to Korea in May too.  We’ll hang on and wait on the insurance.  I’ll just have to double up on my efforts to contact them.  It’s harder to do from here than in the States though.

Speaking of Halloween coming up.  The children here have never been trick or treating.  Didn’t even know about it.  Some of the adults didn’t know about it.  So this October 31st we are going to be giving out candy.  Of course to all the children here, plus Vicky’s children and a few of her relatives will get candy also.  I want to stand outside the gate and give out candy to any bata going by.  Of course when you do something like that, they get the candy and go tell all their friends.  The next thing you know, you’ve got a boat load of mga bata running up to you.  It’ll be like when we go to Tambis and pass out the candy, so I’m use to that.  I’m not sure Lita wants me to stand outside the gate to do that though.  I won’t do it, if she will have a Halloween party for mga bata here.  Nothing fancy, just a cake, ice cream and of course candy.   I had some of the cake here recently, and it was not very good.  Maybe it was just because it was a cheapo cake?  I’ll buy a better one and see how that one is.  It has to be better than the one I tried.  Of course the one I tried was already a couple of days old too.  I don’t know.  I’m going to buy one I think is good, and judge from that.  I’d like to be able to bake a cake with mix from the States, but we don’t even have an oven to bake it.  It’s okay, we’ll make do without it, because we just don’t ‘have to’ have it.  Even lasagna we can cook in the convection oven, as soon as we get a transformer powerful enough to handle the wattage.  Can you cook a cake in the convection oven?

In Titing's living room.

All the food 'they' ate.

When it got to be 5:00pm, I checked our blog status for the last time for 28 Oct.  The results were as follows: Personal 468 of 1570 (30%), 18 visitors and 32 pages viewed.  Overall was 2328 of 6663 (35%).  So again we are moving up.  It’s a long way to the top 10% though.  We need the new readers.

Philippine Trivia

World’s Largest Rice cake
On March 28, 2006, the people of Candon City in Ilocos Sur baked the world’s biggest rice cake or calamay weighing 2,547 kilos. This reportedly beat the 2,097-kilo ricecake that the Kamaura Food Co. Ltd. baked in Niigata, Japan on March 1, 2002. (This record has since been beaten by Korea in Oct 2008)

World’s Longest Bico
On April 23, 2006, the people of Bauang, La Union produced the world’s longest bico (sweetened glutinous rice) measuring 195 meters or 640 feet in length. Some 400 people used 600 coconuts, 1,600 kilos of glutinous rice, 728 pieces of sinacob (hardened brown sugar), 200 gallons of water, and 20,000 banana leaves to prepared the world’s largest delicacy.

World’s Shortest Actor
Filipino actor Weng Weng was recognized as the shortest adult actor in a leading role. He stood only two feet and nine inches tall.   (See new link for some pictures of him)

World’s Longest Barbecue
On May 3, 2003, Dagupan City in Pangasinan produced the longest barbecue measuring 1,007.56 meters or 3,305.64 feet in total length.

World’s Longest Grill
On April 29, 2006, some 40,000 residents of Alcala, Pangasinan took part in building the world’s longest single grill – a three-kilometer grill that spanned across seven villages. This reportedly surpassed the 32.84 meter or 107.7 feet grill put up by the people St. Wendel Werschweiler in Germany on May 4, 2004. The Alcala resident used 21,000 sacks of charcoal to grill what they claimed was the world’s longest barbecue, consisting of 4,000 kilos of pork, 20,000 pieces of milkfish. This also reportely beat the 1,007.56 meter or 13,305.54 feet barbecue made by Dagupan City on May 3, 2003.

Salamat, Palaam

Texan in the Philippines