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School Kids not Running with Scissors

School Kids not Running with Scissors

[smartads] When I last left off I just finishing saying I’d like to start giving out presents for everyone on their birthday’s, starting this year.  I’d have to find out when all those birthdays are first.  I left off in the middle of a day on the last post, so if you get confused, just go back to the last post to to figure out just what the heck I am talking about.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures to get more information about each.

It’s noon now and Lita is still taking her nap and I still have not eaten.  I’m just going to be getting some tomato sandwiches, but I like those.  I just a little butter on both sides of the bread, grill it, then add sliced tomatoes and whatever condiment I want.  These days I usually put BBQ sauce or mustard on them.  I ran out of bacon and cheese to add to it, but there is plenty of tomatoes and bread right now.  I thought I was out of mustard, but when Lita showed up at 12:30pm, she said there was a large bottle on the bottom shelve in the cabinet, and by golly there was.  I just have a hard time almost crawling on the floor to see towards the back of that shelve.  It’s the last bottle of French’s mustard (a 20-oz bottle).

Hit Count:  The last hit count was 1,806,506.  Today (2 days later) it is 1,819,095.  That is an increase of 12,589.  An average of 6294.5 per day.  At that rate we would have 2,297,492.5 in a year.

Kids wanting their picture taken

I started a post on Saturday night, but I got interrupted when my Dad called on Messenger.  He likes to call now and then to check on us here.  Also my Mom wanted to look at me, so we did a video call.  Dad is still amazed at that technology.  He said, “Whoever thought we would ever be able to do this?”  I told him that they said the same thing about flying.  I’m sure there will be things that we will be doing in the future that no one today ever thought possible.  My Mom says I look handsome, which is probably true, but Mom always says that.

When I hung up with them it was 4:00pm.  Lita said she wanted to come back in at 5:00pm, so, of course, being 4:00pm, it’s time for her to come in.  I think you have to be married to a Filipina to understand that concept.

It’s 7:30pm now and I’m out in the store for the last shift, until 10:00pm.  I just let Fay borrow some scissors for her Mom (Robbie), but it makes me nervous to let children carry scissors.  Of course when she left the store with them, she was running.  I yelled at her not to run, but either she didn’t hear me or understand me.  Next time I won’t give her the scissors.  Robbie has 3 other, older children and she can send one of those, preferably one of the 2 oldest ones.  Actually after writing down that last sentence, I decided to leave the store unattended long enough to go tell Robbie in person to not send Fay for the scissors anymore because I won’t give them to her.  Joshua was there playing a video game and I told her to send “Pac-Man Boy” there.  I also told her to be sure to let someone older return the scissors.  I ended up having to go get the scissors from the house, and, of course, Fay is the one that handed the scissors to me at their front door.

Foods of the Day

It’s Sunday morning now (11 Dec).  It’s almost 0800 and I’m already having problems with my computer monitor.  It won’t come on.  It tries , but then it says it’s going to sleep, and does.  It must be really tired too, because I can’t wake it up.  No amount of resetting has worked.  I can’t even get the menu to come up.  Everything else seems to be working properly.

I was getting ready to move this monitor out of here and put my 32″ TV over here, but decided to try one last thing before I did that.  I unhooked the cable from the monitor to the computer and turned it around.  That worked.  Now, I can get something done.

WELL CRAP!  I finally got it going and Brown Out (0838).  That will probably mess my monitor up again.  I do have it plugged in to the battery backup, so it didn’t just click off.  I got to bring it down orderly, so maybe that will make a difference.  I’m probably just overreacting, it will be okay, right?  I hope so.

Right now, 0925, I’m in LolyKat.  I’ve got the portable battery charged fan/light, which I am so glad we decided to buy.  I think we should be 1 or 2 more of them.  Lita says she will be going to church at 1000, after which she will do just a little bit of shopping for the store.  She says she only has P300 to spend today, but that should be enough, if she’s careful.

Khan, Precious and Casandra

Precious stopped by to get some candy.  She had P1 and the candy is P1.  She wanted 2 candies for P1.  I usually let the kids pick out their own candy, giving them a choice.  I think it helps their thinking process to give them a choice, plus that way the can’t complain that they wanted the white one or the green one … whatever.  Problem is though, Precious took 2.  I tried to tell her again, that P1 equals 1 candy, but she was already out the door running.  I wasn’t going to chase a 3 year old down and take candy away from her for P1.  That’s only about 2 to 3 cents.  Cathy offered to pay for it, but I told her it’s okay.  I know that eventually Precious will grasp the concept and be on the same page as the other children.  Then we will  have Casandra to train in that area.  I will probably select the candy for Precious the next time she comes to get some though.

I just played 2 games of Cribbage Solitaire where I got more points in the first 2 rounds then I did the remaining rounds combined.  A round being 2 hands.  Here are 2 very good links, with illustrations,  to explain Cribbage to you if you do not understand either Cribbage or Cribbage Solitaire.

Titing and Neneng with Casandra

Neneng just told me that this brown out is scheduled and it’s suppose to last until 6:00pm.  I’d like to know about these things ahead of time, so I guess I’m going to have to take time out once or twice per week to check out the local information channel to try to catch any of these.  People here rarely tell me, even though I’m the one that misses the electric the most when it goes out.  My main past times here are computer and TV.  Neither can I do without electric.  I need a new past time anyway.  Something that involves exercise.  That should happen next month, because we are suppose to get the tricycle back from Poppa then.  That doesn’t mean it will happen, but it’s suppose to.

The electric came back on at 12:10pm.  I’m very glad, but it just goes to show that few things here are predictable.

Useless Knowledge:  Candlepin bowling uses 10 small pins and 3 balls, and is played primarily in the states of  Connecticut and Rhode Island. The ball is only 5 inches in diameter, is made of hard rubber, and has no finger holes.

Lita got back from downtown at 12:25pm.  She bought some chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions so I guess I’ll be having chicken stew later today.

It’s later today now.  It’s time to peel and cut those aforementioned potatoes, carrots and onions.  Jay’s girlfriend Julianna (aka Heart) is here now.  She comes over on most Sundays.  They have a project in one of their classes and they are writing down the way that I make this stew.  If the end up making it elsewhere, I hope it doesn’t kill anyone.  I think I will let them taste it when I’m done.  Maybe they will decide it’s not what they want and tear up their notes.

Jay and Heart

Juvic stopped by with her boyfriend.  He’s name is Coco (probably a nickname) and he is from Pampanga.  He seems very polite and a bit shy.  He definitely made a good first impression around here.  I guess he’s good looking.  I really don’t know what makes a guy good looking.  I’ll ask the ladies around here and see what they think.

Juvic and Coco

Well Lita says he is good looking, so I guess I don’t have to ask anyone else.

The stew is done now and I think it is good.  It’s easy when you have all the right ingredients you want.  I let Heart taste it and got a thumbs up.  She liked the way the vegetables were cooked so perfectly.  I told her what I do to make sure they are cooked.  Jay seemed to think it needed a little salt, but I just use a bullion cube and do not add any additional salt.  There is enough sodium in that little cube for me.  I told him it’s a season to taste thing.

I ate too much of the stew and I feel really stuffed now.

Titing, Leo and Bebot (one of the drivers) are out at the picnic table drinking.  The name of the rum they are drinking is T5.  Here are some pictures of them.

Titing, Leo and Bebot

With that I’m going to end this post.  It’s 11:35pm as I’m typing this and Lita just turned the TV off.  When I get done here I will see if I can find anything on that tube that is worth watching.  I may get lucky and get a movie or two to watch before I decide to go to sleep.  I’ll continue with what happen with my computer monitor in the next post.

Salamat, Paalam

Today in Philippine History


Andres C. Bonifacio — Jose M. Rizal

1896 – Filipino patriot -propagandist and polymath Jose Rizal y  Mercado petitions the Spanish colonial  authorities for permission to issue a manifesto  condemning thePhilippine Revolution of 1896  and censuring the unauthorized use of his name  by revolutionary elements; Rizal, who had earlier been  arrested for his supposed association with Katipuneros,  members of the  secret-society-turned-revolutionary-government  Kagalanggalangang Katipunan nang manga Anak nang Bayan,  reckoned that the Katipuneros not  prepared enough for a revolution against Spain;  Rizal’s major writings, the Noli Me Tangere and  El Filibusterismo, had inspired the initiator of  the Revolution, Supremo Andres Bonifacio y de Castro but  the former ultimately decided he would have nothing of the Himagsikan, even offering his medical services to serve in another Spanish colony, Cuba, and supposedly describing the latter’s Revolution as “highly  absurd.”


 1603 – The cabildo of the Cathedral informs the colonial King of Spain of the revolt of the Chinese and the subsequent conflagration in Manila in the Southeast Asian colony, the Philippines; earlier in September the same year, rumors of a Chinese uprising circulated about a week before it took place in October 3 when the Chinese in Manilagathered in Binondo and Tondo to battle the colonial Spanish soldiers in an uprising said to have been provoked by the Spaniards themselves; unfortunately, the Chinese were slaughtered by the thousands by the colonial forces that included Kapampangan and Japanese conscripts and even a company of Jesuits friars within only half a century of Spanish colonization; the 1603 slaughter of some 23,000 Chinese would be the first of a total of six massacres of Chinese under the Spanish colonial rule.


1888 – Twenty-one young women of Malolos, Bulakan in the Spanish colony the Philippines submit a petition to Governor-General Valeriano Weyler requesting permission to set up a night school that would teach them the Spanish language with a Latin professor, Teodoro Sandiko, as teacher; two months later, upon the prodding of the “Great Propagandist” Marcelo H. del Pilar, Filipino patriot and polymath Jose Rizal would later laud the lasses for their exceptionally courageous behavior in a letter entitled “To the Young Women of Malolos”; the petitioners are Alberta S. Uitangcoy, sisters Teresa, Maria, and Basilia V. Tantoco; Rufina T. Reyes; sisters Leoncia and Olympia S. Reyes; sisters Elisea and Juana Reyes; Sister Eugenia and Aurea Tanchangco; Anastacia M. Tiongson; sisters Basialia, Paz, Aleja, Mercedes, and Agapita Tiongson; and sisters Filomena, Cecilia, and Feliciana Tiongson.

1899 – Only 10 months into the Philippine-American War (1899-1914), Daniel Tirona, an Emilio Aguinaldo loyalist, surrenders his troops in Cagayan Valley before the enemy Bald Eagle forces; Tirona, then secretary of war of the Katipunan chapter Magdalo,  was responsible for insulting secretsociety-turned-revolutionary-government Kagalanggalangang Katipunan  nang  manga Anak nang  Bayan (KKK) Supremo Andres Bonifacio  after being elected Interior Minister during the controversial Tejeros Convention and for earlier propagating poison letters against the latter;  the easy surrender of the Cagayan Valley forces would be ascribed to the“infamy, cowardice, and shamelessness of General Tirona,” who would then subsequently infamously act as the personal servant of an American captain, bearing the insults of his former soldiers and civilians with such unmanly lack of pride, until his rapid promotion as the household’s mayordomo.

Photo credit: WikiPilipinas

Texan in the Philippines