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Ado Adventure with Global Internet Problems

Ado Adventure with Global Internet Problems

[smartads] 13 Jul – I was up at 0919 and the first thing I did was check the telephone and Internet.  Both were still down.  I am expecting the telephone people today, but still no word on the Internet.  Hopefully when/if they fix the phone it will also fix the Internet.  I’m not really buying that story about a problem at the regional office and no word on what’s going on.

Useless Knowledge:  The popular drawing toy Etch a Sketch, invented by Arthur Granjean, was originally named the L’Ecran Magique. Sales skyrocketed in 1960 after its name changed and some innovative TV advertising was launched.

I was talking with Ado about his very successful little trip he had the other day with Danilo.  I asked him if he be willing to do the trip again, if I could find some people that would go.  He said he would.  He even said that he’d make it a regular trip if there were enough people interested.  So I told him that I would try to help him out with getting people for him.  He is going to write down for me, the 5 places that he went and those will be the first set of places that we will use.  (This is actually already done, so please check the MJ Services Page to see these locations).  He is outside maintaining his multi-cab now.  He does it every Wednesday.  I think it’s a bit much, but he insists on keeping it in the best condition he can because it’s how he makes his living, it’s his sole source of income and he can’t take any chances.

Jollibee Kid Party

We were discussing the price of the trip and, although I thought he should charge more he said that P3000 for up to 5 people and then only P200 per person after that, up to 15 people.  This price only includes transportation and gas.  So that means you’d have to bring your own food.  Gas here is like P60 per liter, so about $5.25 per gallon, but he says, it’s no problem.  It’s his decision so I’m going with it.  If you decide you want to go on this little trip or if you just have some questions about it, contact me via the website or at the MJ Services e-mail:

While I was outside with Ado, Khan was there also.  He was on the big piece of plywood placed under the multi-cab for Ado to check underneath.  When Khan got up I asked him if he found a problem.  He said, “Nope”.  Then he got back under and said, “Uh-Oh”.  “You found a problem?”, I asked.  “Yep”, he said.  I said, “Are you going to fix it?”.  He said, “Nope, I don’t know how”.

Sari-Sari store on Highway

You know, I need to advertise this Ado Adventure some place besides just on this website.  I wonder if I can advertise it at the tourism office?  Well maybe I should wait to see how well it does.  Maybe it won’t do well unless I advertise it someplace else.  I’ve got a headache.

At 11:20 still no Internet, still no repairmen and still no phone.  I tried using Titing’s laptop computer, but it was off more than it was on, and it wasn’t working properly.  At least I could get to the Internet before it started going haywire on me.  I saw that there were 4 comments that I haven’t answered yet, but I couldn’t get to them to read, much less answer.

Closing in on Jollibee’s

Around about 1:00pm I decided to sit out in the store for awhile.  I played Yahtzee again, but got the same “not so good” results.

Useless Knowledge:  If a pin were heated to the same temperature as the center of the Sun, its fierce heat would set everything within 60 miles ablaze.

Monastery of St. Clare

It’s 1:28pm now and I’ve only had 1 customer, a kid, and he wanted soap, which we didn’t have any of right now.  I went back into the house and started writing notes for this website.  I also got my puzzle book while I was in the house just in case I end up being out there for awhile.  Lita came out there for a few minutes, but she said it was too hot, and left again.

I’d like to have some enchilada’s.

I’m getting tired again too, but I think I’ll restrain from taking a nap at this time.  When Lita came out awhile ago, she brought a few slices of that pineapple.  I had 4 of those.

Retirement Home?

I need to make some stew today.  I never did do that yesterday like I said I would.  Did I mention I had a headache?

I ended up taking that nap after all.  I didn’t really last very long after I said I would restrain from taking a nap.

It’s 4:15 now and guess what?  No the repairmen are not here.  But if you put a bottle of Mountain Dew in the freezer, you need to remember to take it out, because it will explode.  Just in case you didn’t know for sure if that was true, I’m here to tell you, it’s 100% true.  Oh well, at least I don’t have to clean it up.

Another pajak-pajak behind me picture

The people to fix the phone showed up at 4:50pm.  I’m hoping that whatever they do to fix the phone will somehow fix the Internet also.  I told them that the Internet is like 1000 times more important than the telephone.  The only time we really use that phone is for me to call Globe to tell them the Internet is down.

They went to one of the transformers down the road and put up a ladder.  After about 25 minutes, someone showed up to get on that ladder.

At 5:40pm, the Internet is back.

Small fruit stand on Maharlika hwy

Hit’s @ 6:15pm were 668308.  It’s a good thing I took a nap today, I’ve go a lot of catching up to do.  I might be a little short on pictures for a few posts, but I’m going to try to get at least 10 in each one.

I’m going to go eat now, then I’ll be back to try to catch up.  I’ll probably be here about 6 hours tonight, then start again in the morning.  (That didn’t work out)

First view inside open market

I just got back from getting 3 more liters of water.  I’m really going to try to drink a lot more water and a lot less “Red Pepsi”.  As long as it’s the bottle water, I know I’ll be able to continue to drink the water without a problem.

Okay, another post finished, except for the finishing touches.  I will have to do 2 days tomorrow and that will have me caught up again.  I sure hope there is not another Internet problem, and so does Lita.

I forgot I was putting the links under the Useless Knowledge stuff.  Oh well I’m sure y’all didn’t miss it much.  Again remember to click on the pictures to get more information.  I put something on all of them except the feature picture.

Useless Knowledge:  Captain Kangaroo, starring Bob Keeshan, was the first TV network kids’ show in the United States. CBS launched it in 1954.  (I use to watch this show, it was actually good.  If it was shown on TV these days, I’d still watch it, probably.  Captain Kangaroo wasn’t as old as many thought he was, check it out)

Where we buy the cigarettes

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


Gen. Miguel C. Malvar

1901 – Gen. Miguel Malvar succeeds as Commander-in-Chief of the  beleaguered Philippine Republic following  President Emilio F. Aguinaldo’s treacherous capture by, and hasty swearing of fealty to, the imperialist United States forces nearly 2 1/2 years into the protracted and bloody Filipino-American War (1899-1914); more than three years earlier, Bald Eagle Commodore George Dewey had earlier met with Aguinaldo to strike an alliance, with Filipinos in his nation’s separate war with Spain, deceptively making assurances that America is intends to honor Philippine independence;  by August 1898, the US and Spain wickedly staged the infamous Mock Battle of Manila that falsely showed to the world that it was the Americans instead of the Filipinos defeated the Spaniards in the capital, Manila; in five months’ time, the Treaty of Paris will be signed, with the virtually ousted-by-Filipinos Spain ridiculously ‘ceding’ the Philippines to the Bald Eagle nation for $20,000,000 US, and on February 4, 1899, American generals will deliberately instigate the bloody and protracted Philippine-American War (1899-1914) in the nefarious bid of the US President William McKinley to make their Congress approve the Treaty of Paris and the annexation [translation: invasion] of the fledgling Southeast Asian nation; Malvar would reverse Aguinaldo’s policy of upholding elite interests,  giving importance to the role of peasantry in the anti-imperialist resistance and resulting to covert support of the townspeople to the Filipino freedom fighters while pretending to cooperate with the North American colonizers; by December 1901, Malvar would shift from defensive to offensive campaigns against a number of towns held by the enemy Americans; it would only be after US Gen. Franklin Bell’s horrific reconcentration campaign that would break the back of the resistance movement in Batangas  province that Gen. Malvar will surrender to enemy flag in 1902 ; other Filipino guerrila leaders, such as Macario Sakay  and Simeon Ola, and Muslim compatriots in the South will continue  the valiant war against the heavily armed North American  invaders until about 1913.

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  1. I just asked the stallholders at RFM and they confirmed that RFM was bought by ROBINSONS, and according to calbayognon, the renovations would start momentarily and by december RFM would be shut and the complete construction would start

    • Very good information to know. I’ll be sure to insert that information at the website. Probably in tomorrow’s post.

  2. you should make a new page and add about these new facts

    • The mall information you mean?

      • about all these stuff, robinsons, gaisano, calbayog progressing, this page is getting too trafficked with posts

        • I don’t know if I should make a whole page just for that. I mean how much information could there be? Maybe I could figure out something. But I will, for sure, be putting all information I get, confirmed or unconfirmed, in the blog.

  3. well, gaisano intially only takes 8-10 months like robinson tacloban and ormoc, while robinsonns tacloban took 1.5 years

    • Well let’s get started people. I’m excited.

      • but again paperwork still needs to be filled and other stuff, I’m exited to, we don’t need to go to tacloban to shop anymore, it’ll probably cater the shopping necessity of the whole island

  4. the government wanted to make another electric company a long time ago because SAMELCO management was very corrupt

    • So why didn’t they get another one then. Because the government was corrupt too?

      • well there was only one corrupt guy, and the government fired him, right now they are still recovering from there losses

        • Seems like they are trying to recover their losses through the customers. All those taxes and fees they charge seem excessive.
          But things are improving so hopefully soon all these problems will be solved and we can work on new problems.

          • I hope for more progress in calbayog

  5. just got this from sksycrapercity, ROBINSONS has both 7 hectares at the existing RFM so another mall for calbayog that would probabaly include a supermarket

    • So wait a minute… 2 malls are in the works for Calbayog?

      • yes, according to the thread, but I don’t think they’ll build a 7 hectare mall, they’ll probably just build a mall for what they need, and if it works they’ll expand

        • So both malls in the same area of is one actually going to be downtown? It’s still confusing isn’t it.

          • they are gonna get 1 on 1 with robinsons

          • Mall competing against each other for our business is always good for us.
            I wish there were 2 electric companies here so the same thing would happen.

    • I just told Lita about it and she said she heard the same thing from some construction works that were eating here. She just heard it this afternoon.

      • nice,calbayog is on the boom, me I heard it from my schoolmates mom and it was confirmed by @calbayognon

        • Really nice. I’ve been telling people around here that I suspected this for awhile. Ever since this Ciriaco Hotel was built. The owner must have had some inside information to build such a hotel in the middle of nowhere, that will be somewhere soon.

          • I also wondered about that, since all of the hotels here in calbayog are low class, he suddenly changed the luxury here to high class, about robinsons I think it’ll be 1-2 years till it’ll be finished

          • Seems like if there are 2 of them that both will be 1-2 years. I’m happy to have them coming, but now I want them NOW.

  6. Maybe they’ll put in the mall but since rawis and bagacay is where the public market, bus terminal and gaisano is, they’ll probably just open a drive-thru branch to attract both buyers from gaisano and the public market

    • That would be a good financial move.

  7. Five Star Commercial is now a mall typer
    here’s the list of occupants when they oppen
    department store
    Mang inasal

    • No decent supermarket in there?
      What is Mang Inasal?

      • a famous barbecue restaurant chain in the Philippines, I also heard that Mcdonald is considering to open in the highway in front of PNB

        • I wonder if McDonalds would do any good around here. There should be 2 Jollibee’s here soon. That might be too much for Micky D’s to handle.

          • I think jollibee is opting to open at rawis near the new public market

          • So they will not be in the mall? That’s interesting.

  8. yup, the calbayog-rawis multicab route has already released 2 units, they’re doing this to avoid the traffic because these pedicabs(pajak-pajak) are the main traffic causers, jeepneys and multicabs and even taxis will replace them
    here’s a taxi at the public market area

    • I seen one of those, I just didn’t realize it was a taxi. I hope they are going to limit the # of vehicles downtown, if they just have to do this.

  9. home for the aged is a retirement home, the government already is planing to remove those pajak-pajaks and replace them with motorized vehicles, they are already forbidden to enter at J.D. Avelino Ave.

    • They’re going to remove the pajak pajak’s? That seems like a backwards thing to do. Motorized vehicles just cause more pollution, smoke and noise. I didn’t know the pajak-pajak’s were not allowed on any street downtown. I never saw a street that they were not on. But heck I don’t even know which one is J.D. Avelino Ave. I remember several streets downtown, but not that one. I’ve heard of it, but I just don’t remember seeing it.

      • Okay, never mind. I have my answer. J. D. Avelino ave is from the LTO office to the bridge. That city ordinance just went into effect this month. They did it because of the growing congestion in the area.
        Did I get all that right?

        • yup, and soon in all of downtown they will be banned

          • I don’t like that they will ban the pajak-pajaks from downtown. I thought that one of the good features of Calbayog was that they did not allow the jeepneys downtown, but the pajak pajaks not there makes no sense to me. Are they planning to make drop off stations around the outside of downtown and on the highway?

  10. One thing you might try is for you and ado to the door man or lady at front desk a small amount od money for every customer sent to you guys.I was wondering do you use a cell phone also or just your landline,seems like you have alot of trouble with it where as cell phone is much easier,or do you need land line to get internet,if not what internet service do you have.In subic we used smart service threw a small satilite dish was very good with pretty good speed.

    • Yes one of the plans I was hatching in my head was to leave a flyer at the hotel and let the person at the front desk know that. I didn’t think about the door man though. We might have to slightly raise the prices for that though. To do this trip, Ado is not doing his normal everyday route and the amount he was asking for was not much higher than the average he makes per day on his all day route. I told him he should charge at least P4000 if he was including gas, but he figured a lower price would entice people more.
      In this house we only use a land line, but if I need to use a cell phone, there are plenty around here. I have a cell phone and so does Lita, but they don’t pick up reception in our house. We always have to go outside to use it. Not sure if that’s the phone or the house.
      After reading the post you should know that I use Globe. When it is working properly, it’s good enough for me. If I get anymore problems I’m going to really dig into other services though and I’ll check that Smart satellite one.

      • The first few times i came to calbayog i would ask the
        door man about renting a motorbike,he would find one for me and he would get alittle cut of the money,was good for me,him and the bike could hand out cards and when custermer brings card back to you doorman gets say 100 peso,works all over the world.

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