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Getting a Free Ride with Chickens

Getting a Free Ride with Chickens

[smartads] I was up early today, I guess.  It was 0817.  There shouldn’t be that much to do this morning except blog work.  I took a shower last night and I shaved and brushed my teeth this morning again.  After all those 3 things, I feel better and I’m sure that I look and smell better too.  LolyKat is open this morning, but it’s raining, and it has been raining all night, so not too many customers.  I am in the computer room and have not been outside except to put the banana’s away and to check on the kittens.  They are all still moving and their mama is feeding them.  I was a little worried about them when we go back because of all the unknown things that happen while we were gone.

It is 11:04 right now and I’m going to just to figure out something to eat then most likely get started on the trip posts.  Unless Lita comes up with something for me to do, I hope to be starting on those around noon.

Fresh Made Sushi like stuff

I ended up eating some bacon & tomato sandwiches and drinking Red Pepsi.  Instead of starting on the posts like I said I would, I started checking out Space A Facebook pages checking to see the flights we were missing out on.  There was a flight going from Travis AFB in California to Robert Gray AAF, right where we want to go, that had 50 available seats and no one used any of them.  What a waste.  So it’s conceivable that we could get a free ride from Osan AB Korea all the way to Fort Hood Texas, only 20 miles from my hometown.  We will just hope to get lucky and there will be a flight heading our way at the right time.  I’ve only got a 72 hour window, so it’s hard to make plans.  Of course with Space A, it’s hard to make plans anyway, because it’s not a guarantee you can or will get on a flight, not right away anyway.

Lita decided that she needed to go get some vegetables for tomorrow.  She said she wanted to buy some chicken, but she ran out of money.  It’s okay, I had fried potatoes, onions and peppers.  When I made those fried things I had to use margarine because I was out of oil, but it turns out that fries made with margarine are pretty good.  Precious sure thought so.  I let her taste one and she wanted another and then another.  She even got a slice of bread to make a sandwich.  Then Khan wanted to try one and he liked it.  I figured they were just hungry and told Cathy to feed her children.  Maybe she was waiting on Ado to get home with the vittles.

Lita informed me that we will be buying those 10 kilos of chicken again tomorrow and we will be giving some of that to Cathy.  I’m going to talk Lita into giving them the thighs.  We don’t really like to eat those anyway and they don’t really care.  I don’t like to see the children with nothing to eat.

I took all those crappy pens I’ve been using and gave them to Lita.  I’m keeping 3 of them.  I’m keeping the P60 pen and the 2 cheap ones I bought in Catmon.  I wish I would have gotten more of those cheap pens.

2 of the falls at Hindag-an Falls and Forest Park

Ramil is out front getting drunk wit a couple of his friends.  They are talking too much and too loud, but it’s 8:18pm, so they probably won’t be there much longer.  It’s a work day for all of them tomorrow.

While trying to talk to Rich tonight, my internet connection went out twice.  It wasn’t too hard to get it back up, but it’s a pain in the butt to have to reset all the time.  Will it ever be fixed?

My first full day back so I didn’t do much today, on purpose.  This post is a little short, but it is the 2nd one that I’ve typed up today so I did catch up 1 day.  I hope to be caught up just in time to get behind again when we head for Korea and Texas.  Talk about potential to have a lot of things to talk about, I better bring a fresh notebook for that trip, maybe two.  We might get stuck for a day or two someplace, trying to get around for free.  If we wasn’t going to a particular spot, it wouldn’t be so bad I guess.  We could just sign up for any flight we can get on, going anywhere.

Anyway, I’m going back to check my Facebook and maybe try to figure out way my Google page won’t load sometimes.  It seems that when I try to go to the Google images through Yahoo, it usually takes so long to load, it times out.  Do you think Yahoo does that on purpose?

Salamat, Paalam


  1. I should probably explain further that kinilaw is normally made up of tuna or raw sardines with vinegar,onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and salt (and peppers if you want; some people add cayenne). It’s refrigerated for at least an hour before serving and is usually served as a side dish or an appetizer. I’ve been told that it’s delicious, specially with beer or tuba. 🙂

  2. That “fresh-made sushi” looks like squid. The Visayan name for that dish is KINILAW. I never developed a taste for it – just like DINUGUAN which some call “blood stew” or “chocolate meat.”

    The various Japanese sushi that I do like don’t resemble that photo at all. For one thing sushi does not swim in liquid. While they have to be a bit moist, they’re dry enough to be rolled in sticky rice and are not necessarily made of raw fish [I don’t eat anything raw]. Sashimi is raw but that’s without the rice.

    • Winda, long time no hear. Glad to have you back and opinionated.
      As you probably remember, I don’t eat seafood or anything that resembles it. I’m just going by what they tell me it is. I stay away from it and I don’t even like to look at it.
      The same thing for the Dinuguan. You couldn’t get that stuff in my mouth even if I was dead.
      From your description of Kinilaw though, that is what they make around here most of the time.

  3. That cover photo of the very fresh sushi is just alittle too fresh “looking”. That eyeball just creeps me out. I dont know how the asians do it. But they certainly dont mind squishing those in their mouths. Me, i would turn green and be heading for the nearest washroom to throw up.

    • That’s me Blair. They always offer it to me though. If I told them my real feelings, Lita would be pissed. But they all know I don’t like it. I do get to express that.

  4. I have one in my house and it does blow cooler air but, like Don says, it is not the same as air con. It does help though. You can get a variety of sizes. I wish I could remember the brand name we have.

  5. That fan in the drivers pic blows air over a water tray. So its a little cooler but nothing like a/c. Lots of places have them as its pretty cheap to operate, just need to remember to refill the tray.

    • The only way I could see for this swap cooler or Evaporator cooler to work in the Philippines is to put cold water or ice cubes in the sump if this is what it is. Evaporator coolers are designed to put moisture in the air like in dry climates and to lower air temp by what temp the water is flowing across the coils and temp of air which it is blowing through the coil. Philippines already has enough moisture I see no reason to put more. They should be trying to remove moisture instead of adding more. Unless they have an unlimited supply of cold water across or through the coils to cool the air this to me is just a waste of money. You would get better resolutes by putting a bucket of ice behind a fan and have it blowing on you.

      • You’re right George. An evaporative cooler would simply not work with humidity levels already over 80%. You almost never see them outside arid climate zones (desert). Whatever it is, it looks like it is portable and designed for comfort. I’ll take one! (if it works)

  6. It looks to me like a condensing unit for a split A/C unit, which you do not want to be standing by when its on, blowing hot air.You can see them hanging off the sides of buildings that have A/C.

  7. Okay, I have to ask, in the photo of the “drivers” eating, there is an interesting looking mechanical looking fan thingy behind them. Do you know what that is? If I think it is what I think it could be, I want one!

    • I’m not sure Randy, but it looks like some type of fan. Maybe a fan that blows very cold air.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking! 😉

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