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Sunday – 22 May 2011

Sunday – 22 May 2011

Nueva Ecija is the largest province and the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon, thus, often referred to as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines.”

Today’s feature Philippine city was inspired by Monty, one of my readers.  He said that he is suppose to have a business started here now.  I hope it is doing well. For a brief history of Nueva Ecija.


Nueva Ecija - Philippines Science City of Munoz

Useless Knowledge: Our advice is to take a cold shower before sex. Cold showers actually increase sexual arousal.  (No wonder there are so many kids around here, no hot water heaters in most of the homes)


Nueva Ecija Location

15 May – Hit’s @ 0038 = 409060.  Today is the last day of the festival downtown so it is pretty slow around here.  I did not partake in any of the festivities, except for when the visitors showed up to eat.  Even then all I did was acknowledge they were here.  I didn’t have to cook or serve the food.  Yes this was one of the festivals that people off the street can come up to the  house and you feed them.  You don’t normally get too many visitors though.  I don’t think we had more than a couple dozen people.

I’ve noticed a slight increase of the number of people checking out the Philippines.  To me it looks like they are considering maybe moving/retiring here.  This is probably just one of several countries they are checking out though.  Moving here was right for me mainly because I’m married to a Filipina.  For those that would both be foreigners, then there are probably better countries to retire to.  I only say that because of the infrastructure in the Philippines.  It still needs to be fixed.  Poverty and corruption is still rampant, but hopefully it is now on it way to being resolved or at least under control.  The constant brown outs are a turn off and the phone system leaves a lot to be desired.  On the plus side, the people are super friendly.  Supposedly President Aquino is working on it, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Nueva Ecija - Rice Granary of the Philippines

Gary should be here sometime next week.  He is already in the Philippines, in Angeles City, but he figures to be visiting here in Samar sometime next week.  It will be good to see him again and not only because he is bringing me some beef jerky, corn nuts, trail mix and kool-aid.  Gary is a pretty friendly and cool dude.  His wife, Jen, is beautiful and their son, George, is a very playful young fellow, once he gets use to the other kids that is.  At first he was a bit shy, but that didn’t last long.  He’ll probably be shy all over again at first, but, again, that probably won’t last long.

Nueva Ecija the Parish of the Three Kings - Gapan Church

The biggest and oldest church in Nueva Ecija is that of the Parish of the Three Kings in Gapan City.

Useless Knowledge: Of all the senses, babies’ sense of smell is the strongest, enabling them to recognize their mothers by scent.  (So daddies have to hang around more to be recognized I guess)

Nueva Ecjia - Pantabangan River

16 May – Forgot to do the hit count so if you are trying to keep up with it, Sorry!  I’ll be sure to get it tomorrow.

Today also was not a very exciting day.  I did have 2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast and some leftover chicken adobo for lunch.  Lita tells me that with adobo the more you reheat it, the better it tastes.  I don’t see it that way though.  I like mine freshly cooked.  It still tastes good after warming up, just not better as she claims.

Today I added “My Calbayog Diary” to the Blogroll.  An interesting perspective about life here in Calbayog. (since this I have also added 2 more sites by the author of this blog).

Nueva Ecija curvy road

Lita went to the market today by herself.  She didn’t have a problem today with falling down or getting ‘over tired’ because she went with the tricycle driver that helps her a lot.  He’ll carry all the heavy stuff for her.  She has gotten into the habit of when she purchases something to leave it at the store where she purchased it until she is finished shopping.  That way she doesn’t have to carry it all around with her.  When she finishes she carries it a short distance and then the tricycle driver will take it from there.  If it is too heavy, there is always someone that will be nice enough to carry it for her to the tricycle.

I was just wondering if anyone knew about these spammers that register for my site.  Why do they do that?  Can they actually do anything just being a “subscriber”?  I mean they have no power to do anything except read the blog, so why bother?  Could they be slowing my computer down just by being a subscriber?  How do I know if they are spammers or actually legit readers?  That’s a lot of questions, but I’d appreciate an answer if anyone knows anything.

Nueva Ecija - Megacenter

17 May – Hits @ 0010 = 414124.  I woke up this morning at 0945.  I woke up to a brown out, but it wasn’t too hot yet.  I didn’t get to bed until 0245, so waking up at 0945 is not so bad.  I think it was a planned brown out, even though no one here knew about it, because the electric came back on right at 12 noon.

I have a lot of space taken up for my 17 May notes, but it actually only talks about 3 items and I’ve finished one of those already.  Here is the second one and it is short.  Someone outside, one of the customers for the BBQ is singing “Over the Rainbow”.  Nice voice but he doesn’t know all the words.  That seems normally around here, I mean them not knowing the correct words to an English song.  Even if it comes up as a Karaoke song, they sometimes skip the word if they don’t know it or can’t pronounce it.

Nueva Ecija - Pool in Talavera

If I ever get enough money to spare, I’m going to get a new computer.  I’m going to get one that is compatible for here so I won’t have to use a transformer anymore.  I guess that means that I’d have to buy a new surge protector too.  I need to upgrade my computer anyway, so I might as well change it over while I’m at it.  There are problems with my computer like my DVD drive got fried during one of the sudden outages, I have no printer, no speakers (also fried during an outage) and my mouse is messed up.  My C drive is just about full, it’s only 40G, my A drive hasn’t worked in many years and I think I need more RAM and a faster processor.  In spite of all that, it still works well enough to do the little I do.  I mostly just surf, research for the blog, do the blog and play games.

Speaking of games, I wish they’d get an upgrade for Plants vs. Zombies, or maybe a part 2 would be better.  I’ve already beaten this one 18 times and can beat 4 of the 5 ‘hard’ survival games at will.  I’ve got a survival streak of 24 on survival endless.  My Tree of Knowledge is maxed out, except I would like to see if the height of the tree will go beyond 9990.  It probably won’t though, nothing else has added another digit.  I know the counter for the suns only goes to 9990 and the coins go to 999,990.  Only thing I really have left is to beat that 5th ‘hard’ Survival game at will.  I don’t know if that will ever happen though because it’s the roof top one and it is a royal pain.  I have beaten it once, but have been reluctant  to go back to it because it took me a long time to beat it then.

Well I got in 3 more days so I will add the pictures I have and then the Philippine History stuff and call it a post.  Hope y’all enjoyed what I had to say this time.  Be sure to stayed tuned for interesting developments.

Nueva Ecija - Crystal Waves - wave pool

Useless Knowledge: The first TV show ever to be watched by over 50 million households was the final episode of M*A*S*H.

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History

15 MAY

Photo Art: JB
1889 – Filipino reformist Graciano Lopez Jaena’s  article, “How to deceive the motherland,” is published in La Solidaridad, the publication of illustrados who aim at representing and advocating the colonial cause of the Phillippines before the Spanish parliament, during the Spanish colonial period; Jaena counters the La Voz de Espana’s editorial declaring religion and traditionalism—to the exclusion of the Spanish language or government reforms—as the only things that unite the Spanish colony with the metropolis; Jaena’s article castigates the editorial of La Voz de Espana not only for defending the friars but also for impairing the “national decorum” and destroying the plans of Spain’s Minister of Colonies with regards the diffusion of the Castillian language in the Philippine Islands; Jaena writes:
Neither obscurantism and fanaticism nor oppression nor superstitions ever united nor have united peoples; on the other hand, liberty, rights, love draw distinct races round the same standard, one aspiration, one destiny.

Finally, La Voz de España lies when it says that the monastic orders preserve the Philippines for Spain. It is a calumny to say that the Filipinos love Spain because of the friars. The Filipinos do not need selfish wet nurses in order to throw themselves into the arms of the mother country and unburden themselves in her maternal lap of their troubles, their complaints and their afflictions. He is a despicable person who would say that because the Filipinos are anti-friar, they are therefore subversives.

16 MAY

Apolinario Mabini y Maranan

1903 – Apolinario Mabini y Maranan, the former Prime Minister  of the short-lived Philippine Republic, is buried under the auspices of civic and labor organizations during the American colonial period when the Philippine-American War (1899-1914) was still being waged; following his capture by invading American soldiers, Mabini refused to swear fealty to the imperialist United States flag, causing his and other defiant compatriots’ exile to Guam in 1901, and did so only when he felt he was already very sick and weak in the bid to be allowed to return to the Philippines; born in Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas to Dionisia Maranan and  Inocencio in 1864,  Mabini is regarded the “Brains” of the second phase of the Philippine Revolution and became Prime Minister of what would be the short-lived  Philippine Republic under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo; one of Mabini’s works published posthomously is the “La Revolucion Filipina” (later translated into English, The Philippine Revolution), his account of the first and second phases of the 1896 Himagsikan, including how Andres Bonifacio y de Castro, the Supreme President of the secret-society-turned-revolutionary-government Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan, was ‘assassinated’ on orders of Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, describing the act as a “crime” that was the “first victory of personal ambition over true patriotism.”

17 May


1975 – Future National Artist Gerardo de Leon receives his Filipino Academy of Movie, Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Hall of Fame for winning the best director award seven times, including for “Bagong Umaga” (1952) and will, in his lifetime, win every possible major Filipino film industry award; de Leon is the only Filipino filmmaker cited in the Petit Larousse du Cinema Mondial  and will become the first filmmaker to be recognised as a Philippine National Artist shortly after his death in 1981; de Leon has also won a Gawad Urian Lifetime Achievement Award (1978) and the 1952 Maria Clara Award for having been adjudged Best Director for the 1951 film “Sisa”; he would become the first National Artist in Cinema, winning the award in 1982 in recognition of his great contribution to Philippine movies; in May 2002, his films will be showcased during the Filipino film festival at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a news article of which describes de Leon as “the master filmmaker of the 1950s and 1960s,” who counts as among his best films: “Sisa,” 1951; “Ifugao,” 1954; “El Filibusterismo” (Subversion), 1962 and “Ang Daigdig Mga Api” (The World of the Oppressed), 1965″; the movie legend will be able to work on just about every available genre of film during his lifetime, with many of his projects being re-released and imported to the United States and the United Kingdom, including the Day of the Trumpet, Terror is a Man, “’Intramuros,”’ “’Ibulong Mo sa Hangin,’” Women in Cages, and even a vampire film,“’Kulay Dugo ang Gabi’;” he will direct around 67 films, act in some 15 others, write for five (5), and produce two (2) movies.Photo credit:







Texan in the Philippines