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Friday – 9 Sep 2011

Friday – 9 Sep 2011
[smartads] It’s 8:11pm now and I’m going to start typing the post.  Since I’m going to be typing up current day stuff from now on, I will no longer put the date here, unless it happens to be a day that I’m behind on posts.  In that case I will separate them with the days.  I figured it just looks silly to have the date in the title and then to start the post also.

Hits @ 0012 = 1122111 = 6894.  It’s still low by recent standards, but with numbers like that every night, that’s a little over 2.5 million per year, so it will work for me.  I still expect to reach the 2,000,000 mark on the website by my birthday on January 18th though.  I swear that these people with personal blogs that are getting about 10 times the hits I get, must know something that I don’t know.  I’ve been to some of their sites and they don’t look like anything special to me.  Some of them are even difficult to follow.  I actually need to find a few of them and do a link exchange with them so we can both have a chance to increase our traffic flow.  I shut the computer down at 0059.

Casandra Pearl

I looked, right quick at some of those other websites and I’ll comment more on what I discovered later on in this post.

Back to the notes now.

It got to be 11:11 before I made it to the computer room this morning.  I had already been awake for about 2 hours, but I was doing other things.  I did have a few comments to answer today.  Of course when Winda is gone for awhile, the I usually have a few comments to answer when she gets back.  She likes to go back to where she left off and read all the “My Posts” until she gets caught up.  Now that is one loyal reader.

Casandra 1st Birthday

After responding to the comments, I went out in LolyKat for about an hour.  Not much activity out there these days because of the lack of merchandise to sell.  We still have the food to sell though.

After the store I went to see Titing in the warehouse for a bit.  We were talking and I found out a couple of things.  First of all the insurance and the registration on the Nissan expire this month.  Titing says he will take care of the insurance and since we don’t use the Nissan much at all, we will also wait a little while before we get it registered.  The insurance is about P9000 per year and the registration is about P6000 per year.   Since it is financed, we have to get the insurance.  The late fee on the registration is about P1000, but that’s a set fee, it doesn’t fluctuate no matter how late you are.

Casandra’s 1st birthday fiesta

The other thing I found out is that a lot of the vans we use to travel with are independently owned.  So all those Grand Tour and Van’s Vans can be reserved to take you just about anywhere you want to go.  I think that this is the current plan for going to Tambis at the end of October, but I’m not really sure yet.  Maybe Mar will want to drive down there in his car.  Whatever happens, I don’t care.  The only thing I care about is that since we will be passing through Tacloban, I want to go to the mall.  On the way back is when I want to go.  If I had the money, I’d go, going and coming.  On the way back is best for only going once though because then we can go to the supermarket and carry back whatever we buy.  We won’t have to worry about hauling it all the way to Tambis first.  Traveling in the nice, roomy, air conditioned van sounds good to me.

Smiling Roasted Pig

I wonder why now that we even have a vehicle.  Our thinking was different when we first got here, versus the reality of things.  I still think that if we were going to get a vehicle, it should have been the small Nissan pickup like we had in Texas. Lita wanted a larger vehicle though.  I should have stuck to my principles, but I gave in.  Now I wish we didn’t have a vehicle at all.  I think that if we had the smaller pick up, it would be okay though.  We finally got it to where this one runs good, when it has a working battery, and I wish we could just sell it.  It’s nice when it’s running now, but we rarely use it and it mostly just sits in our driveway.  Gas prices are crazy and it’s just cheaper to ride with one of the van services.

Precious and Pepsi

I’ve notice that since I put in the link for my initial-post, it has gotten quite a few hits.  In fact if you count only hits for the last month, it’s the #1 visited site.  It has over 500 more hits than the #2 visited post during that some time period.  Also if you count overall, it’s the #3 visited post.  That good for me.  It shows that a lot of people are interested in my beginnings.  That’s pretty cool.  I wonder if they are thinking like me when they see the site.  I think I’ve gotten better at blogging, but maybe it’s just me.  If you have an opinion on the subject, please let me know.

Something else that is pretty cool is for that same past month, 8 of the 11 top posts are from “My Posts”.  To me that means that people are more interested in what I have to say then the news stories and other posts I put on there.  That’s including the initial post at #1.

Philippine Knowledge:  Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” much of it filmed in the Philippines, was inundated with troubles from the beginning of production, including an earthquake that destroyed $1 million worth of sets. The film’s original budget of $12 million more than doubled.

Some of Titing’s Pepsi workers.

It’s 3:17pm now and I just finished eating most of that roasted chicken that Judith brought over last night.  I heated it up outside on the charcoal so I wouldn’t waste any of the propane.  I had some bread with it, but only 3 slices.  Oh and I did add some of the hot ketchup to it, because that and mustard are the only sauces I have left right now.

Cathy returned the camera to me, so I’m going to check out the pictures on it.  She wants me to be sure to save the pictures on the memory card because she wants to make copies of them later.  Last time she said that, she came by after a couple of months and I had already put them on the computer and erased them from the card.  I told her that she needs to come by sooner this time.

Self proclaimed Lovely Grace

All the pictures I have on this post tonight came from the camera recently.  They are all pictures taken by myself, Cathy or Grace.  Remember that on pictures that are actually mine, I will put extra explanations on them, so click on them to find out what I wrote.

Lita got a little drunk tonight.  She was about ready to pass out around 6:00pm.  She said she was all worried about not having enough money to go shopping tomorrow, but she worries too much.  About 30 minutes after she got to bed, she found out that she now had P400 to go shopping tomorrow.  She usually only uses about P300 on a normal day.  I try to get her to not worry about things we can’t control, but it does no good.  Of course, since we already have the debts to pay now, we can’t worry about them, just do what we can, when we can.  I told her that by her birthday, January 1st, things will be okay again and we won’t be stretching money anymore.

Twins – NOT!

I was talking about the Subway and Schlotzsky’s sandwich shops to Lita and now I’ve got her thinking about them.  She likes to eat at both of the also.  Her favorites are the roast beef at Subway and the original deluxe at Schlotzsky’s.

We closed down the BBQ a little early again today.  Not too many people again.  I guess everyone is resting up from the past 2 fiesta days, so they can be ready for the 2 weekend days coming up.  Saturday night is the usually big drinking night around here.  They don’t party much on Friday nights because most people have to work on Saturday morning.

Titing, Neneng and Casandra

Okay here is the more on what I found out about those top rated blogs.  I don’t understand how they are rated higher than mine.  I have seen the stats on a couple of them and mine far exceed both of them, combined.  I remember on of the in particular because it was another Philippine website.  No names, but their hit count since January 2008, is almost 1/2 a million.  Well duh, my site has gotten almost 3 times that in barely over 1 year.  Why would their blog be rated higher than mine?  I don’t understand, does anyone else know why?  Maybe it’s because the rating site also as a paying section and I never have, and never will pay for it.  Yeah, I mean ratings and sex.

Precious pinching herself

I talked to Ramil and Emei tonight and believe it or not, I easily talked them into drinking with me tomorrow night. Actually I probably won’t drink much at all, but I still have almost 1 1/2 pints of Tanduay Rhum to finish off and I don’t drink that, so they would have to do it.  I might buy 1 of the 1 liter Red Horse beers and drink that, but that would be all I have.  That’s only about 1/4 or 1/3 of what I usually drink, depending on how I feel, so it’s not near enough to get me drunk or make much of an effect at all.

Well tomorrow is Juvic Joy’s 20th birthday.  I wonder what the plans are for her birthday?  Here is a current, although not a good, picture of Juvic.  She’s on the left in the blue dress.

at Casandra’s 1st birthday party.

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


American GIs pose before bodies of dead Filipino Muslims

1902 – With the Filipino-American War (1899-1914) well raging on, the fraudulent certification that peace  exists in the Philippine islands is made before the imperialist United States President by the  “Philippine Commission” [translation: US colonial commission to help colonize the Philippines]; the false certification, proved by how the law against treason and sedition is not repealed, is supposed to be the basis of  Bald Eagle President Theodore Roosevelt’s official declaration  of the cessation of the Filipino “insurgent”  war but, in reality, guerrilla warfare by Filipino patriots in the non-Muslim areas will continue until about a decade and in the Southern provinces, until about 1914.

1898 – Spain decides to imprison Filipino propagandist and patriot Jose Rizal  after learning of  his supposed history as a radical as soon as he arrives in Barcelona; Rizal will be sent back to Manila where he  will stand trial after being implicated in the Philippine Revolution on grounds of his association with members of the revolutionary Kataastaasang, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang  manga Anak nang Bayan (KKK) movement; within four months, he will be found guilty despite issuing a manifesto disavowing the revolution and will be executed by firing squad.

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