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Carlos n’ Carmelo’s

Carlos n’ Carmelo’s



The official name is Carlos n’ Carmelo’s but locally I’ve not heard anyone call it anything except Carmelo’s.  When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the nice air-con they had going.  The whole restaurant looked very clean and the 2 workers I encountered were very friendly and helpful.  I have eaten at this restaurant and I enjoyed it.  I actually ate some beef here and it wasn’t so bad, and I don’t eat beef hardly at all here.  Be sure to read the comments at the bottom of this post to get mine and anyone else that has eaten at this restaurant opinion of the food and service.

Carlos n' Carmelo's Front Entrance

Carlos n' Carmelo's TV

Carlos n' Carmelo's Counter

Carlos n' Carmelo's Dining Room

Carlos n' Carmelo's Overhead Menu

Carlos n' Carmelo's Menus

Carlos n' Carmelo's Display

Carlos n' Carmelo's Slot Machine

From UJ: The atmosphere at the restaurant was nice.  The wall unit air conditioner was running and it was nice and cool inside.  There are no menus for the tables and the waitress does not come to the table, so you have to order up front, then be seated where you want.  They will bring the food out to you.  All that Lita ordered was the halo-halo (P90).  I ordered the cheese sticks, 2 orders of 3 each at P70 each order (P140).  I also ordered 2 tacos, 1 double order at P90 (a single taco is P55).  For my final food order I asked for 1 order of lasagna (P45).  To drink I ordered 1 large iced tea (P30) because they told me they used mineral water to make the tea.  Just so you’ll know, I don’t think many places here has just regular iced tea.  I’m pretty sure that at least 90% of the places that have iced tea, have lemon flavored tea, and most of that is Lipton Iced Tea.

The tea was good, so good in fact I ordered a second glass, for which you do have to pay, no free refills.  Surprisingly to me the lasagna was good.  I had no problem with the beef they used, which was my main concern.  The tacos were also good, except that they put mayonnaise on them.  Next time, no mayo.  The cheese sticks were excellent, the best thing out of everything we ordered.  They were about 50% bigger than the ones I’m use to getting in Texas (that’s hard for a Texan to admit).  Also surprisingly the thing that was liked least about the order was the halo-halo.  It was not exactly what Lita expected and she said she will not order that again, there.

Our entire order, including the extra iced tea, was P425 (approximately $10).  We were very satisfied and plan to visit there again.  Lita really wants to get some more of those cheese sticks.

Texan in the Philippines