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Marju Krisel Hotel and Resort

Marju Krisel Hotel and Resort


Address: Maharlika Highway, Brgy San Policarpo, Calbayog City

Phone #: (055) 209-1591

Room Rates:
Family Room (1) Php. 3,500
Family Room (2) Php. 3,000
Family Romm (3). Php. 2,500
Suite Room Php. 1800.00
Superior Deluxe Php. 1,500.00
Superior Deluxe Php. 1,200.00
Deluxe Php. 900.00
Economy Php. 350.00

Extra bed (aircon) Php. 300.00 (adult)
Children below 12 yrs. Old Php. 200.00
Extra Bed (economy) Php. 100.00 (adult)
Children below 12 yrs. old Php. 50.00

Marju Krisel Hotel & Resort Facebook Page

Amenities (free to use)

Adult & Kiddie Pool (very, very nice pool, but even outsiders can use for a fee and it can sometimes get crowded)

Physical Fitness Gym

Extra Charge

Extra person P200 for a/c rooms

Extra person P100 for ordinary rooms (no a/c)

My Opinion: If it was me and I was concerned about a good place to stay without spending a lot of money, this would be the place that I stay.  I’m not saying it is for everybody, that’s just me.  The rooms are clean, the restaurant looks nice (and I hear they have good food), the pool (both of them) are fantastic, security at the gate, Internet, they’ve just about got it all.  While reading on the Internet, if you happen to find something about this hotel, it may say that it is owned by the Mayor of Calbayog.  Well that is not exactly true.  It is owned by the vice-Mayor.  That is not to imply anything, it seems to be a wonderful place to stay.  The only downside I see, and that’s not much of one, is that it is the furthest away from downtown.  It is about a 10-15 minute ride from there to downtown in the traffic.  This was the first hotel I went to, so I got more pictures of this one than the rest of them.  Well, quite frankly, there were more things to take pictures of at this one.  They do have Internet available at this hotel, according to a sign next to the pool area.  Just overall a very nice place.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures to get a larger picture and more details about each picture.


Marju Krisel picnic area

Marju Krisel Beer Prices

Marju Krisel Swimming Outfit

Marju Krisel Adult Pool

Marju Krisel Kiddie Pool

Marju Krisel Kitchen

Marju Krisel Dining Area

Marju Krisel Picnic Area

Marju Krisel Pavilion

Marju Krisel Bamboo Bed

Marju Krisel Bamboo Table

Marju Krisel Deluxe CR

Marju Krisel extra twin bed

Marju Krisel Picnic Table

Marju Krisel Superior Deluxe

Marju Krisel Superior Deluxe CR

Marju Krisel Superior Deluxe Shower

Marju Krisel Back of Room

Marju Krisel Volleyball

Marju Krisel backside on river

Marju Krisel Fountain

Marju Krisel Cannonballs


 From Blair: Although I have used the facilities here (pool, towel service and restaurant) I did not stay in the rooms.  But after seeing your pics I wouldn’t hesitate on staying here. Rooms look clean and I already know the pool and restaurant are very nice, and the food cheap too. Gated complex too with really nice area in the back behind the pool area to watch the fishermen ply their trade in the river catching fish. Nice views too. Great pics John!!

From Gary B:  My 2 centavos worth of opinion on the Marju Krisel. My wife and I stayed there during my first trip to Calbayog in March 2006 and that was the only time we stayed. They have done a lot of renovations since our stay so I can’t comment on how things are there now. However, I did enjoy our stay there. The room we had was good sized, the bed was comfortable, there was hot water for the shower and a good air con and the room was clean and well maintained.

We had a very large party at the pool one day. I think we had around 20 people. We paid an admission fee and bought food and drink for the group and the total cost was very inexpensive. I don’t remember the price but I do remember I was very shocked, and pleased, at the price. The pool was clean although the water slides were basically useless. That may have changed in the last five years.

The only downside, and the reason we have not stayed there again, is the location is quite a ways from downtown so you have to catch a ride into the city and back. One other thing to note was, like some other hotels in Calbayog, there was no maid service. We had to request that our room be cleaned and towels/linens be changed. When we came back from the city and discovered this, we asked for this to be done and they took care of it right away. When we came back on other days, the service had been provided for us without us asking.  If the location was better, I would stay there again without hesitation. I told my wife that we should take the family there again sometime for a pool party.

From Blair: Well we stayed our entire stay at the Marju and although everything was nice there, the only thing I would have any complaint about is the fact that you have to share the pool with hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS of screaming kids everyday from the surrounding area. Especially now that school is out they start to fill the place about 0830 and stay until closing time which is usually around 10:00pm. The music is full blast all day from the on site Karaoke. Other then that I would for sure stay there again. The staff is friendly and keeps the place as clean as possible.  You do have to ask everyday for bathroom tissue because if you don’t ask for the room to be cleaned they won’t supply it to you. The food in the restaurant is good and cheap. Rooms are small but ok. The bed is actually just a pad and not a mattress. Its ok but not too comfortable. They do have two computers on site but rarely have a connection. All in all I would stay there again.  It’s only about ten minutes to Calbayog Proper.


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