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Saturday – 10 Sep 2011

Saturday – 10 Sep 2011


[smartads] I’d like to remind everyone to be sure to click on the pictures to get more information on what was going on when the picture was actually taken.  I only do that for pictures from my camera, not, usually, the ones from the Internet, although I do do it for those on occasion.

Hits @ 0000 = 1129828 = 7717.  Of course I’d like a larger number of hits every night, but with the potential of getting over 231,000 hits per month with numbers like this, I can’t argue.  That’s almost 3 million per year.

Bata at Casandra’s 1st birthday party.

Well crap, instead of typing I was watching Red Skelton videos.  It’s late now, 9:54pm.  It may be in the morning before I finish this post now.  I’ll at least get most of it typed up.  I could probably finish it if I would have taken a nap today, but that didn’t happen.  I will at least type up some of it and probably end up finishing it in the morning.

I brought the fan into the bedroom for Lita because she was hot and she didn’t want to turn the air con on.  I did that at 11:55pm.  Since it gets too hot in here, after I take the hit count at midnight, I’ll be shutting the computer down for the evening.

Crystal and Casandra

I still hear voices outside, but I think it’s loud voices from the parking lot of the hotel.  I think I hear it raining outside too. I’m not going to get up to check on either one of those things though.

Okay, it’s midnight and I’ve got the hit count, so Good Night!

Good Morning!  At present it is 0743.  I have been up since 0538.  When I got up Lita was already gone to the market.  As I was returning from the CR, Vicky and Sally were showing up for work.

I asked Jay to go get me some eggs so I could make some of the fried eggs with onions and peppers I like so much.  I just made 2 sandwiches and had a Mountain Dew and called it a meal.

Chowing down at Casandra’s first birthday party

Lita went back to sleep so there is not much for me to be doing.  I came to the blog to find some comments to answer, but there were not any.  There were however 27 Spam messages.  That’s the first ones I’ve had since putting in my little math problem.  I hope that the Spam is not going to be a thing again.  I wonder how it gets through?  I also wonder if Akismet will stop it from getting through next time.  At this point I can only hope it was a fluke.  I will worry about it later, if I get more Spam messages.

It’s 0920 now and I guess that Spam was not a fluke.  I got 8 more of them.  I had to try to counter with another Spam blocker.  Please let me know if it causes you any problems.

Raven Apilado

You may have noticed that I deleted the hit counter at the top of the page.  There is still one at the bottom of the page.  I wanted to move up the AdSense Ad and also try to unclutter the website.  AdSense is the only thing that has been getting me any money, and I can collect it in about 52 more dollars.  I was told that maybe I have too much on my front page so that’s why, maybe, I’m not getting too many clicks on my Affiliates.

I’m going to, and probably already have by the time you read this, delete some of those Affiliates and have just one set of them, instead of two.  I will keep only the things that can be applied directly to the Philippines or things to do in the Philippines.  I will keep all the Affiliates on the Info Sites page though.

Charcoal cooker thingy

It is 10:24 now.  We had a power flux at 10:20 and the Internet … never mind, it’s back.  I was doing those ad adjustments to the  Affiliates when the power fluxed.  Everything looks okay at this time and I hope it stays that way.

I just took a quick tour of the immediate front area outside.  Nothing much going on.  Vicky went to buy some corn starch, Sally is waiting on our only customer and Jay is eating.  It is 11:00 right now.

We had a brown out at 1:34pm, but it only lasted long enough for me to have to turn the computer off, lose the Internet and have the Cable go out.

I saw the kids playing on the patio and I yelled to Raven to thank him for turning the power back on.  Of course he was confused.  I told him that the cable was out also and I needed him to fix it.  Coincidentally it came back on in less than a minute after that.  I told Raven, “Thank You”, and he said, “Okay”.  Of course he’s still confused.

Casandra and Jascyl

This is the point that I got to before I went to bed last night.  I was just too tired to continue.  I will get it done now though. It is 0800 now on 9-11 here, so don’t let the times in the next paragraphs mess you up.


It’s 5:55pm now.  I’ve mostly been watching TV all day.

I have plans to drink a little tonight, but only 1 liter of Red Horse.  I’m going to let Ramil and Emei finish off the Tanduay.

I just turned the computer back on, but the Messenger is not coming up.  I can get on the Internet, so I guess Yahoo has a Messenger issue.

I suppose Juvic is having a good time for her birthday.  I haven’t seen or heard from her all day.  I hope she’s having fun.


Lita is letting Sally borrow a few of our movies.  It’s 2 of my Bourne movies (Identity and Supremacy), Frequency and a set of 20 of the older John Wayne movies.  I’m not sure if she will like or even understand the movies, but if she does, that’s great.  If not, no foul.  Just bring them back and when/if I ever get my DVD working, I’ll watch it again.

According to my computer clock, it is now 7:05pm.

Lita wanted to drink a rum and coke.  She wanted ice in it, but we don’t have any ice except the ice made by the local water. Of course neither one of use drink that without boiling it first.  So she decided to use one of the ice candies that we have.  A grape flavored looking one.  Well at least it was purple.  I told her, “Whatever!  I don’t have to drink it”.  I’m sure that after the previous night, she will not have more than 1 drink this time, and probably won’t finish it.

Emei showed up, but he said he would not be drinking tonight.  Everyone look out for flying pigs.

Ado’s Relatives

I smelled that Tanduay Rhum and it smelled like candy.  I still haven’t tasted it though.  I’m not a big fan of hard liquor anyway, anymore.  Even when I was more of a fan, I didn’t really like the cheap stuff.  Tanduay is the cheap stuff at P25 (.59) per 1/4 liter.  Just about the only rum I really like is Bacardi, and not the dark 151 one either.  Tanduay is a dark rum.

Sally’s older sister showed up tonight.  I know it was the older sister because I suggested she was the younger sister and that got a big reaction.  Sally is helping to drink the Tanduay.  She always has at least 1 drink before she goes home, when we are starting to drink as she is leaving, not every night.

Vicky decided against drinking tonight, claiming to have a headache.  I told her that Eddie would be upset because he couldn’t get any hanky panky tonight.

Casandra happy

Ramil never did show up.  Don’t know what the deal was there.  So Ramil wasn’t there, Emei was going to do his laundry, so he didn’t want to drink (duck).  That leaves just me because Lita has Jay tied to the wagon while he is in school.  It’s okay though.  I don’t mind drinking by myself unlike some other people.  I mean as long as I’m just drinking 1 bottle, it’s not a big deal.  So the bottle is a liter, still, no big deal.  So I drank my liter of Red Horse (extra strong beer), minus a sip that Lita took.  Most of the time I was sitting at the picnic table alone.  It was nice and ‘quiet’, so that was extra nice.

Well the time now is 8:41pm and Lita and I are in the house and have already locked up for the evening.  We normally stay in after we have locked up, but if someone shows up at the picnic table to talk or sometimes drink (not tonight on the drinking), we sometimes go out again.

Casandra not so happy

Well it’s time to start typing up the post for the evening, even though I am pretty tired.  I got up early, plus I didn’t take a nap and I did drink a liter of Red Horse.  I should have taken a nap today, but it’s too late for that now.

Well I got side tracked.  I started watching some videos of Red Skelton.  I miss the comedy from that day and age.  It was actually funny, not like most of the crap they have on now.  Usually it’s just a bunch of cussing and talking about sex. People like Red Skelton, Bob HopePhyllis DillerJonathan Winters, Lucille Ball even Johnny Carson made me laugh.  These days I rarely crack a smile at some of the lame jokes being told.  I don’t think it’s me either, it’s more like the shift in society.

Anyway, half of that last paragraph I made up this morning and didn’t have it written down last night before I decided to go to sleep on the bed instead of on the keyboard.

Bright, sun shiny day

Anyway, I did the hit count early last night.  I did it to have a reference point in case there were computer problems this morning (but there wasn’t).  At 10:32pm the hits were at 1135391 which was equal to 5563 hits in those 22 1/2 hours.

Salamat, Palaam

Today in Philippine History


1900 – One and one-half years into the  Filipino-American War (1899-1914), Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy of the  fledgling Philippine Republic gathers the Palanan folks to a luncheon meeting at the town convent, reminding them of their patriotic duties in  fighting the enemy imperialist United States forces;  the first shots of the protracted bloody and protracted Philippine-American War were fired by an American soldier as part of a prearranged plan by the US military under President William McKinley’s scheme to precipitate war and  to influence  the American Senate into approving the annexation [translation: invasion] of the  Southeast Asian country; back in the summer of 1897, with the second phase of the Himagsikan intersecting with the Spanish-American War, Aguinaldo stupidly agreed to an alliance with the Bald Eagle forces in fighting Spain amidst the verbal assurances of a number of American military and diplomatic officials that the U.S. was an ally and would honor Philippine Independence; with Aguinaldo allowing the free entry of the future enemy American soldiers, the U.S. managed to position themselves for the infamous Mock Battle of Manila that falsely made it look like that the Americans–instead of the Filipino revolutionaries–defeated the Spaniards in the archipelago and eventually for the invasion of the Philippines that led to the Fil-Am War, America’s first war of colonial expansion.
1878 – Sergio Osmena y Suico (Sr.), the future second  Philippine President of the colonial Commonwealth government during the American Occupation, is born in Cebu; Osmena, who will briefly serve in the Philippine Revolution against Spain under Gen. Juan Climaco, and later publish the periodical “El Nuevo Dia” for which he faced  threats from the colonial authorities for its occasional criticism of American military campaigns in the Southeast Asian country, will serve the American colonial government in various capacities, being elected Speaker of the Philippine Assembly, and Senator, and Vice-President  of the  Commonwealth before succeeding President Manuel L. Quezon in exile during World War II.







Texan in the Philippines