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Tuesday – 22 Mar 2011

Tuesday – 22 Mar 2011

[smartads] I already put 2 of the Ciriaco signs on the last post, so I just continued here because I had to wait on them to finish.  I missed one of the progression pictures before the lights because I wasn’t outside when they finished.  They finished it pretty fast after they did a little adjusting of the letters.  At first they had them too far apart and had to move them in some.  It flashes like 4, maybe 5 different colors, but I figured just a couple of them is good enough so you can get the feel of it.  You can come see it in person if you’d like to see more of it.

Useless Knowledge: Cockroaches sample food before it enters their mouths and learn to shun foul-tasting poisons. They are opportunists and will eat wallpaper or TV cords. Cockroaches will even become cannibals if food is scarce.  (Unless we blow up the whole earth, the cockroach will be the only survivor of a nuclear blast).

Bus at Ciriaco

20 Mar – Hits @ 11:45pm = 229178.  I was up and around at 0727 today.  Little did I know when I woke up that today would be one of the most boring days every in the history of the world.  I’ve got one thing on my list to put on for today and even that didn’t happen this day.  I do have a thought or two running around in my head so I will add those in for today.  It’s a little bit more interesting than just the blah, blah, blahing.

Today I found out that we did not have to pay for the LolyKats Store sign.  Pepsi paid for it for us.  I’m sure they wrote it off as advertising and I think they made a good investment.  As you know by now, we are directly across from the Ciriaco Hotel and lots of people will see the sign, and after all that’s what it’s there for, to trigger people’s minds towards the Pepsi products.

We do serve only Pepsico products at LolyKat, even though, as you must know by now, I don’t really like Pepsi, I’m a Coca-Cola man.  Everyone else around here likes Pepsi best, except Lita and I.  Lita will drink both though and I suppose I would too, if I couldn’t get the Coca-Cola.  If someone from Pepsico is reading this, I’d like to get a different Pepsi product here.  Why don’t they have Slice here?  Does Pepsico still make Slice?

Primary School/Kindergarten

My thought that I had is…wait a minute…I might have put this in the blog already.  Oh well, I don’t want to look back and just in case it won’t hurt to put it in again.  In addition to just the hotels and restaurants around here, I want to go to different businesses and take pictures.  I want people that have never been here to know as much as possible about Calbayog.  Maybe I’ll put something in there that will make you want to come for a visit.  Maybe your visit will be pleasant enough that you will want to return.  Maybe it will impress you enough to make you want to move here.  I don’t know, I’m just doing what I think would be good and letting things take it’s course.

I have another thought, but I JUST decided to keep it a secret for now.  I don’t want someone to ‘borrow’ my idea.  I better get started on that soon too, because someone is going to think of it and they might have better resources than me and do a better job and faster.  It might turn out to be just another hair brain scheme, but I’m going to get it started anyway and see how it goes.  After I get it going pretty decent then I’ll let the rest of y’all in on it.

J BBQing.

21 Mar – I didn’t get the hit count last night because I went to bed really early.  I didn’t even bother covering the computer up.  I did have it off because since the fan in the computer room is burned out, I have to alternate the other fan from here and to the kitchen.  When it is in the kitchen I turn the computer off because it gets too hot in here without a fan, especially during the day, and even if the windows are open and it’s raining outside.

Speaking of rain.  Today makes the 9th day in a row that it has rained.  Sometime during each of those days it rained hard too.  A couple of them it just rained hard once and misted most of the rest of the day, but that counts as a rain day.

Calbayog Smoked Fish

Everyone that left to go to Tambis returned today.  Well everyone except J.  I’ll explain that in a minute.  The rest of them returned about 4:45pm.  They all seemed happy to be back.  Precious didn’t forget me, but she still can’t say Uncle.  According to Ado and Cathy, when you take the van, instead of your own vehicle, it takes a couple of hours longer for some reason.  Maybe they have to stop in other towns before they get there.  I’ve never ridden the van that far before so I can’t say.  Also I’m thinking that all the rain and the fear of landslides might have slowed it down some too.  The area around Tambis is subject to landslides because it is surrounded by mountains.  Okay…J…he did not return yet, but he will be.  According to Lita when he does come back he will be bringing his sister.  His sister will be working for Mar.

Evidently Mar has a little store or something that he is renting.  Lita was trying to explain it to me, but I’m not sure what is going on with that.  Something about here and Judith maybe working there with Mar, or something…I don’t know and no one tells me.  The only thing I really got out of it was that and also the wages that she will be earning might not be that much because Mar would be losing money on his investment if he pays too much…something like that anyway.

I know that Mar and Ludy know what they are doing, they’re pretty smart people, so I don’t worry about them much.  From time to time, I’ll ask their advice and/or opinion on something because I value what they have to say.  Of course most of the time I’ll just ask Titing and/or Neneng because they are closer and it’s easier than trying to figure out which phone I can use to call Mar.  Stupid phone system.  When Mar or Ludy show up here though, I try to remember to ask whatever I have on my mind.  I could go by their house too, but the only time I know they are at home is at night, and even then they might be out somewhere.  It’s cool though, I still get to see them sometimes.  Hopefully when they come by, they’ll bring my favorite Marianne in the whole world with them.

Convention at the Ciriaco

I was looking at my ‘Real-Time” views at

and I noticed that someone from Cebu looked up “Calbayog City landslide”.  Well just to set the record straight and to calm my parents, there has been no landslide in Calbayog City.  The area we live in is not surrounded by mountains, so it is unlikely that that will happen.  Now there was a recent landslide in Tacloban City and I have details of that on this website, just check the other articles.  I have a story on it and then an update to that story.

I also saw someone did a search on “3 Filipina women beheaded in China”.  First of all, a Filipina is a woman, so no need to use both words.  Second, I haven’t heard of this and I think the person from Canada that typed it was misinformed.  The 3 waiting execution in China, 2 women, 1 man, will be executed by lethal injection, not a beheading.  As far as death penalties go, I think lethal injection would be the one I’d want.  You just get a shot and you go to sleep, never to wake up.  Of course no death penalty to me is the best way to go.

Carlos n' Carmelos treats

Lita went to the market early this morning.  I guess she wanted to get her pick of the pig intestines.  Yuck!  But they sure do sell well.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I let Ramil taste some of my stew also (remember I let Robbie (his wife) taste it the day before that), and he said that he liked it.  He said that the only reason they don’t make it at  his house if that they can’t afford it.  It’s only carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers and seasoned to taste.  Of course I have a unique seasoning that Lita made (which we are running out of), but there are other seasoning you could use.  As far as being able to afford it, well I’m sure that the pot of stew that I make for my 2 meals, would be enough to feed his family of 6 for a meal, and maybe a little left over.

Well that’s all I have for today.  I have a few pictures that I need to put in, but not that many.  I think it will be enough to put on for today, but it’s going to be close.  I will put any new ones I have and find some others that maybe everyone hasn’t seen yet, like a couple of the restaurant or hotel pictures, or maybe an old picture.  Just something to fill out the post and have a good amount of pictures here.

El Carmelo's fresh fish

Tagalog Word of the Day: isda  (is-dah)  means fish.

Useless Knowledge: The weight of the world’s insect population exceeds that of humankind by a factor of 12.  (There’s been a couple of weekends out camping that I thought all of those insects bite me too)

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


Gen. Manuel Tinio y Bundok

1900 – Filipino Gen. Manuel Tinio y Bundok orders the execution of all traitorous local, civil and barrio officials who either assist the enemy Americans or fail to report to the nearest guerrilla commander the movements and plans of the imperialist troops, one year and one month into the bloody and protracted during the Philippine-American War (1899-1914); Tinio’s order is a response to the enemy United States forces’ use of Philippine Scouts [read: Filipino mercenary traitors], making traitors out of locals to assist them in subjugating the Southeast Asian archipelago; one of the ablest and youngest generals of the fledgling Philippine Republic, Tinio was a veteran of the rather recently and controversially concluded Revolution against Spain, being part responsible for the capture of San Isidro and the proclamation of Nueva Ecija’s independence from Spanish hold and the subjugation of the Ilokano’s resistance to the Revolution; Tinio’s Brigade would be responsible for holding open the line of northward withdrawal of Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo  who was hotly pursued by the imperialist Americans; Tinio had recently shifted military strategy in fighting the enemy by dividing and organizing his brigade into columna volantes or guerrilla ambush units posted along the road and other strategic sites, with the local citizenry serving as polistas and vigilant spies against the movement of the Bald Eagle forces; while the strategy would proved rather successful, Tinio would eventually surrender after American deserter John Allane, who returned to the fold of the invaders, gave sensitive information about his brigade and after Aguinaldo’s capture and prompt swearing of fealty to the imperialist enemy flag about year later.

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Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

1935 – Hiroshi Tamura, a major in the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in Taiwan, writes former revolutionary leader and ex-Philippine President General Aguinaldo about his strong sentiments against imperialist American presence in the Southeast Asian Archipelago; the Bald Eagle nation invaded the Philippines at the turn of the century, conning Aguinaldo by making him believe that the United States was a ally against colonial Spain, prompting the former leader to stupidly permit the free entry of American forces into the islands, thus allowing the vile Americans to position themselves for the Mock Battle of Manila and eventual invasion of the Southeast Asian archipelago; six 1/2 years later, Japan will challenge American colonial presence in Asia-Pacific during World War II, invading the Philippines and adding the islands to its Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, envisioned to be a self-sufficient “bloc of Asian nations led by the Japanese and free of Western powers”.

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Texan in the Philippines