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Almira Garden Hotel

Almira Garden Hotel


Your Home in the Heart of Calbayog 

Almira Garden Hotel Calbayog City Samar Facebook

Gelera Street (next to Nijaga Park) – Calbayog City





Prices a/o May 2014


Family Deluxe/Twin Bed/ Matrimonial

Cable TV

Toilet & Bath

Air Conditioned

Personal Refrigerator

Hot & Cold Shower

Standard Deluxe

Cable TV

Air Conditioned

Toilet & Bath

We Serve Breakfast & Meals

Massage & Reflexology (on call) Male & Female

Roof Garden Available Venue for any Functions & Seminars

Almira Garden Front Entrance

Almira Garden 2nd Set of Stairs

Almira Garden Sign

Almira Garden Stairs to Street

Almira Garden Family Deluxe Room

Almira Garden Family Deluxe Shower

Almira Garden Family Deluxe CR

Almira Garden Refrigerator and TV

Almira Garden Deluxe (Matrimonial)

Almira Garden Stairwell Decoration

Almira Garden Deluxe CR

Link to Spots near Almira Hotel

Helpful staff and 2 of the 3 seem to speak English well. I didn’t see a restaurant, but they could of had one because they say they serve breakfast and meals. They are right next door to a grocery store, right across the street from fruit/vegetable vendors, right down the street from the open market and right down the road (in the other direction) from Jollibee and Chow King. It’s right next to Nijaga Park on the small street that goes back to the current open market.


From Travis: I stayed in this hotel for about a month last year. I really loved it even though I had the cheapest room. They have a pretty decent restaurant upstairs. The time I stayed in this hotel and spending time in Calbayog was the best time of my life.

From Mark G: Hi John, We spent a night here on Feb 7th, 2012. The rooms are very clean but a little small. The prices were reasonable and the staff friendly. They had a nice menu however the cook was not available that evening so we didn’t get a chance to sample the food. We had to go out for food which wasn’t a big problem with abundant fast food right in the area.(It was raining of course!) All in all it was a pleasant experience. The little store downstairs is convenient as I had forgotten my razor on the island and picked up some bottled water, etc. while there. I like the fact that it was close to the tricycles so in the morning (05:30am) it was easy to catch a ride to Sabang for the flight to Manila.




  1. Cheryl and I overnighted there one time. Nice place and reasonably priced. Rooms were a bit small but very clean.

  2. Hi john,
    We stayed at this hotel last year around mid-September when I went for my annual vacation. You see, I have been searching for hotels in Calbayog, the hometown of my mother-in-law, before I my vacation and I bumped upon your website because there’s really no other websites that can provide better information about Calbayog hotels than yours and I thank you for that. The only hotel that I knew that have a working website is Ciriaco but it’s a litte far from downtown Calbayog. We wanted somewhere near and Almira is right at heart of it, next to the palengke and trike terminals. Anyhoo, having stayed at the Almira for 9 days, it was a wonderful experience and yes, the staff are all friendly and helpful, they even helped us get some hot water for bathing of our child because the standard room doesn’t have one (it’s the only set-back I remember).
    Again, thanks john for having this site, and keep them coming

    • Thank you Jonathan for the feedback. It helps me feel that this website is doing someone good. I do hear from others that say they like the information and personal touch I put on here though. It’s always nice to get someone else to speak up. I also noticed that the information on the hotels, restaurants and other businesses here in Calbayog are not that popular on the internet and most of them are not on there at all. I hope to have more of the restaurants on here pretty soon and any other hotels I come across. I already know of at least 2 more hotels to add and there are probably plenty of restaurants.
      Thanks again for letting me know that the site helped you and I hope it can help you again soon. Please feel free to let others know about the site if they are planning to head this way.

      • One thing I forgot to mention John, the Almira accepted our reservation just by phoning them. I instructed my wife to call them and try to reserve a room way beyond our arrival date and I was surprised, 4 months later when we arrived to check-in, they do have my name on the list! One thing though, they don’t accept credit cards but cash only.

        • Okay cool. So the phone # I have for them on the site was good then. I’m glad they took the reservation and 4 months ahead of time even. That seems like a long time, but as long as it was good that’s all that counts.

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