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Beer, But no Birthday Steak for Me

Beer, But no Birthday Steak for Me


[smartads] This is another long post, so get that cup of coffee or orange juice before you get started.

This day didn’t start out much better than the previous day when I was complaining (again) about all the noise and frustrating things that was putting up with.  Today has to be a good day though, it should be an international law or something, because ….

today is my birthday.  So far it has not been a very happy one.  Oh, I’m happy to be alive and still in decent (not great) health, but I need to get rid of a rash and I really need to take a break from my daily same old routine.  I hope that will all change next month, but most likely it will be the end of April before things really get shook up.  Of course losing another 60 lbs would be wonderful too.

I’ve done all the Provinces of the Philippines so I will know start on the Cities of the Philippines.  This is the first one.

So far today is like yesterday.  I’m in LolyKat, it’s 10:00 and there’s a fly pestering me.

Caloocan map

I found out that the medicine Neneng got for me is for acne, so it’s not going to work, it just burns.  I’m having a hard time getting people to go get the cream I want.  I can’t go myself because I have to walk so bowlegged.  I do know that if I had my own transportation that I could use and they needed something, I’d go get it for them.

I have a payment due today and I’m thinking of foregoing it so I can have the extra money, but then I’m not sure I should.  I’ll have to think about it.

I went in to take a nap and while I was in there sleeping, that payment got made.  That’s one less thing for me to think about today.  It’s okay, I have bread, tomatoes, cucumber and peanut butter.  Soon I plan to be having chicken at least twice per week, more pasta and I’m going to get some pork sausage too.  I’m tired of doing without things I like.  February should change all that for me and each month after should be the same and only get better as time goes on.  At least that’s the plan.

Caloocan City Hall

I didn’t sleep very well last night because of this darn rash, so I’m glad that I was able to take that nap today.  When I woke up, there still was no ointment, but the promise to get some later was still there.  I guess I’m going to have to bitch and moan until I get my way.  In the meantime, I’m going to make some cucumber and tomato sandwiches.  I think I’m addicted to them.

It’s 1:55pm and I’m sitting in LolyKat again.  I think Vicky just left to go get some of that ointment.  She left walking and I was getting upset because if that ointment was someplace close to here and no one would still get it, I was going to erupt.  As it turns out, she was walking because she had another meeting to go to first for the welfare.  After that her husband (Eddie) would be taking her downtown to get the ointment.  So the effort is being made, but I still have to wait.

I really don’t like not knowing everything and being able to make my own decision.  I wonder if that is part of the supposedly 5 years to adjust to living in the Philippines?  I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and learn how to speak or at least understand Tagalog.  I found a nice site for that at one time.  I had it bookmarked, but it got erased when I formatted  my C-Drive when it had the problem.  I’ll find it again probably.  Anyone know of a good site for that?

So far it’s been a pretty lousy birthday.  Maybe someone will buy me a Red Horse or a T-bone steak later.  I’d like the steak as long as it’s some good beef, over the Red Horse.

Caloocan Bonifacio Monument

Today one of the kids that buys cigarettes here came by.  He didn’t buy cigarettes today, but he was smoking.  I did notice that he doesn’t inhale.  He just sucks the smoke in and blows it back out.  Still he gets tar and nicotine in his system, so even though it’s not as bad, he still should not be smoking.  Of course no one should be smoking as far as I’m concerned.

I read an article the other day that was discussing about whether women should breastfeed in public.  Personally it doesn’t bother me as long as the lady is not flaunting it around.  I bring this up because here in the Philippines, women just whip it out at anytime to feed those hungry babies.  In fact, there is a lady sitting in front of the Ciriaco, on the curb, that just whipped it out for her baby.  Now I like looking a boobs as much as the next guy, but for some reason, when they are feeding their baby, it’s just not exciting.  A screaming baby is hard to ignore not matter what country you are in.  I wonder why it bothers some people?  In the US sometimes people just carry their freedom too far.  If it offends you that a woman is feeding her baby, don’t look at her.  Would you rather have the baby screaming?  Should the mother drop whatever she is doing, go to the bathroom and feed the baby?  Just let her take care of her business and you take care of yours.  No one is getting hurt and if the little kids, don’t understand, explain it to them.  It’s a natural thing people, get over your problem with it.

Vicky showed up about 4:45, but she didn’t have any ointment.  Eddie has gone downtown to get it.  So more waiting for me.

Eddie arrived at 5:10pm with the ointment.  Of course at 5:05pm Ado cut himself on something and it was bleeding a lot.  Everyone was other there trying to help him.  More waiting for me.  (Ado is fine by the way).

Victoria Court Hotel Balintawak Caloocan City

At 5:20pm, I finally got Lita to apply the ointment for me.  I was hoping for instant relief, but that wasn’t the case.  After all that waiting and complaining, I sure hope this stuff works.

Well it does help a little, but I can still feel the itch.  I’m not getting those sudden itch spasms anymore though.  That is what was keeping me awake last night.  It seems like it’s going to take about a week or so to get rid of this, but any and all progress is welcomed.

At this point of the day, it’s been a pretty bad birthday.  I can only hope that it gets better.  I closed the store about 7:15pm and went in to the computer.  I mostly played Text Twist 2 and procrastinated about doing the post.

Finally around 10:15pm, Jay came in and told me that Angelo (An-ge-lo) wanted to buy a case of Red Horse and asked if I wanted to come out to the picnic table to drink.  Up to this point I was not sure if I would actually go out to drink IF someone asked, but I decided to do it.  I had to have something to remember this 54th birthday.  Besides, he offered and it would be rude not to accept.  I did put a limit on how many I would drink though.  There are 6 1 liter bottles in a case and I limited myself to only 2 liters.  There were 4 of us actually drinking, Angelo, Jay, myself and Ramil (who always seems to be where there is free drinks).  The 3 of them drank 3 liters, I drank my 2 liters and there is still one in my refrigerator.  Ramil and I were the last to standing (so to speak) but we called it quits around 0100.  I turned off the computer when I came in, Lita applied some more ointment to my rash and that’s all I remember.  That 1 little jester helped save my birthday to my thinking though.  Thank You Angelo!

Balintawak Monument – Caloocan

Salamat, Paalam

Answers to 17 Jan Quiz in Green.

Filipino:  The Macabebe Scouts were loyal to the Spaniards and immediately switch allegiance to the Americans. Macabebes are Kamampapangans who have a mutual hatred against the Tagalogs, mainstay of Aguinaldo’s Army.  The Macabebes were fierce freedom fighters when they first appeared in written history; they  fought the Spanish invaders in 1571.  Ironically, it was the Tagalogs (under Lakandula of Tondo and Rajah Soliman of Manila) who eventually welcomed the Spaniards while the Kapampangans (under Tarik Soliman of Macabebe) had to die fighting in the Battle of Bangkusay.

Texas:    The Chisholm Trail.  The creator’s name was Jesse Chisholm. The trail was created because farmers in East Texas didn’t want cattle trampling all of their crops during cattle drives toward Louisiana. So Chisholm made a trail going to a cowtown (a town where cattle are put on railroads to be shipped to the markets) called Abilene, Kansas.  Joseph G. McCoy, a cattle buye from Illinois, was instrumental in extending the Chisholm Trail from present day Wichita to Abilene, Kansas, to promote and establish cattle market for thousands of longhorn cattle from Texas. In 1867, McCoy built stockyards that he advertised throughout Texas. Approximately 35,000 cattle followed the Chisholm Trail during the first season to Abilene in 1867. Through Joseph McCoy’s promotional and entrepreneurial efforts Abilene became a prosperous and famous cattletown from 1867 to 1870.

New Quiz Questions.

Filipino:  Who was the “Great Dissenter”?

Texas:  Texans called a Consultation in November 1835.  Who did the Consultation elect as President of the Provisional Government?

Answers Tomorrow.

Useless Knowledge:  During World War II, in May 1942, U.S. ice cream manufacturers were restricted by law to produce only 20 different flavors of ice cream. But to this date, no explanation for the law has ever been offered.


  1. I enjoyed reading about peoples experiences with different problems they have had with rashes and infections from the water while visiting the phils. I remember once at the Marju i was standing along the riverbank waiting for my fiance in her kayak and when she finally arrived she started slapping my leg really fast and hard. I looked down and apparently i was standing on a fire ant colony. they werent even noticeable until she started swatting at them then they started to bite me like crazy. I figure i was bitten 4-500 times in just a few seconds. The burning was unbearable but in only a little while it was gone and no swelling or even red marks. Just like nothing had happened. But what an experience !!!

    • Sounds like an experience that I’d like to avoid. You’re lucky that you had no marks, I know I would have.
      I think I would prefer that to the rash I had though. I’ve been ant bitten many, many, many times and I can handle that (I don’t know about 400 times though).

  2. Hello John, I joined and got some Cebuano and Tagalog tutors. It’s a website where you offer to help folks in English and they help you in thier languages. There’s also some written and spoken lessons there, too, but not for any Filipino languages. I also go to the “Taglog Lang” web site for every day common terms and some sound bites. Recently I found this archive at UCLA that’s online and includes sound bites in Tagalog, Cebuano and Waray; You can download them free. I put them on my phone so I can listen to them. The Villoria website is good, too.

    • Thanks Mark. I’ll take a look at those tomorrow. It’s about time for bed now.

      • Sleep well.

  3. I hope that rash gets better. My first visit to the Philippines resulted in massive swelling to my lower cheek from some kind of infection I contracted from the water at the Makati condo where me and my fiance stayed for the month. Thank God I was just arriving home to San Diego and a week of strong antibiotic injections cured me. She and I have an agreement; she’ll NEVER ask me to live in the Philippines. Any money you save by living the cheap life is wiped-out by lower earning power and lower quality-of-life. GOD bless the U.S.A. and may GOD show compassion for His filipino children.

    • I have lived here 15 monthes straight, married here for 14 of those monthes, travelled here alot b4 this too, i love the peace, quiet, no stress life here, I’m not looking for work don’t need any job, living comfortably on my SSD that would be impossible to do in USA. Sure you give up ome things, do without others , i’m not missing hat i do without and found more blessings here to more than make up the difference, I will never want to live in USA again.

  4. look at the bottom of the page to download the complete dictionary

    • Well Rick I have bookmarked that site, but I’m going to need an audio lesson in Tagalog. I’m not that smart, especially in the area of learning a new language.

      • Some of the words do have audio file sound bites but not all.

  5. Sorry you had a sub-par birthday, let’s hope next year is an improvement. The picture of the Victoria Court Hotel made me chuckle. Those are “by the hour” hotels which are overly numerous in the Metro Manila area which used to surprise me given that the Philippines is such a supposed conservative country.

    • Yeah, not a wonderful day so next year it would be hard not to be better.
      I had no idea about the Victoria Court. It was just a nice picture, I’ve never been there.
      Yes the Philippines is a contradiction in that area. There are so many supposedly Roman Catholics, but the place is famous for it’s nightclubs.

      • Not just nightclubs but after you been here for awhile you find many “married” couples never legally married civil or church but if they lived together long enough they might have filed a Matrimonialy docuement with NSO if they know about it to be considered “married” Same thing happens on land title transfers, or birth registration not enough money so they never get around to doing things.

        • Sounds like Texas Common Law Marriage.

        • My fiance’s siblings and young family members have been warned/advised to NEVER marry in the Philippines. It is a LIFE sentence and expensive to annul.

          • Howdy Jef! Thanks for checking out my blog and especially thank you for commenting.
            I think that if there is a choice, I would rather marry in the US also. Sometimes it’s just the best option to do it here due to circumstances.
            The rash is better, thank you for asking.
            My first visit to the Philippines did not affect me back in May 1984, but on my second visit here, the first to Southern Leyte, I had a problem with my stomach. It felt like there was a volcano inside getting ready to erupt. A quick visit to the doctor in the next barrio fixed it though. Actually the medicine he gave me worked after only taking it 2 doses. I took the full 8 doses though, just to be sure that didn’t come back. This rash is the only other thing I’ve had a problem here with, besides gout, but I had that in Texas also.
            Actually, from what I understand, if you live in a place like Makati or Ortiges, you don’t really lose anything as far as quality of life goes. I’m not a city boy, so I couldn’t do it, but others may be able to. I don’t mind living here, obviously, but I must say that I do miss a lot of things in the US. That’s what vacations are for and I can always pop over to Korea, Japan or Guam to the military bases if I just have to have some American life style.
            I hope you continue reading and commenting here and if you have any suggestions for the blog let me know. From your comment you don’t seem to be the shy type so just suggest away.

          • Well, i think the whole purpose to being Married to a person is to promise to be with that person. If your not sure not do it.

          • Blair I don’t think he has a problem with getting married, but he was worried about the “just in case it doesn’t work out” thing. I know that everyone is not like my parents (married November 1956 and still married) or myself (married May 1980 and still married). Sometimes things happen even if you were ‘sure’ when you got married. But you never know unless you try. He just says that since there is no divorce in the PI, you have to get an annulment and it must be difficult to do. (I wouldn’t know). That’s what I got out of that message anyway. Personally I think that many people don’t try hard enough when they get married. They run at the first sign of trouble.
            So actually your statement is correct. Don’t get married if you’re not sure, but if you are sure at the time, work to make it happen, don’t give up so easily.

          • Agreed !

Texan in the Philippines