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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

Friday – 8 Jul 2011

Friday – 8 Jul 2011

[smartads] Okay, that’s it.  I don’t care if it is in Mindanao, I have got to visit this place.  A few of these resorts are just so wonderful looking.  I’d like to appreciate them all, in person.

Useless Knowledge:  Major league baseball teams buy 182 pounds of special baseball rubbing mud each year from a single farmer in Millsboro, Delaware.  (It must be one rich farmer now.  I wonder what’s so special about it?)

Samal Island Resorts and Beaches

7 Jul – Hits @ 0044 = 630534.  Alright  that’s 5355 in 23 minutes less than 24 hours.  Cool beans.

When I got up this morning at 0652 to go to the CR, Lita asked me to open the store when I was actually up for good.  Okay, well I wasn’t up for good yet, so I went back to bed.  I started feeling a little bad about it about 0714, so I decided to get up and open the store.  As I was heading there, Lita said, “No, don’t open it until 9 o’clock, because there will be no one available to watch it”.  The point to all this is that she told me that she told me that the first time, but she didn’t.  I guess she ran out of things to complain about so she had to start making things up.  It’s all cool though.  We complain about such useless things all the time.  I think it’s part of the reason that we’re still married after over 31 years.  She’s going to the market, Vicky is at a meeting, J is at school  and Sally is doing all the other work.  I could have watched the store for a little while, but I didn’t want to argue, I just waited.

Samal Island – Bluewaters Village and Resort

(The above website is a nice one)

Did you see that?  A mouse just ran up to me on the computer table.  I wasn’t expecting that and it scared me.  It was scared worse though.  It ran back behind the transformer, from which it came, and disappeared.  It probably climbed up the wires to all the computer stuff on that side of the table, and exited the same way.  It’s probably inside that big balikbayan box on the floor.  I hope that little sucker is not chewing on too much and not on anything electrical at all.

Samal Island – Pearl Farm Resort at Twilight

(Another really nice website)

It’s 0847 now and I can hear that Lita just got back from the market.  Time for me to open LolyKat … hang on.

Okay back.

Samal Island – Hagimit Falls

Lita is obsessed with killing ants around here because we see long trails of them all the time.  Today she was yelling about, “a lot of, a lot of ants”.  I figured she was exaggerating again.  Nope, not this time.  There must have been thousands of those little red ants by our trash area.  They were also climbing up the railing on the ladder going to the second floor.  I sprayed the heck out of the ones on the ground and sprayed as far up the ladder as I could reach, twice.  That got rid of them.  I haven’t seen them again since then.  Last time I seen that many ants in one place was in that Indiana Jones movie where he found out he had a son.  Only these ants weren’t flesh eating ants.  Not that I know of anyway.  We do have a lot of ants in the house, but they are basically harmless unless they get in all the food, which they are doing.  I think I asked this before, but does anyone out there know the best way to get rid of ants?

Samal Island – Davao

Useless Knowledge:  Since 1978, at least 37 people have died as a result of shaking vending machines in an attempt to get free merchandise. More than 100 have been injured. (I don’t do this anymore, I almost dumped a machine over on day, on me)

Hagimit Falls 2

Formally known by the long name Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS

It’s 0902 now and Lita wants the fan.  So that means no computer for awhile.  July 29th is our schedule departure date for Tacloban.  I already told Lita that we will be getting 2 medium priced fans and it was not debatable, because I’m tired of hauling this fan around and always having to get off the computer, especially when I’m busy.  Well before I give it back to her this time, I’m going to get the 6 July post out and finish up taking some notes I have for the 7 July post (this one).  Or maybe I should call it the 8 July post, since it’s on the 8th.  But it has the information for the 7th.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Samal Island – Ocean Cove Grand Resort

This is like the nicest place I’ve ever seen.  I wonder if it’s as wonderful if you’re there in person.  If I were a millionaire I’d build a place similar here on Samar, using this as a model.

I’ve been thinking about replacing the “Useless Knowledge” with some useful knowledge.  Maybe some short facts about the Philippines or something else, I’m not sure yet.  Maybe I could do it in addition to the Useless Knowledge.  Does anyone look at that Useless Knowledge?  I tried to start a survey for that, but it didn’t look like it was working, so I deleted it.  I still haven’t figure out that survey stuff.  I guess I could just ask questions here, but sometimes I don’t get an answer to my questions and I’d like something more certain that people would see.  I’ll check into the survey thing again and see if I can find one that I can figure out.  I’d like one that doesn’t inconvenience y’all much, if I can find one.  If I can’t, well it’s more important that I have loyal readers than it is to bother y’all too much.

Samal Island – Playing in the Shallows

It’s 1:41pm now, time to turn the computer back on.  Lita wanted to take a nap in the house, so the fan is available while she is here.

I added a couple of things to the Affiliates.  I also added 4 more links to the Info Site page.  All 4 of those links were for tourism in the Philippines, especially for Samar.

Samal Adventure

Did I ever tell you that I dream that this website will catch the attention of the Samar Tourism office and they would ask me to be the official site for them?  It’s probably too far fetched to happen, but you just never know.  I probably could make this site geared more towards tourism.  I don’t want it to be exclusively tourism though.  I guess what I’d be looking for would be a happy medium between tourism and what I have now.  I probably will even try to add a couple of links, advertisements or both for Samar Tourism.  Calbayog City is one of the major cities on Samar so it is a target for the planned build up the government has for the island.  Check out the previous post on the 3 areas that have priority on Samar for tourism.

Samal Island Water Park Slides

Someone from Quezon City looked up tourism offices in the Philippines.  I went to the same page that they must have gotten and noticed several selections there so I’m glad they decided to take a look at our MJ Tourist Service.  We still have not gotten anyone to use that service for a tour.  It’d be great if someone used it because when I do all the detailed planning for their vacation, then that would be pretty much a vacation for me.  I mean I might have to go to some of these places to get some details done, but I know Mar can handle just about anything over the phone and/or the Internet because he has bunches of contacts there.  He said that a couple of the things we might have to do in person, so that is what I’m counting on.  He has the contacts and the knowledge of the area and I have the knowledge to find the best possible deals for the customer.  Have I mentioned that I lowered the price on the tours?  I still haven’t told Mar that I did that.  He won’t mind, I’m sure of it.  He really wants to get that first customer in also.  The first group of people that use the service will be a little spoiled because we are going to want to make an excellent impression on them.  They will be the ones that start the customer comments on our service and we will definitely want that to be outstanding.

Samal Island – Kadayawan Festival

Remember if you e-mail me at I will do my utmost to be sure your vacation is exactly the way you want it.  If it’s possible to do, I’ll sure do my best to find a way to get it done.  Also remember that all the prices listed could be higher or lower, depending on you.  Either way you’ll know exactly what we will charge before you have to pay anything.  I won’t charge you to talk to you on the e-mail and basically, you’re the one in charge of the price, I’m just there to navigate and take care of all the details later.

Okay, I got that little pitch in.  I hope everyone has a pleasant life and also everyone continues to read my blog.

Map of Samal Island, Philippines

Useless Knowledge:  Scientists at NASA tested the effects of certain human drugs on a spider’s ability to spin webs. A spider on marijuana tried to make a web, but gave up when it was only half-done. Spiders on Benzedrine, or speed, spun webs quickly, but left huge holes in them, making odd patterns. Spiders on caffeine only spun some random threads, while those on sleeping pills never bothered to start making a web.  (this was funny)

Salamat, Palaam

Samal Island beach front
Samal Island – Giant Water Slide

Today in Philippines History


Photo art: JB

1892 – Andres Bonifacio y de Castro and other radical members of La Liga Filipina found the Filipino secret society Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan (KKK)  with the expressed aim of complete separation from colonial Spain, a few days after the arrest of polymath and reformist patriot, Jose Mercado Rizal; the concept of the Katipunan, which will turn into a revolutionary government four years later, is said to be distinct from the reformist aims of Rizal and other ilustrado propagandists in that it wields the concept of building a state that is not only politically independent from Spain but as well have moral, civic, and political goals to be constructed from the indigenous perspective(s) of all the islands–a nation they will call  TAGALOG [referring] to all born in the Philippines from what ever ethnic group.

1899 – More than a month after Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo had Gen. Antonio Luna assassinated, dispatches from Manila contain the statement that General Luna’s death has strengthened Aguinaldo’s leadereship. “Luna’s supporters are now outwardly loyal to Aguinaldo.”; Aguinaldo has been widely blamed for setting a trap for Luna’s assassination on June 5, 1899, 5 months into the Philippine-American War, because he did not meet Luna despite his signed telegram calling him to a conference and because during the murder, Aguinaldo’s mother looked out the window and asked: Is he still breathing?


  1. OK, the ants problem first. My husband picked up about 3 ant traps at the dollar store to take to the Philippines. That’s where we were for 5 weeks, JJ. More on this later. I was amazed at how well they work!!!

    They’re round tin cans about 2.5″ in diameter with evenly-space holes at the sides. You place them on the surface where the ants are either crawling in single file or running around rioting. I stood around watching for a couple of minutes but it was like watching paint drying so I gave up. But next time I looked, they were gone! I have to find out how they work.

    Now for wi-fi or wireless fidelity, they’rre slick. And very easy to hook up to your modem or whatever you’re using. I think the more people using that particular router, the less bandwidth each one gets, thus the more people on it, the slower it gets. The free wi-fi at Manila international advises a max of ten users. Although the instruction tells you to place it in an open centra location, the one I have at home [a Linksys, too!] is in a closed room to keep the cats out. I have no problem using a laptop anywhere in the house.

    About laptops, I never travel without one. Specially since the major airports are now providing free wireless access. For about 3 years I used the little touchpad to navigate until the light came one; I’ve used a mouse since. The power adapter that comes with it can be used with 220V or 110V.

    • Great, where’s the closest Dollar Store to me? Oops! I think it is in like LA.
      Okay so I don’t have wi-fi and I know it means ‘wireless fidelity’ now.
      Yeah I think that when I get to the US, I’ll be buying a laptop, and will double check the power adapter, just in case.

      • The ant traps, JJ, are also sold at Robinson’s in Tac. We bought some more there so you don’t have to cross the pond to get them. 🙂

        • Cool. We will be going to Robinson’s in early November.
          I just informed Lita and she is tired of the ants, so we definitely will be looking for those.
          We’ve also got a recipe for some homemade ant/bug killer that has been tested and works well.

  2. Like Scott we have a linsky router and very easy to hookup
    as i am not to savy with these computers.scott has a good idea useing router as a way to make some income.I think a tourist would rather use your wifi than go to a internet cafe in calbayog,i have used them and they are crowded.the
    computers in the PI are about 30% or more than in the USA in fact almost any electronic devise is like that.You cant buy one of the old heavy TV here anymore in fact you cant evan give them away,they still sell them in the PI and the flat screen TV are much more expensive than here.but then you have to deal with the 110 to 220 volt thing.

    • Thanks for the input Wayne. With both of y’all endorsing that Linsky router, I’ll have to look into it at least. I wonder how many other computer can hook up to it at one time? I told you, I don’t know anything about router, never used one. There’s your answer on the price of computers in the Philippines Scott, about 30% more. I was thinking about changing my whole computer and just getting a new one that uses 220, but never mind now. I don’t even remember what we paid for our TV, but it’s a 40′ flat screen (I think). Some details I don’t care about. Lita said she wanted that TV and it was better priced than most of the others around, so we got it.

      • John at my brothers place in alaska there were three of us useing laptops at the same time,he has the same router that scott and i were talking about.

        • Well I’ll check, but I doubt if it would be worth the trouble around here because I just found out that the Ciriaco does have wi-fi.

  3. We have a linsky’s router, i just checked they start about 20 bucks on amazon. easy to use. plug it in a usb port. click your wi-fi button on your laptop enter password and your off. Idea for you. if you password protect it and your router is close to lolykat. you can sell the password to customers who have laptops and would like to use wi-fi. Just like starbucks here. I have no idea how many internet cafes you have in your area or if the locals even own computers. But if you pay 20 for a router, a buck or two for a sign. and over the next year 21 “tourists” or what ever happen by and want to check there email. it just paid for its self lol.

    • Well in this immediate area I don’t believe there are any Internet Cafes, but there are plenty of them downtown. The going price is P30 (.71) per hour. I guess if I could get someone to show me, I could do that. Few people that I know here have computers. Quite a few know how to operate them, they just can’t afford them. Actually one of my nephews has been wanting to open an Internet Cafe here for awhile now. None of us can afford that yet, but your idea could work, when I figure it out. I’m sure with the largest hotel on the island right across the street with all kinds of foreigners visiting there, someone is going to need wi-fi. Router would be close to LolyKat, but through a concrete wall. Something to consider, but I’d have to buy a laptop first I guess. Heck I don’t even know what wi-fi stands for.

      • I dont know either, “wireless-something” i guess. the signal will go through walls easily. or even get a long enough coax and play the router in a different location from the main computer. Signals pretty strong also. heck charge P40 for an all day password. Make some extra cash, AND you can sit under a tree and blog lol

        • Come show me how.

          • soon, very very soon (fingers crossed)

  4. Question. What are the prices like on computers and such there. You keep mentioning not being able to use the computer becuase of lack of a fan. I plan on having a base computer, hook up a router to it. So that way i can take a laptop outside in the shade or where ever using wi-fi. Just a thought.

    • I haven’t checked into the price of any computer here yet. I hope that the place you get your house will have some nice shade and a cool breeze, mine doesn’t, not really.
      We do have the patio area, but there are usually a lot of people around there. In LolyKat I could use the fan in there, but customers would interrupt me often. I’ve often though about having a laptop to travel with, but I’ve never owned one and I’m not sure I’d even know how to hook it up to a router anyway. Of course a laptop would come in handy during the brown outs as long as I didn’t need the Internet, because that goes out too during brown outs at the main office.

Texan in the Philippines