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Monday – 22 Nov 2010

Monday – 22 Nov 2010



On Sunday morning I was up at 0822.  I didn’t realize that it was going to be a slow day, I was all hyped waiting for the guy to stop by so we could go visit the hotel.  Crystal and Khan were here spending the morning with me.  For some reason they wanted to watch our TV instead of theirs.  Up to this point I had not checked my lottery tickets yet.  I could be rich and not even know it.

A Mister Donut vendor

These are the stairs leading to the plaza/park area downtown.

That was all I had for Sunday, so that is why I didn’t do a post.  Well that plus how I met Lita, but it still wouldn’t have been enough, even though I can get quite a few words out of that story.

This morning I was up at 0814.  I was awake way before that, but I just didn’t feel a need to get out of bed.  Lita was still in bed also, so I figured there was nothing very important going on.  Today’s is Khan’s birthday.  He is 5 years old today.  They will be having a birthday party for him tonight at 6:00pm.  He is 5 going on 3.  It’s sad when you have to get a spanking on your birthday, but he did.  When he cries…scratch that…whines (no tears), he sounds like Precious when she cries, but he does it a lot more than she does.  Sometimes he is just so good, but usually he is just so loud.

Vicky had to go to the market by herself today because Lita’s back was hurting.  Lita is resting right now watching TV.  She has the TV so loud though, it’s hard to concentrate.  I can’t even listen to my music with the headphones on, because I still can’t hear it.  But she works hard all day, so I don’t say anything to her, because it’s better than her continuing to work and getting sick because of it.

I finally got to check the lottery tickets, we didn’t win.  Only matched 2 numbers out of 6, and, like in Texas, you need at least 3 to make any money.  We bought 7 tickets (P140) and won nothing, Ado bought 1 ticket (P20) and got 3 numbers, thus winning P100.  You can just never tell.  But, no one won the big pot, so I bought 5 more tickets for whenever, I forgot to look at when the drawing is.  The pot is up to around P650M (I didn’t get the exact amount), that’s about $15M.

Full green multi-cab leaving the Shell station downtown.

Ado shifting through some rice getting it ready for supper.

For lunch today I had 3 BT sandwiches.  I used the remainder of the bacon.  For supper tonight I will be having BBQ chicken that has been marinated in a special sauce Lita made that includes jalapenos.

I still haven’t gotten to go to the hotel.  I think that the next time the guy shows up, I’m going to talk to him myself.  Lita doesn’t seem to know the right questions to ask.  I’d like to know the guy’s name and when it’s a good time to go over. It’d also be nice if he just left my name at security so I can just come over when it’s not too crowded.  There are people in and out of that place all day, almost all the time.  I don’t want to show up unannounced, those guards have guns.

In a comment that Winda left today, she was talking about how I really need to start that exercise program, which is true.  Well today I took a step in that direction.  I will however admit that it was a little baby step.  I found out where the gym is in town.  That was it, that was my baby step.  I now at least know where the gym is.  I believe it is open 24/7 also, at least that is what Ado told me.  Ramil told me before that the price for visiting the gym is P30 per day.  When/If I get started, I plan to spend P90-P120 per week.  If I’m going to do it, I might as well do it right.

Since some of y’all liked that quiz, here is another one.  This one is also easy, but not as easy as the last one.  I got them all right, but I had to ask Lita (cheating I guess) on one of them (question #9).  This one tells a little story with it.  The story is about a foreign exchange student visiting the Philippines.

1. After a long, hot and dusty ride from the airport, you arrive with your host mother and father to their humble home. “Where do I put my luggage?” you ask them. They tell you to put it near the ‘la mesa.’ Where do you place your luggage near to?

a. table   b.  dog   c.  door   d. llama

2. You arrived just in time for ‘tanghalian,’ or lunch. After you freshen up for a bit, you come to the ‘kusina’ or kitchen to help out with preparing the meal. You find out that you are having fish. Grabbing your Filipino-English dictionary, you find out that the word ‘fish’ in Filipino is…

a.  baka  b. baboy  c. isda  d. pusa

3. What a lovely meal you had! After washing up, you join the family’s youngest daughter in the living room. She is drawing with crayons and you want to draw with her. She smiles at you and tells you to grab a ‘papel.’ Quick, what is she telling you to get?

a.  pencil  b.  chair  c. coloring book  d. paper

4. As you are drawing a house on the countryside, the little girl asks you to please pass the crayon that is colored ‘asul.’ What crayon is she asking you to give her?

a.  green  b.  blue  c. black  d.  white

5. After you have finished your work of art, you and the little girl display it on the fridge door. “Are you hungry?” the little girl asks. You are. You get the bread while she gets the cheese spread. But do you know what the word ‘cheese’ is in Tagalog?

a.  quezon  b. keso  c. kahon  d. kampana

6. You hear a tricycle stopping in front of the house. You greet your host sister with a badly pronounced “Kamusta!” and give her a hug. She just came back from school. You found out that your host sister is OLDER than you. What would you call her by?

a.  tita  b. kuyo  c. ate  d. tito

7. As she enters the door, her pet ‘pusa’ rushes to her and rubs against her leg. What kind of animal is a ‘pusa?’


a.  cat  b. mouse  c. dog  d. rabbit

8. You quickly become friends with the host family’s eldest daughter. In fact, you are getting used calling her ‘ate.’ She invites you into her room, to help with homework. You absently ask what day of the week it is and she says it is “LUNES.” What day is it?

a.  Monday  b.  Friday  c. Saturday  d. Wednesday

9. After trying to helplessly solve maths equations, you and the host sister call it a day. “What can we do now?” you ask her. “What about karaoke?” she suggests. Wow! You absolutely LOVE to sing! As you head to the living room to fire the karaoke machine up, you wondered what ‘sing’ is in Tagalog. If you look in your Filipino-English dictionary, you will observe that it is…

a. tulog  b. aswang  c. sayaw  d. kanta

10. Whew! Your throat is sore from all that singing – but at least you had lots of fun! Your host sister promises that she will take you to Jollibee on the weekend. You give her a thumbs up – but you have absolutely no clue as to what this “Jollibee” is! What can it bee? (pun intended)

a. a clothing shop with a bee as the logo  b. a fast food restaurant chain based in the Philippines  c. a local apiary where you can get fresh honey  d. a bee-themed amusement park

I have no idea way some of these are small and some are big, plus I have no idea where the green came from.  I’m not going to worry about it though, maybe it will make people notice it, and want to check it out.  It’s difficult to change the font on this thing, so I don’t even bother.  I could easily change the color from green back to black, but I think I won’t for the above mentioned reason.  I also do not know how this little text box got here, the one  I’m writing in now.  I can’t seem to get rid of it, so I’ll just leave it too.  It’s not that big of a deal.  For those of you who do not know, an ‘apiary’ is a place where they raise bees.  You can go there to get fresh honey at cheaper prices than buying it from the store.

It’s already 7:20pm and I haven’t heard anything about Khan’s birthday party yet, that was suppose to start at 6:00pm.  Well I just asked Lita about the party and she said they had it.  Mostly it was Ado’s relatives that came by and they just ate.  I told you that they don’t have parties here like in the States.  Starting next year with Lita’s birthday on January 1st, I think we should start having proper birthday parties for everyone, especially mga bata.  They need to have a nice cake, plenty of ice cream, balloons, soda, presents and chocolate.  Everyone needs chocolate.  I’ll see what I can do about that starting at the beginning of the year.  Of course for Lita’s birthday, I’ll just find out what she wants and do my best to make sure she gets it, if possible.  The first 1/2 of the year is busy for special days for us, and that’s just counting for us two.  January has her and my birthday, February is Valentines Day,  April is our anniversary (#31 coming up), May is Mother’s Day and June is Father’s Day.  All that is not including other birthday’s, both here and in Texas.

This is Neneng and her Mom at the Catmon river.

Just a lot of the group watching some drunk guy get a shave.

Kind of on the same subject, Lita is talking about maybe having a Thanksgiving dinner here this year.  In the Philippines they don’t have a Thanksgiving, of course, but she wants to try to have something as close as she can get.  No turkey here, but I told her she could get a couple or three big chickens.  There are no cranberries here either, and I really like to mix my cranberry sauce into my Thanksgiving food.  Maybe we can find some in Tacloban, I haven’t looked for it yet.  Or maybe in Cebu, but I’ll probably have to rely on Mar and/or Ludy to find that for me, and I’m not sure they’d really know what to look for.  We will have to buy the pies or make some no bake pies because we still don’t have an oven.  I don’t even know if we can get the stuff to make no bake pies here, but we’re going to check it out and do the best we can.

They just announced again that no one won that big lottery and it is up to P665M (a little higher than I figured).  That’s a little over $15.2M at the current exchange rate.

I also just finished eating the aforementioned BBQ chicken with the special marinade.  She only makes me 3 chicken wings these days, but it sure was good.  I had that with some rice.  I put the rest of my favorite BBQ sauce on the rice, the original Kraft (Jaclyn), plus I added a little bit of Tabasco sauce and some of the special black pepper from Gary.

Tagalog word of the day:  itim  (e-tem) means black.

Lita made some Jello delight yesterday.  We had it in the refrigerator and/or freezer all day, but it is still not harden.  The gelatin they have here is not near as good as the Jello we are used to in Texas (Jaclyn, lots of Orange).  What she made is edible, but no where near as good.  Maybe after it hardens it will be better.

This is the road you must drive up to get to the river in Catmon.

Lita putting on lotion in waterway with Judith

Top Blogs standings: 425 of 1343 (31.6%) Personal.  2186 of 5857 (37.3%).  Top Personal blog hits: 4,233 – #100 210.      Top Overall blog hits: 21,803 – #100 1,944.

Just so you’ll know, by comparison, the #1 Personal blog has had 990 unique visitors so far today, we have had 4.

Our total hits at 8:30pm tonight is: 34003.

I looked at that #1 Personal blog, and I think I need to learn some more about maintaining a blog.  I know I need to learn more about promoting a blog.

Oh the answers to the quiz, I need to put those in here.  1. a  2. c  3. d  4. b  5. b  6. c  7. a  8. a  9. d  10. b

That’s it for the day.  I still didn’t have to use the “How I Met Lita” theme, but it’s still on my list just in case.

Don’t forget to rate, leave comments and spread the word about my ‘fantastic’ blog.  I’ll just add the pictures now and then publish this post.

Salamat, Palaam


  1. there was one maybe 2 hints in the the tagalog word crossed one off my list on number 4..lmao think i seen one or 2 more things that helped..

    • Well I guess you get the answers where ever you can find them. I still think that you getting 6 of 10 was very good.

  2. got 6 out of 10 the hints

    • What hints? Still 6 of 10 twice for someone that has never been here, is good.

  3. I like reading the News Papers,specially the jobs wanted section. According to want adds after spending 20 years in service, being in charge of operating million dollars of engineering equipment. I am not qualified to apply for a job to operate a washer and dryer in a laundry because I do not have a college degree. I just wander where they come up with these qualifications. Instead of reading the comics to get a laugh, I just read the want adds.

    • That’s one of the reason I couldn’t find a job in Texas, because they said I wasn’t qualified. I also operated millions of dollars of computer equipment in the military and even my first 2 real jobs after the military, but I couldn’t even get a job to operate a computer for $10 an hour. It was sad, but now I’m glad, because I’m here.

  4. I like the Quizes. I got 4 wrong on that one though.
    LOL I got the *hint hints* LOL I made sure to put the Kraft BBQ Sauce and the Orange Jello on your list.

    • You only got 4 wrong on the quiz today or the first one? Actually getting only 4 wrong, for someone who has never been here, is pretty good on either quiz.
      I thought you’d get the *hints*. I was going to e-mail you and let you know, to be sure, but there is no need now.

  5. Yes that is julies backery and Chow King accross the street.If you like to read newspapers just down the street between those two places there is a news paper stand with magazines and on the main road across from the Cal Tex
    gas station there is another news stand.that would be nice walk.when we stayed in calbayog i would walk all over by myself very safe and nice way to meet the locals.

    • I don’t normally read the paper, plus that would be a long walk for me. I have done it though.

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