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New Wet Market Bus Depot Update

New Wet Market Bus Depot Update

[smartads] This post will probably look more like the long posts that I was doing.  There is almost 5 pages of information.  Being so far behind though, I don’t know if any of it is repeated, but it shouldn’t be.  Get that CR break out of the way because here we go …

Christmas Eve Day 2011.  Will it be the last one for the world?  Mayan Doomsday:  21 Dec 2012.  I don’t think so, but others do.  Be careful of fanatics.

Khany, Khan and I went to Calbayog Proper today to a haircuts.  I did remember to bring the camera (yeah I know, it’s almost a miracle I remembered), and I did get 5 or 6 pictures, including (drum roll please) some newer pictures of the new wet market area and the area where the Robinson Mall will start being built.  It’s actually a big mess there right now, but I assume that sooner or later it will all be sorted out and will start looking good.  I forgot to take pictures of the buildings they are tearing down, but I now know where most of those businesses are being rebuilt and will be taking pictures of that area very soon.  It’s on the way downtown so it will be hard to forget, if I have the camera.  Here are 2 pictures.  The first is the new wet market and the 2nd is the new bus depot.  The one I have of where the mall will be built was off and is just a big pile of dirt.

New Wet Market
New Bus Depot

A long wait for not much wasn’t it?  Next week, if they actually are opening then, I should be able to get inside to take pictures of that wet market.

So for now, I’m back in LolyKat smelling something stinky that Ramil is cooking at the dirty kitchen.  Lita decided to go back to sleep.  It’s 10:30 and she has been up since about 0400.  I had to interrupt her just as she got laid down.  I needed her to watch the store a few minutes while I got 20 things of ice for a customer.  She didn’t mind doing it for that.  After she was up, she thought of something else to do.  She does that often.  Since she was already up, I sneaked into the kitchen and cooked some eggs with onions and peppers.  I was trying to make it hot so I used 10 of those little hot peppers and added a couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce.  I guess my taste buds for hot must be shot when the hot is mixed with food, because it was what I consider only a little warm.  Maybe it will be hotter later.  I hope not.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head.  Partly because there is a lot of empty space, but I’m been racking my brain trying to make this website make money.  I think I have a good idea, but it’s going to need information and a printer.  I’m going to look at prices of new printer/copy/scanner machine (fax too maybe) just to see if they can be in the budget after things settle down.  Maybe Mar can get me a surplus one from the University, if they have such things there, surplus I mean.

Although it is Saturday, the food is not being served today.  It will resume on Monday and run all week, but will be closed down again next weekend for the New Year festivities.

I need to remember to call Marcial’s Grille to find out there holiday hours for 1 Jan night.  It’s Lita’s birthday and I’m taking her there to eat.  We rarely go out to eat around here, mostly because of money, but also because there are not that many places I’ve been to that I care to frequent.  I hope this place will be different.  I’ve only heard good things about it, but I will be making my own critique after our visit.  I’m going to see about getting us a driver also.  Maybe Khany will still be here, he’d probably do it.

Twins-A Barber Shop

I just checked this website for the Marcial’s Grille and the link I had was not working.  I’ll have to go to the net, find it again to relink here.  I also need to get the phone number or go there in person and ask.  If they are not going to be open, it’s not big deal really.  We can do it the day before or the day after.  I would have to get a ride from someone else if I wait too long though.  I’m not sure when Khany is leaving.  December 30th is Jose Rizal Day, but I don’t think they would be closed for that.  Whatever, I’ll get her there between 30 Dec and 2 Jan.

Oh yeah, it’s raining.  That’s old news these days.  I haven’t been keeping track of the number of rain days this time, but we are for sure in double digits.

Well, well, well I finally got a good game on Triple Yahtzee.  A grand total of 2117.  I even had to mark out a small straight right there at the end, but I had 2 extra Yahtzee’s.  I’m almost out of pads too.  I use to make my own sheets when I had a good printer and extra reams of paper.  It was less expensive to buy the pads though.  Since, to the best of my knowledge, the pads are not readily available here, maybe I could revert back to making my own, if I had a printer.

It’s pretty slow out here in the store.  I guess I’d be using just as much electric in the house though, with no possibility of a sale, so I’ll stick it out here for a while longer.  I wonder what time Santa comes in the Philippines?  If he runs on Filipino time, he could be here tomorrow.

I just heard a squealing pig that someone just brought to the back.  I’m sure it won’t be squealing much longer, so I’ll stay up here and away from the back for awhile.  Although I know where the meat comes from, I’m not a big fan of the slaughter.  I’m not a big fan of pork either.  Besides, I like my meat fully processed with all the chemicals in it.

Doctor & Pharmacy on Magsaysay Blvd

I’ve got a ride secured for taking Lita to dinner.  I just need the date and time now.  Khany said he would do it, just tell him when.  The ride coming back is also a bit fuzzy right now.  I’m not sure he understood me when I said we also needed a ride home.  I can work on that later.

I had to ask Titing about how to tell if a phone number is Globe, Smart, PLDT or whatever.  Because the way the stupid phone system is set up here, I’m scared to call someone next door without acquiring long distance charges.  I still need to call Marcial’s Grille to find out about their hours, if they have any, on January 1st (Lita’s birthday).  I e-mailed them, but I haven’t gotten a response yet and time is running out.

I’m sitting here stinking and thinking that if I had a laptop, I wouldn’t use so many notebooks to take notes for this blog.  After I get caught up, I can just type stuff in as it happens while in LolyKat.  Heck, I could be typing up the post for 28 Dec right now out in the store and come back in here to do this 24 Dec post.  That would really mess with my mind.

I asked Neneng if she had anymore 1.5 liter Mountain Dews in the warehouse and she said that the warehouse is empty.  Empty, I don’t think so.  I’ll check on it in a few minutes and bring the camera just in case.  A few minutes later ….    It wasn’t empty.  It even had some 1.5 liter Mountain Dews, but they were already sold and getting ready to be shipped out.  I think she just misunderstood what I said, or she was yanking my chain again.  She likes to do that at times.

Party moved to Titing/Neneng’s house.

This evening we all went to Mar’s house to eat.  I wasn’t going to go, and didn’t at first, but Poppa was asking for me.  I wasn’t feeling so great, but since it was Poppa, I went.  I told Khany that I only changed my mind because he asked for me.  If Marge would have asked for me, I would have went also.  I don’t get to see Marge often.  I like her, she pretty and pretty smart.  She was there with her husband and new baby.  Marianne made some of those chicken rolls I like and there was also some of those small egg rolls filled with cheese.  Those things made up my whole meal because I had already eaten 2 bowls of soup at home.  I wasn’t expecting to go.

We got back home and all the kids were excited so they were making a lot of noise.  I did make an appearance outside, but I just seem to be getting sicker (physically).  I now have a fever and need a revolving door on the CR.

Okay, that’s the end of Christmas Eve.  I told you it would be longer.

Useless Knowledge:   Officials of Ancient Greece decreed that mollusk shells be used as ballots , because once a vote was scratched on the shell, it couldn’t be erased or altered.


  1. Hi UJ and Rick,
    Happy New Year!
    I appreciate the information you have given, it was very informative. Thank you very much.

    • Glad we could help. If you have anymore questions or concerns, just ask away.

  2. Happy New Year John and Lita. will be stopping in to see you and get some of lita’s coffee. I also have your goody bag john. see ya soon bud…

    • Well we’ll be happy to see y’all. Just let us know so we can have the coffee almost ready. I’m glad you have a goody bag for me, but I don’t remember asking for one this time. I could have, I just don’t remember. I do not like to turn down those goody bags though.

    • It looks like we will be going over the 2,000,000 hit mark today. I knew it would happen before my birthday. This 2nd million is coming in about 1/3 the time as the first 1,000,000 and I hope to have a million hits every month soon, but for now every 3 months is the goal. So by the time it is mine and Lita’s anniversary on April 7th (#32), I will be hoping to see that 3,000,000. Read up y’all and tell others if you like it. Thanks for getting us there so fast. Keep up the good reading.

  3. Hello UJ, my wife & I are considering retirement in either Calbayog or Tacloban in the next few years. We are looking into internet & TV cable services. Can you tell us whats available in the area and rough round about cost. Thank for the postings. Richard & Perla

    • Howdy Richard & Perla. Thanks for checking out my website. It’s always good to get new people on here asking questions. I can tell you about the Calbayog area pretty much, but I’m not for certain about Tacloban. From what I know about the Internet and cable in Calbayog, it’s limited. There are only 2 cable companies to my knowledge. The one I have now (Fil-products) likes to go off air or freeze up without warning at times. It comes standard with Fox, a Cinemax, HBO and a couple other movie channels in English. The other one I know of is called Leopard (I’m told). I thought Rick Smith (Rick?) on here told me he had a Sky Cable, but he’ll have to comment on that. From what I have found out, both the cable companies charge approximately P360 ($9) per month.
      As far as Internet goes there are only a few also, but most people use Globe with their phone service. There is also PLDT (also a phone service). Those are really the only 2 I know about right now. Again Rick Smith may be able to shed more light on that subject. My Internet is P995 ($24) per month. You can get it a little cheaper, but it’s slow. Also in Tacloban, I’m told they have ‘many’ cable and Internet services, but I have no personally knowledge.
      I have started a new website that will deal only with Calbayog. I have found a good source of information and will make my first visit to her office this coming Monday. I have a few things at the website now, but not on these subjects. I hope to have a lot of info soon, and sponsors. That website is:, but I might have to change it to a wordpress site soon, not sure yet.
      I hope these answers your questions well enough. If not, please ask again. If you have other questions, I can answer those too, or find someone that can answer them.
      Thanks again for visiting and I hope you come back often.

      • Fil – Products a month is P365 +p20 for every suscriber when Pac-man fights to get live pay per view. Leopard is p300 a month few extra prem channels and no fee added for Manny’s fights, for Internet there is Smartbro,globe and pldt dsl if you are in their market area which requires a dedicated landline, the dsl, offers the best speeds up to 3 MB but is the most expensive also, wih Globe currently you can get P795 at 512KB or p995 1MB on their wifi max the faster service will allow more than one connection if you go wireless in your home the slower service will not connect as wireless it only allows one IP connection,smart bro i had lousy signal and service cancelled after 1 week then found out i had to go to Tacloban to get my P999 deposit refunded, after 4 trips to Tacloban with my wife to get other things and our refund at P440 a trip, Smartbro never did produce our refund, “still in processing” after 4 months. Smartbro does offer a usb plug in service as does Globe tattoo i have relatives,friends using both they get decent connections but here in Samar don’t look for Amazing internet speeds it don’t exist.
        Having been in Tacloban many times i can say i preffer Calbayog to live, less drinking water problems,no flooding here,less motor traffic, cheaper to live, but you do give up access to more shopping and quality items, soon to change in Calbayog when our malls open. i enjoy the relaxing pedal trike taxis’ here and less motor vehicles than found in Tacloban, it does offer more direct access to other parts of the Phillippines depending on what travel ing you do, but Calbayog does have a local airport 2 highways now,and cruise line, so for a little inconvience than Tacloban you can get from Calbayog to anywhere in PH with a little extra effort.

        • There you go Richard and Perla, that answers your question better than I did.
          I knew Rick had more experience in that area than I did.

  4. The Market ain’t opening on January, it will open on April-June.

    • Thank you for that information. I was kind of confused because people were telling my wife that they are moving out this month and to the new market next month.
      Maybe it’s the wrong people talking. Maybe they are moving out now and will not be able to open at the new market until April? That doesn’t seem right for the people that have to make a living at the market though. I’ll go by what you say unless I see different.

  5. Im getting robbed,,,,i pay P40 for a shave and P40 for a haircut in Paranaque. OH the injustice!!

    • You live or stay anywhere in mtro manila you gotta pay the price!hahaha

    • Wow, u r getting robbed, but I think it was Dave telling me he pays a lot more than that even.

  6. Marcial’s Grill owner is Gina, sorry I lost her busines card and number we held our wedding reception and anniversary lunch there. try the Goliath Bite of ribs for a big plate of ribs tastey too!
    I use the Twins-A barbershop too, they just raised price of a shave to p30 but P60 total now for shave and haircut is cheap, just across Magsaysay near the pic you took is also a good female dentist office, i like taking the wife there as needed, always gets us in quick and charges more than reasonable rates.

    • I’ve contacted her already and she was helpful as usual.
      I’ve been thinking about going to a good dentist myself. I need a cleaning, but I was going to wait until we go back to Texas. If she is good, I could just go here.

    • About the dentist I forget her name, we have had two opurrtunities to use her first was wifes first dental check up and tooth pain at age 20, she got a cleaning,2 extractions, double dose novacaine, one tooth took long time to extract, and prescription for antibiotics and pain, total p1500, 2nd ime she had swelling took her in exam revealed she was cutting her first widom teeth, prescription for antibiotics and office call p150. neither time did we have to make appointments or wait for more than 10 minutes b4 she was in the only dental chair getting attention.

      • Happy New Year. I had too much to drink, but I think it not so much that I can’t type this. How did I do? I’m out of aspirin but I hope the Motrin will do the trick. I took 3 of them so I hope they work.
        I’ll answer your dentist question better tomorrow Rick. The vodka is making me not concentrate too well.
        But I didn’t make any spelling mistakes, did I?
        I checked it 3 times, so I hope not.

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