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In Praise of Small Town Life in Philippines

In Praise of Small Town Life in Philippines

[smartads]  Actor/model/director Travis Kraft is back in the Philippines and many are enjoying his videos on YouTube, and are happy to see that he is producing a lot of positive content from the Philippines.

He spent the past two months in Calbayog City, Samar where he experienced small town life in the Philippines. He decided to immerse himself in the culture by doing what the average Filipinos do.

He went to fiestas, snacked on buchi, ube, and pig’s ears, attended a cockfight, rode on the backs of carabaos, learned to catch fish with his bare hands, and rode a pedicab to get around just like everyone else even though he barely fits in one. He even fought a pro boxer at a local event. The match had a comedic ending because just as they got in there and started throwing blows, a brownout happened. Even though the fight barely got going, Travis felt the event was one of the best experiences of his life. Travis explains, “In these small towns, there is not always a lot to do so for fun they hold beauty pageants and boxing matches and the whole town shows up to watch these events. The crowd for the fight was huge and even though I am an American fighting the hometown guy, the crowd was cheering for me and was very happy to have me there.”

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