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Resetting Chicken, No Teching

Resetting Chicken, No Teching


[smartads] Today is the day that Ramil said he would take my computer in to his friend, the computer tech.  According to Mar & Ramil, this guy is good, so I’m  hoping for good results.  Ramil left a little while ago, but said he would be back later to get the computer.  It’s unplugged and waiting for him, along with a note in it of what I want checked/done.  I will go over the list with Ramil when/if he picks it up, just to make sure he understands all the English.  I’ve informed Ramil several times that I want the computer back –TODAY — and I will tell him again when/if he picks it up.  I hope he informs the technician of my demand.

I’m going with mostly the old pictures today because I’m pressed for time, so I hope you enjoy them again or for the first time if you have not seen them yet.

I see they are having another convention at the Ciriaco.  They had to use 3 acronyms in this title or it really would have been a long one.  I apologize for the bad picture.  I took it a long range twice and this ended up being the better of the two.

Convention at Ciriaco

We did get to order drinks from Neneng this morning.  If I don’t have the money to buy the drinks from them, I don’t credit them.  I told them I will not charge from them anymore because we still owe them money now.  We pay it off a little at a time and I don’t what to get it to where we will never get it done.

Tomorrow I should get my check and I need to remember to keep some money in the account to pay for airline tickets to Korea.  I sent Cebu Pacific an email asking about sale prices to Korea from anywhere in the Philippines.  I figure they will not answer, but I also figured that it doesn’t hurt to send the e-mail either, just in case.  The sooner I get a response, the better.  The money for the flight from Seattle (probably) to Texas can come out of April’s check, but the Cebu Pacific sales usually need to be paid for well in advance.

Lita is probably expecting to do the same old thing with the check, but that will not be possible because we need to have the money available at a moments notice, in case a sale comes up unexpected.  With the Cebu sales you usually only have 2 or 3 days to purchase tickets and then there are the beginning and ending travel days that have to fit in the schedule.  I get a newsletter from Cebu Pacific and can see the sales as they come in, but I never know when one will arrive, so I’ve got to be prepared.

Precious the sleeping baby up close

Sot it’s now 0900 and I’m enjoying the fan out here in LolyKat.  Sometimes it’s pretty quiet too, but not at the moment.  If I lean back on my pillow just right, I can relax and tune out most of the noise.  Lita said she was going to take a nap about an hour ago, but she’s still up.  Actually around 0930 Lita said I could go in for awhile, 30 minutes, because she was going to be eating outside and cold watch the store.  So I went in laid down, and fell asleep.  She just let me sleep and I got up at 11:03.  I made some coffee and went back to LolyKat.

It is now 11:15.  Lita is still up and the computer is still here.

Lita finally went to bed about 11:25, but it is now 12:10pm and my computer is still here.  I’m starting to wonder that even if he does come by to pick it up, will there be enough time to get it back today.  I’ll remind him again when/if he comes by to get it.

Marcial’s Grille baby back ribs.

Pet Peeve: I don’t like it when one of the teenage kids think they need to inform me on how to make change.  I feel like telling them that I was making change before their daddy’s was born, but they probably would not understand what I was talking about.

Well it’s 3:30pm now and my computer is still here.  I’m just going to plug it back up and see if there is still a problem or if by some miracle it cured itself.  If there is still a problem, I’ll just take the computer in myself.  It’s bothersome to do that, but when you have to, you have to.

Well heck, now I might not have to take it in.  Yes the lines are still there, but Lita talked to the computer tech from the Ciriaco and he said could take a look at it on Saturday.  He didn’t give a time, but he’s a pretty regular customer here at lunch time.  Okay, I wanted this long, I can still see the screen most of the time and as I just stated, It’s bothersome to haul the computer to the shop.  I can wait a few more days, I hope.

Cathy & Khan – Tambis River

Around 6:15pm I closed the store and Lita went to Monterrey to get some chicken and bread.  She feels sorry for me because I have not really had anything to eat today.  I did have a couple of peanut butter sandwiches and a couple of cucumber sandwiches (out of tomatoes).  I suppose she will end up cooking either adobo or fried chicken, which is great with me.

So while she is buying the chicken, I get on the computer.  The Internet won’t come up.  After going through the same trouble of explaining who I am and why I’m calling on an account with Ramil’s name on it then doing the same fix tactic several times, the Internet was back.  This call taught me that when the Internet goes down and resetting the modem doesn’t work, I now know how to reformat the modem (that’s what we did 4 times).  I will do that next time I can’t get it up (that didn’t come out right), the next time the Internet won’t come back up instead of having to explain over and over to the person on the phone what’s happening on this end.  They hardly ever seem to understand, even though their English is pretty decent.

Robbie, Ramil, Grace and Juvic

Salamat, Paalam (feature picture)

Useless Knowledge:  Francis Bacon (1561-1626), the Elizabethan champion of the scientific method, died in pursuit of a better way of preserving food. He caught a severe cold while attempting to preserve a chicken by filling it with snow.

Texan in the Philippines