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Thursday – 23 Jun 2011

Thursday – 23 Jun 2011


[smartads] I see a lot of people looking up logos for different cities so when I feature a city I will put the logo on here if I can find one.  I think so far it has not been a problem for any city here in the Philippines.

Useless Knowledge: The Muppet Show was banned from TV in Saudi Arabia because one of its stars was a pig.  (That’s carrying it a bit too far, I think)

22 Jun – Hits @ 0132 = 555813.

Lita and I both slept in this morning.  We didn’t bother getting out of bed until 10:30am, although she probably got up earlier and just went back to bed after doing whatever it is she got up for.  But at 10:30am, Vicky and Sally were working diligently and J was at school, hopefully with his poster complete and also working diligently.

Roxas City downtown plaza

We just had about 10 minutes of some really intense rain with a lot of wind.  Right after it was over I headed out to get a “Red Pepsi”.  Just as I was getting back, and it only takes about 5 minutes to make the round trip, it started to rain again, but that time it never really got started much.  I’m waiting now to see if it will continue.

In the middle of taking the notes for this post, Lita had me take the fan out to the store so I’m going to have to get out of  —-power surge—- I just lost the Internet.  I was just going to say that I need to get out of here with no fan because in this room no fan = too hot.

It’s 3:45pm now.  I’ve got the fan back.  There is a cool breeze blowing outside and Lita wasn’t using the fan anymore so I snagged it and got back to y’all.

Heart of Roxas City
Roxas – Spanish City Bridge-Panay River

Useless Knowledge: The digestive juices of crocodiles contain so much hydrochloric acid that they have actually dissolved iron spearheads and 6-inch steel hooks they have swallowed. Yet crocodiles don’t take Rolaids, as far as we know.

Lita found someone today that is a wholesaler for meat.  She is going to try them out to see if the quality is good.  I’m suspecting it is because I’m pretty sure they are the ones that supply some of the meat places I’ve seen around.  If it turns out to be good, we will start getting the meat from them.  I think Lita told me that they deliver meat to the Ciriaco and someone on the website wrote that their family is the one that handles the meat delivers there.  Anyway the meat would be less expensive and also the guy told Lita that they had lean ground beef.  I’m hoping that is true because it’d be nice to have some good chili once in awhile.  I think I’ll take personal charge of testing the ground beef.  If we do start getting meat from them, then I really will have to start working out, because I just might start gaining weight again.  I’m going to try not to though.  I’m not expecting USDA quality, but something better than what’s normally available around here.

Roxas City Bridge

I really needed to defrag my “C” drive, but I had zero mg left.  I moved some of my files from the “C” drive to the much, much bigger “D” drive and now I have plenty of space.  The biggest thing I moved was my desktop.  All my desktop files are now stored on the “D” drive.  This was the first time I attempted to do such a thing, but it wasn’t that hard.  I now have 69% of my “C” drive available versus the zero from before.  My “D” drive still has 86% free.  Yes it is much, much bigger than the “C”.  The “C” drive is a 40gb drive and the “D” drive is a 430gb drive.  So a really big difference.  I did have to put all the icons back on the desktop, but that wasn’t that big of a deal.  They were still all in the correct folder, I just moved them to the desktop with the mouse and everything is working fine.


I added another link to the “Other Expat Sites”.  It is called Expat Blog Finder”.  It does just that, you can locate many different expat blogs in many countries throughout the world, including the Philippines of course.

Roxas – The old fountain before the Capiz Provincial Capital

Today when I made my little mix of peppers and onions, I added some tomatoes.  I realized then that I just made some pico de gallo.  I even had some ground cilantro to add to it.  The only thing I was missing was the lemon juice.  I just used some of the jalapeno juice instead and it came out pretty good.  I saved some for Lita and I let Emey taste it.  I let him taste the things I make with hot peppers because he really likes hot peppers.  He may be able to eat peppers as hot or hotter than me.  Someday we’ll have a little contest and see.  I’m not much for eating peppers straight though.  I like to have mine mixed with some type of food.  Now an exception would be when Lita bakes some jalapenos with cheese inside them.  I always get her to leave the seeds in there although she originally learned to make them by taking the seeds out.  We can’t seem to get the jalapenos to grow here, but on our next trip to the US we’re going to send some Miracle Gro back in a bilikbayan box and try to grow them in a big pot.  I sure hope it works.

Giant chess set – Halaran Plaza – Roxas

That electric fan in the bedroom that we got repaired, well it started working, all 3 speeds again.  We didn’t do anything to it, it just decided to kick in.  I was just double checking it before J returned it to the repair shop, but there is no need to now.  We will try to alternate the fans once we get a couple more, hopefully this coming paycheck.  I should be able to get at least 1 this paycheck and I’ll just get another one later.  I’m still hopeful to get to Tacloban around the 3rd or 4th of July.  I figure if I have at least P4000 left, and only Lita and I go, I should have enough to travel, shop and eat for us.  So basically between $90 and $100 is what I’ll need.

Roxas City Plaza

It’s 10:08pm right now and it just started to rain hard with lots of wind.  Ramil is out front waiting on a buddy of his.  I guess it doesn’t matter that it is pouring down rain, this guy will probably show up.  (he did)

At the time of taking notes for this post, I was also trying to get out the 22 June post, but I kept getting power surges and losing the Internet temporarily.  But now it looks like the Internet is gone for good tonight.  It wont’ reset.

I had another pen just run out of ink.  I found another one in my desk drawer and I also got the one I bought for P10 downtown.  Lita had it in LolyKat until today.  I think I’ll buy another one or two and hide it somewhere in case this other one gets up and walks away like a couple of other ones did.

I’m going to try one more time to reset this modem, but I’m not counting on it coming up again tonight.

Roxas – Hinulogan Falls

It didn’t come back up right away, but it stayed down only about an hour.  Unfortunately it went right back down about 30 minutes after that, and that was it.  I just turned the computer off and went to bed.

Right now it is a little before midnight and it is raining with plenty of steady blowing wind right now.

I’ll be back tomorrow so be sure to be here.

Infinity pool San Antonio resort

Off Subject News: I read a story today about a 59 year old guy in North Carolina that robbed a bank of $1 so he would be put in jail to get free medical, and it’s working.   It’s a shame that supposedly the most powerful nation in the world can not even take care of its on people.  If something is not done soon, maybe they will start to see a whole slew of $1 bank robberies.  In case your interested, this is the link to the story:

Useless Knowledge: The first American TV show to be seen in the People’s Republic of China was Baywatch.  (I wonder if they only showed from the neck up?)

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


1900 – Sixteen months into the Filipino-American War  (1899-1914) but after  the imperialist invading United States forces have arrested  some key people of the Philippine Republic, Gen. Arthur McArthur, the assigned American ‘military ruler,’ offers former Philippine Prime Minister Apolinario Mabini y Maranan amnesty in exchange for swearing fealty to the Bald Eagle flag;  Mabini, considered as the “Brains of the [second phase of]  the Revolution,” was jailed for being “a most active agitator”  [translation: patriot] and persistently and defiantly refusing  amnesty, and maintaining correspondence with insurgents [translation: defenders of the Philippine Republic]; even  when Mabini will finally take his oath of allegiance to the US in 1903 after two  years of being exiled to Guam in his yearning to return to his homeland shortly before his death from illness, Mabini will resume his patriotic work of agitating for independence.
it is in exile that Mabini will write “The Philippine Revolution” based on his memoirs of the Himagsikan, including the part of the “crime” of the “assassination” of Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan Supremo Andres Bonifacio y de Castro on orders of Gen. Emlio Aguinaldo y Famy under whose presidency Mabini later served as key adviser and Prime Minister.

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  1. yes my family is the meat supplier of ciriaco namely chicken, carabao and beef

    • Oh, so maybe the meat supplier Lita found is not that one then. She didn’t give me details. Just about 1/2 of all the meat we eat here comes from your Mom.

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