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Sunday – 28 Aug 2011

Sunday – 28 Aug 2011


[smartads] This is province number 21 of the 80 provinces in the Philippines, alphabetically.  This province is in my now number one region of the Philippines that I want to visit.  These pictures and others I’ve seen while searching, make a good case for visiting them first.

Camarines Sur (Tagalog: Timog Camarines) is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Pili and the province borders Camarines Norte and Quezon to the north, and Albay to the south. To the east lies the island province of Catanduanes across Maqueda Channel.

Camarines Sur is the largest among the six provinces in the Bicol Region both in terms of population and land area. Its territory encompasses two cities: Naga City, the lone chartered city, is the province’s and the region’s most progressive city, also commercial, educational, financial, and cultural center, while Iriga City, a component city, is the center of the Rinconada area. Lake Buhi is where the smallest commercially harvested fish can be found, the Sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis).

Pecuria, Bula LCC Bridge

Useless Knowledge:  Julia Child worked as an advertising copywriter for a furniture store before she became the “queen of cuisine” and darling of TV’s PBS.

Island Map

27 Aug – Hits @ 0009 = 1019703 = 7377.

I headed off to bed at 0112 and I decided to get up at 0734.

I did a quick weight check this morning to see if I should be worried or happy.  No, neither, it is still around the 117-123 range, it was 120.5 kilos again.

Yesterday after I made that soup, Lita got an urge to make soup too.  We had some chicken-rice soup later.  Her’s was good also, but I think mine was better.  There is still some of her’s left though, mine is gone.

Matukad Beach

Lita brought me 2 carrot halves to snack on.  I really like carrots.  She had them soaking in some cold water.

Remember the last post when I was trying to figure out if Jay left on the motorcycle with his friend?  Remember Lita told me not to go and it started pouring down rain?  Anyway, he didn’t go.  I went outside after I sent the post and I could hear him in the store clearing his throat and also talking on the phone (probably to his girlfriend).

Well I put a few things on the website this morning, so I think I will head outside for a few minutes then come back in to kill some terrorists.

It’s 10:25 now and I’m back from outside.  Quick wasn’t it.  It’s nice and shiny out there.  It’s been really nice weather in the mornings around here recently.  It doesn’t always end up nice though.

Ado is doing maintenance on the multi-cab and I told him about the e-mail I got for the possible Ado Adventure.  He said that even if the people want to be gone for 5 hours, that’s okay with him.  That would average 1 hour at each place.  Of course it doesn’t matter what time of day you want to go, as long as we make the plans ahead of time.  The initial tour run was about 4 hours with Danilo Martinez (  and and he was really happy with his picture taking time.

fun at the beach

Useless Knowledge:  John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, at Oxford Maternity Hospital in Liverpool, England, during an air raid.

Fruit Stand

I added another Region, Region 1, under the Philippine “Regions” page.  I realized I had “province” there before so I have now corrected that oversight.

It’s 4:55pm now and it has been pretty uneventful.  I was not in the store very long today, so that usually means not too many notes.  Although I don’t have a boatload of notes, it’s enough to get a decent post.

river along an adventure trail

I watched TV most of the day today, so far.  I finished that soup that Lita made yesterday.  She was going to put more chicken in it, but I told her not to worry about it.  Just save the chicken in case I need to make stew with it in the next couple of days.

We, we being Lita, Titing, Emei, Jay and I, were standing out front by the road talking and taking in the cool breeze.

They had another wedding at the Ciriaco Hotel today and a lot of people were still hanging around downstairs.  It was getting late when the last of them left.

Caramoan Islands

Khan has a little “kite”.  Actually all it is is 2 small plastic bags tied to some old strap that they use to strap the boxes at the grocery store.  Khan didn’t care though, he was having fun.  The wind was blowing good and his kite was just flapping away in the wind.  I made me want to have a kite and a big open field to fly it in.

Caramoan Island

Lita decided she wanted to drink a little bit of beer, so we bought a liter of Red Horse.  Of course I helped her drink it.  Since I am such a good husband, I helped a lot.  Something that surprised me was that when we got it, it was cold.  Usually it’s just barely cool.  Oh, that wasn’t the surprise part.  The surprise part was that I found out that Red Horse actually tastes better when it is cool rather than cold.  Very unlike my MGD back in Texas.  That always tasted better when really cold.  Man, I wonder if you are allowed to bring beer back through customs.  Anyone know?  I assume hard liquor is illegal, but beer and wine should not be considered illegal.  I’d like for some of the people here to taste the MGD, but they probably would not like it.  It’s not as strong as the beer here.  It’s more of a smooth taste that might take some getting use to.  Of course you never know, they might really like it.  I’d like to give them that chance.  I’ll bet if I can get to Korea, they have it there at the commissary and at the Class Six store (liquor store).

Maria Venus Raj – Miss Philippines 2010

Well I need to finish up the Saturday post, yesterday’s so I’m going to stop taking notes now.  It’s 8:32pm and everyone that was out front has gone their own way.  Lita is in here watching TV now.

At 11:10pm … brown out and it went down hard.  **Nah, it only lasted a couple of minutes.  Just long enough for me to have to turn the computer off before I could publish the post.  I needed about 5-10 more seconds.  So I had to turn the computer back on.  It’s okay though because I still need to do the hit count around midnight.

Useless Knowledge:  If Earth were the size and weight of a table tennis ball, the Sun would measure 12 feet and weigh 3 tons. On this scale, Earth would orbit the sun at a distance of 1,325 feet.

Water Sports Complex

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


Imperialist US soldiers in pursuit of Aguinaldo

1900 – Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, President of the First Philippine Republic-on-the-run following the invasion by the imperialist United States, decides to march to Palanan, Isabela and out of Tierra Virgen upon learning that the pursuing enemy American forces have landed at Aparri, leaving behind Capt. Julian H. del Pilar and Capt. Villareal to harass the enemy; following the outbreak of the Filipino-American War on February 4, 1899, the significantly more heavily armed and better trained US forces that at times employ ruthless military tactics such as “water cure” and hamletting have forced the Philippine Army was forced to adopt guerrilla tactics to score against the imperialist soldiers, with Aguinaldo eventually being forced to retreat farther to the northern provinces; the Bald Eagle nation, through Admiral George Dewey and other military and diplomatic officials, some 2 1/2 years back during the second phase of the Philippine Revolution,  conned Aguinaldo into cooperating to fight Spain while deceptively promising to honor Philippine independence, leading the Filipino leader to stupidly allow American soldiers to freely enter the archipelago, thereby positioning themselves for the invasion of the Southeast Asian nation.

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Texan in the Philippines