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Calbayog Hotels Introduction

Calbayog Hotels Introduction



I will try to update this page often as I discover new hotels and when/if things change with the ones I have listed.  None of the hotels at this time, except the Ciriaco, have a website.  So if you’ve been looking for information and couldn’t find much, that’s probably why.  If you are coming for a visit and you are interested in staying at one of these hotels, let me know and I will be sure the rates are still the same and find out what other information you might need.

If you leave a comment on my blog AND remind me when you get here, I will buy you a cup of coffee, a soda or a beer and we can talk a little bit about the area or you can say “Hello” “Goodbye”, whatever you want.

You can contact me via the comment section of the blog or if you prefer, contact me via email: – for information on any of these hotels or just any information on anything local that you need.  I just might be able to help you with that.  You can also contact me through the form under the HOME page tab on the from page.  Please let me know what you think about my site, so I can make improvements.  It’s hard to find information on some of the hotels here, unless you are here, so I’m trying to help out visitors/potential visitors the best way I can.

From JC: Hi John, thanks for the info on the Hotels, it beats finding out the hard way and wasting time that we don’t have when we are on vacation

From Wayne: Hi John, your last few days have been full of info.  Really enjoyed reading and getting to see the new hotels.   It has been about two and half years since we were there and things have change a lot, for the better I think.  At that time we stayed at Marju Krisel.  It looks like they have upgraded a little and put some new furniture in their rooms.  I recommend this place, we really liked it.  The food was good and not too expensive for Calbayog.  One thing for people that pay with credit cards, they don’t accept them, so bring enough cash.  I think starting a car service is a good idea for you.  For people like me it would be good to have a car pick us up, as we have about hour drive to our place.

From Blair: I like the small changes to your blog John.  And the hotel part you added is very informative and should help in many ways to future travelers to Calbayog.

From Blair: Hey John.  Thank you for the info on the Marju Krisel.  Wow such cheap rates for sure compared to what the Ciriaco will cost in a month or so, when I arrive.  I have looked everywhere for pics or handouts of Marju Krisel rooms.  But as of yet nothing.  Another friend of mine, who just finished building his retirement home in Calbayog, told me the rooms are small but well appointed (whatever that means).  As far as I’m concerned, as long as they are clean and have lots of a/c, then I’m fine with it.  Don’t plan on spending much time indoors anyways. (feature picture)


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