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Sunday – 26 Jun 2011

Sunday – 26 Jun 2011

[smartads] Today’s pictures are just a bunch of leftover pictures I have on my site.  Most are ones I took, some are not, but they all have something to do with the Philippines.  Maybe even 2 or 3 of them I have used before, but I forgot to file them.  Most though will be ones not used on this website before.

Useless Knowledge: In 1886, Herman Hollerith had the idea of using punched cards to keep and transport information, a technology used up to the late 1970s. This device was originally constructed to allow the 1890 census to be tabulated. The Tabulating Machine Company was founded by him in the same year. Twenty-eight years later, after several takeovers, the company founded by Hollerith became known as International Business Machines (IBM). (when I first starting using computers I used a lot (and I do mean a lot) of punched cards.  Sometimes I’d have to run thousands of them a day.)

Guinsaugon Landslide 2-17-2006




PI-UK Flags pin







25 Jun – Hits @ 0043 = 568880.  So that makes 4425 in 23 hours.

When I got up this morning I headed straight for the computer and started taking notes.  I didn’t even look at the clock for some reason.  I just was in a mood to take notes for the next post.

Poppa, Lita, Cousin Neneng with her baby

Someone from Seoul did a search for “fita cracker price in the philippines”.  I could find out how much they are in the grocery store, but for reference, we sell them in our sari-sari store for P5 (.11 US or 124 won).  It is a package of 9 crackers.  So that is a pretty inexpensive price.

Casandra sucking on her little mama

We do have a new reader/commenter.  His name is Scott.  He has a US extension on his e-mail so I’m assuming he is either in the US Army or a civilian working for the US Army.  Thank you Scott for reading and especially for commenting.

The Entrance and Exit from the inside

I sent an e-mail to 7-11 today to inform them of the new mall they are building here in Calbayog.  I really do not expect them to open a store here, but you just never know.  They do have 7-11’s in the Philippines.  I thought I’d just inform them and let them think about it for awhile.

Titing new TV stand in the making

I have a little project for you, if you would care to try.  Take a look at the local hotels I have listed under Calbayog Hotels.  Which one of those do you think is viewed the most on this website?  I will even narrow it down to 5 for you … just pick one.  1) Almira Garden Hotel  – 2) Ciriaco Hotel & Resort – 3) I’s Plant Hotel – 4) Marju Krisel Hotel & Resort – 5) Joy Palace Hotel.  Of these 5, 1 of them has been viewed more than twice as much as the #2 viewed hotel.  Can you guess which one it is?

Proud to BEE Pinoy

Useless Knowledge: A bowl of lime Jell-O, when hooked up to an EKG machine, exhibited movements virtually identical to the brain waves of a healthy adult man or woman.  (But I always thought of myself as a pudding head)






Cousin Neneng with her baby. That's Victor to the right.





At the time of this note taking, there were 6 Filipinas out front talking.  It was getting loud and hard to hear.  Lita is the loudest, but she likes to assert herself.

Marsh over fence by Karaoke pavillion

That ding dang F-Secure thing is gone again.  It was there when I turned the computer on this morning.  At noon I checked the current status of the blog and that thing was gone.  I even reset the computer a couple of times to make sure it was gone.  Well good riddance, I hope it stays gone this time.  (but it didn’t)






US-PI flags





We ran out of propane in the kitchen again and we have no money left until the 1st of July.  I prepared the fixing for my soup and brought it outside.  Vicky will be cooking it for me after she finishes cooking the banana egg rolls.

Robbie and her cousin at Marju Krisel

I added Envolve to the website.  It is a chat session application very similar to Facebook.  Supposedly I will be able to communicate with people that are on the blog, live.  I installed it at 4:20pm and I sent a couple of messages for anyone to respond to me so I could test it, but no one did.  I’ll leave it on there awhile and see what happens.  Maybe, if it’s working, someone will decide to ask me a question or just say something.

Marcos-Reagan P25

We have a cowbell on the window inside LolyKat that the customers can ring if no one is around, which is rare that no one will be around.  Cathy was standing outside the store holding Casandra and Lita was inside, ringing the bell.  That bell just fascinates the heck out of Casandra.  She doesn’t really want to ring it, but she will just smile and smile when you ring it.

Crystal, Khan, Joshua and Raven at Kiddie Pool - Marju Krisel

Lita came by the computer room to get me because she wanted to go for a walk.  Okay.  She is not much of a walker though.  We walked about 1/8 of a mile up the road, going away from downtown, and then she decided it was time to come back.  She just felt like walking a little, so that fine.  It sure doesn’t hurt me to get out there and walk.


I was watching the Philipinas Got Talent and I’m glad I don’t vote on that.  I wouldn’t know who to vote for, they were all very good.  Although I must say that the guy that can sing bass and soprano, both equally well, was impressive.  I think that IF I was going to vote, it’d be for him.  They also had Rico the Magician, some singing siblings and some salsa dancers that were all very good.

My Philippine Themed Logo by shintalz

Here are a few very interesting websites I came across.  I have already added these to the  new “Philippine Info Sites” page.  There will be many more on the new page just as soon as I can find them or y’all suggest them.  Wayne a couple of these might help you with what you need on Visas.

Filipino and American Handshaking

Here’s an old subject that was brought up hot and heavy about 4 years ago.  A subject I’m pretty unsure of, but it’ll probably never happen anyway.   The Philippines on Verge to Statehood USA – I came across this site while browsing:  It’s just some people expressing their opinion on the subject, Filipinos and Americans.

Cagayan de Oro Whitewater Rafting

Useless Knowledge: Is it possible to double your pleasure? In 1609, a doctor by the name of Wecker discovered a corpse in Bologna that had two penises. Since his findings, researchers have recorded eighty other official cases of men who were so endowed.  (would you be allowed to have 2 wives or at least a wife and a girlfriend with two?)






Mount Mayon at sunrise





Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


Rounsevelle Wildman, U. S. Consul-General at Hong Kong.
Rounsevelle Wildman
U. S. Consul-General at Hong Kong

1898 – American Consul General at Hong Kong Rounseville Wildman foxily writes Philippine President Emilio  Aguinaldo y Famy  convincing him to stand shoulder to shoulder with what will be the future invading American forces, saying that he has supposedly “vouched for [Aguinaldo’s] honesty and  earnestness of purpose to the President of the United States and to [the American] people,”  during the Revolution after the Filipinos have declared Independence following their liberation of majority of the archipelago from the hands of Spanish colonizers; the communications of  Wildman, who will later rip off Aguinaldo of P67,000 intended for a  second shipment of arms and ammunition, have been instrumental in making Aguinaldo stupidly trust imperialist  Commodore George Dewey with whom he forged an alliance against Spain and his deceptive promises of honoring Philippine Independence; Aguinaldo will soon allow the American forces to freely enter Philippine territory and thereby position themselves for their sinister scheme of invading the fledgling Southeast Asian Republic, erupting into the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War  (1899-1914).


  1. Ah the 7-11’s. I remember one of my first visits to my wifes barangay, and my future home. They finally felt i could be let out on my own so I went towards the Pelenki (forgive my Tagalog spelling) to buy a Mango or two and get the mornings pan de sal. Turned a corner and knock me over with a feather a dang 7-11. Went straight inside to get a double gulp and only found “coke lite”. Several years and visits later we got to the house and after the jet lag went away I noticed that the toliet seat was missing. That didnt seem to bother my relatives but on no not for this home boy. Went the other way to the local hardware store and low and behold another 7-11, aint progress grand? Still no Double gulps though.

    • I went into a 7-11 at the Hong Kong International Airport, but for some reason I wasn’t thinking Big Gulps. If I’m there again, I will look.
      I’d like to have a double Big Gulp right now. Big Red or Dr. Pepper would be nice, but I don’t think so, so I’ll settle for Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola.

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