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First Day of 2012 Not Punchy

First Day of 2012 Not Punchy


[smartads] This post will not be very long, so if you are pressed for time, I won’t be taking up too much time here.  I hope it is interesting for y’all though.

It seems I pretty much wasted my time making the punch.  I think I was the only one that really drank any.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t my finest punch, but that is because I’m not use to the things I had to use as a mix here, plus the vodka was a low grade brand.  It was still pretty good though.  It would have been better cold, but there is ice for that.  Even the punch for the children didn’t get drank.  They sure did drink a lot of soda though.  When the party was over, I just combined the 2 punches, poured it in empty bottles and put it in the refrigerator for later consumption.

I’m not sure if I will ever attempt to make something special for a party again.  I think that I will just make it for me and IF they want to taste it, I’ll let them, but I will not try to get them to try it anymore.  They are always trying to get me to try Filipino things, even though I repeatedly tell them I do not like it, but they also do not often try something I make.  I think that the food culture is just clashing too much.  I’m most likely going to just stick to what I like and let them ask me for a taste instead of trying to change their ideals.

I got up this morning at a little past 10:00 and made pancakes.  I told you that I’ve been missing them.  I walked to the patio in back and several people were already drinking.  They were not drinking the punch, but they were drinking one of the cheap rums they have here, Matador or something like that.  I still feel some of the effects of the punch so I probably won’t drink alcohol for a few days.

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I tried to do pretty much nothing all day today except working on the blog and I was pretty successful.  I did vary a little when I took a nap though.

For dinner tonight, around 5:00pm, I did something different again, just to see what it taste like.  I peeled and cut the last 2 small potatoes, the I fried them up.  I added some onions and peppers to the mix before the potatoes were too cook.  While that was cooking, I took the leftover roast chicken from the refrigerator and pulled the meat off the bone.  I further got that into smaller pieces and added that to the mix also.  After a couple of minutes, I turned it off and made 3 sandwiches with the mixture.  I wanted to put tomato on it, but I was out.  I just added mustard and went with that.  It was good enough to make me want to try it again, maybe with the tomatoes next time.

I see that Calbayog City now has their own blog at at  I wonder if it’s due to me calling and letting them know that I don’t think Calbayog City is represented on the Internet well enough?  I’m glad they started it and I hope that it does well.  I noticed that the very first 2 pictures on the website are from this blog and the very first link on that site is to this site.  Maybe working together we can let the rest of the world know just how wonder Calbayog is.

Salamat, Paalam

Useless Knowledge:  The Goliath of Africa has a huge armor that makes it the heaviest flying insect in the world. In fact, it weighs more than eight mice and is a common pet with African children, who fly it from a string.



      • Rick, the articles at that website are all well and good, but for some reason I can not copy articles from those pages. It does not give me the option. I know there is someway though, because I have been sent this articles by other people already copied. If you know of a way for me to do that, I’d be happy to put those on the blog. In the meantime, I can only supply the link.

        • Flooding remains a perennial problem in Tacloban City says Vice-Mayor AntoniREAD 31
          TACLOBAN CITY – Flooding remains to be a perennial problem in this city that needs immediate solution, thus said Vice-Mayor Arvin Antoni.

          Leyte Metropolitan Water District (LMWD) manager Nestor Villasin discusses the status of their water project intended for Tacloban City. Lito A. Bagunas

          “The city government needs to have a new master drainage plan to address the problem on flooding in various parts of Tacloban,” Antoni said when asked what needs to be prioritized this year.

          “Massive rehabilitation of drainage canals and waterways must be implemented so that low-lying areas would be spared of flooding. This is a concern that needed immediate and sustained action,” Antoni added.

          Frequent occurrence of flooding have been observed in the low-lying areas at the lowland plains southwest of the city proper, that include portions of Apitong, Sagkahan, Caibaan, Calanipawan, all of Marasbaras and San Jose, portions of Tigbao, Diit, Cabalawan, San Isidro, Tagpuro, Old Kawayan, New Kawayan.

          The flood-prone areas are mainly residential areas including portion of subdivisions along creeks and canals.

          “Floods damage crops. The sewerage systems are often overwhelmed by the floods resulting in the overflowing of the rivers and creeks. The accumulation of water in pools results in spread of various infectious diseases thus affecting the health of the residents,” Antoni said.

          “I hope that the leaders in the executive branch would heed to the demands of the city residents and make true to their promises when they were campaigning for the highly urbanized city (HUC) status of Tacloban three years ago,” the Antoni stressed.

          But Antoni said, until now the drainage problem continue to persist.

          Early in 2011, after the city was hit by flood, the city government has vowed to rehabilitate the city’s drainage.

          The city government even resolved to borrowing money that would be used to fund major flood control projects. The proposal, however, remains stalled.

          Though short-term, the city opted for clearing of waterways and canals as an immediate solution to flooding. (REYAN L. ARINTO

          • Got it. Thanks.

        • I just opened the link highlited the page then on tool bar in ie browser on top left clicked on page then copy.

          • I have been use to doing it one way and didn’t think about doing it another.
            I tried it as you said, and it seems to work. I’ll test it for sure later.
            I knew it’d be something simple. It usually is.

    • Thanks, I have visited this site and have saved the link in a special folder on my desktop for future use by me or if someone out there asks about the info.

  1. Short posting LOL you don’t Know? Size does not matter, you write we just read it! LOL, Happy New Year!
    Tried the fan guy you recommended in a post he came to our place, got our fan returned it repaired same day fast and alot cheaper than buying new.

    • Oh cool, size doesn’t matter.
      Glad the fan guy worked out. He does good work and I have no complaints about anything he’s done for us.
      Using the fan we bought from him right now.

  2. Happy New Years UJ! Remember if you haven’t done it already it is time for the yearly immigration visit. I am getting ready to go this morning. Don’t feel bad about your punch. I think there is a reluctance sometimes to have more than one kind of liquor while drinking because the belief is that they will suffer a worse hangover if they mix drinks. One time I mixed a small bottle of lime juice in a bottle of rum and just me and two others drank that one plus a bottle of vodka while the othe people insisted on drinking just brandy. Everything was fine until I had to stand up to walk. I used to make recipes such as lasagna thinking that everyone would enjoy. The result would be a small sampling and then back to rice and fish heads. So I would be stuck eating lasagna for four days. I haven’t lost my taste for the good things like mexican and italian food but I have discovered that I get sick from eating those things now. That could be why people here don’t share my love for rich spicy food dripping with cheese. Now if you ever get down this way we would have a time cooking and drinking and suffering the consequences with fond memories. haha! Take Care and have a great new year.

    • Well when was younger I never had such problems with liquor.
      If we are making Italian or especially Mexican food, we should come visit sooner.
      We can suffer with Red Horse, San Mig, rum, vodka or tequila. Any of those would work great for me with some cheese enchilada’s, frijoles and rice.
      Or some of the lasagna. Don’t worry I won’t let you be stuck with it for 4 days.
      What yearly immigration visit? I’ve never done it.

      • If you have a permenent resident visa with an ACR card you are supposed to report to the immigration office on the first week of January each year. I paid only three hundred pesos as the fee today. Bring your passport and acr card and it is pretty simple.

        • N/A for us then. No permanent resident visa or ACR card. We are just here on a year to year basis and right now I think I prefer it that way. I like to be able to get out of the country at least once a year and this way, I don’t have an excuse to put it off because I have to do it.

          • 09215836054 email address and phone number of Randy Mendoza Director of Immigrations in Samar his office in Catbalogan.|Used to be one here in Calbayog but it is closed.

        • ACR and PRV have to be renewed in first 60 days of each year, not the first week.

          • I’ll bet Tom does it at the beginning of the year, to get it over with. Something important like that needs to be set at a certain time each year, at least it would help me remember it if I did that.

    • I miss my chili firebrand and the dried habenero powder i used to use on eggs in the morning, i gotta try growing habenero’s here, been trying early girl tomatos, carpenter ants got first batch, kids playing destroyed the 2nd batch got 3 plants of vine tomatos 3 plants cherry tomatos going now hope they work out. Still got dill, parsley, basil to plant hard to find decent soil here, so i been “borrowing” the piles of “dirt” under the neighbors fighting cocks pen it works good so far ,mixed with the regular soil.
      I’m not much for drinking now used to have a love affair with JD years ago, but there are some cheap,tastey sangrias available here but in not a wine expert just cold fruity to my likes.

      • Sounds like some chili that I’d like. Lita tried growing jalapeno’s but the humid weather seems to be a factor. I think jalapeno’s like to grow in hot dry weather.
        You’re right about the soil here being no good. We hope to find a nursery in Manila or Cebu and see if they have like Miracle Gro.
        Yes they are just cheap fruity wines, but I like most of them too. I like red wine that is sweet to semi-sweet. Not into bitter tasting wine. I have not tasted a white wine that I liked very much either. I’m more of a beer man anyway.

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