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I’s Plant Hotel

I’s Plant Hotel


I’s Plant Hotel

Brgy. Obrero, Calbayog City

Tel # (055) 209-1108







Family Suite (Max of 4)                                        P1550

Suite Room  (Max of 3)                                         P1300

Deluxe Room (Max of 2)                                      P1050

Standard Deluxe (3 Beds)                                   P950

Twin Bed Deluxe                                                    P850

Standard Deluxe, Single Bed (Max of 2)      P700

Family Suite                              *                               Standard Deluxe

Air Conditioned                        *                                Air Conditioned

Cable TV                                        *                                           Cable TV

CR (hot & cold)                         *                                  CR (hot & cold)

Refrigerator                                     *                                   Refrigerator


with WIFI access

1 free breakfast per room

Private KTV Rooms

Function Room, Fully Air-conditioned (Max 70)

Open Air Venue (Max 100)

For Reservations Call

(055) 209-1108

(055) 209-1347

(055) 209-1348

(055) 533-8838 (globe lines)

My Opinion: This is a clean hotel, but all the rooms are upstairs.  The staff was very friendly and helped us immediately upon asking for assistance.  There is a nice patio out front, but it offers no protection from the sun or rain.  The front desk/lobby area was clean, but not very big, so if you like hanging around in hotel lobby’s, this is not a good one to go to.  If you like your liquor and beer, this place sells it all right in the lobby.  The dining room looks nice, but of course I didn’t try the food.  Bathroom a bit on the small side for the larger people, but they are not too bad looking and if your a small person they look excellent.  In the Philippines version of George Washington Slept Here, this is the hotel that Gloria Arroyo (former President of the Philippines) stayed at when she visited Calbayog City.  Of course that was before they had the Ciriaco Hotel.

I's Plant Sign

I's Plant Front Entrance

I's Plant Front Desk

I's Plant Lobby

I's Plant Dining Room

I's Plant From Upstairs

I's Plant Family Suite

I's Plant CR

I's Plant Shower

I's Plant Terrace

I's Plant - Walking Back to Main Entrance

Remember that if you need for me to make a reservation for you I can do that with your information.  Please click on Calbayog City Hotels on the front page to read the one time fee I would charge.



From Gary: Jen and I stayed here one, count them, one night and agreed to never return.  The rooms were tiny, tiny, tiny and the CR was even tinier. There was no shower curtain so the water splashed off of me onto the toilet seat and onto the tp also.  The size of the room and CR is our only gripe.  The staff was great and we liked the food in the restaurant.  I had pizza and it was the best pizza in Calbayog, but that is not saying much.  The worst pizza I have ever had in my life was in Calbayog also.

From Brandy:  The rates are budget friendly the deluxe room we had was 700 pesos a night. If you want to get your room cleaned, do not forget to tell the front desk or else they wouldn’t. You’ll have a towel, 2 little soaps and a roll of toilet paper. The shower has hot and cold option and just enough space to move. The bed was twin sized, a 14 inch TV overhead that has cable. Their WIFI is limited to the restaurant area. We had a quiet small creepy crawly neighbor, I wonder what it’s called and if it’s endemic species in the area. Food is good enough but quite pricy for a budget hotel.  If you just need a place to rest and sleep, this is good enough.

From Travis:  I stayed here too and the room was fine but it wouldn’t get cold enough for me. Also, there is no WIFI in the room and that was a deal breaker for me.  They are budget friendly and have a nice staff though.

From Graham:  I stayed here last February (2010) and found the hotel to be quite nice.  It was still undergoing renovations and the pool was not ready.  I’d stay again if the pool is finished when I return in March next year.  Price is ok and staff friendly as well, so all in all it was ok.


  1. can you tell me the situation in calbayog city is there much destruction in town especially around the marina area i stayed in 2010 at is plant and would like some imformation is ciriaco hotel functional or destroyed thank you

    • No destruction whatsoever Graham. In fact I think that ALL the hotels in town were filled to capacity for awhile with people from down south that were affected by the typhoon. At least every hotel with a generator.

  2. i stayed in this hotel numerous times and i found to to be lovely. a home away from home. last time i was there the pool was not yet constructed. hopefully it will be. ciriaco hotel is quite pricy and far from the city so its not very convenient if your purpose to go to calbayog is work related.
    hoping they have a booking online facility

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