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Quick Brown Expat Sparks

Quick Brown Expat Sparks



There is one thing here in Calbayog City that reminds me of being back in Texas, the weather.  Not the weather itself, but how quickly things can change.  I remember in Texas, in a weeks time, we had rain, 95 degree weather and snow.  Things just changed that quickly.  Here, we don’t get the snow, but I was outside earlier and it was a very nice day, sun shining with a slow cool breeze.  It wasn’t 5 minutes later, that it was cloudy, pouring down rain and wind blowing things down the street.  I know it was the winds of Super Typhoon Karen, but it was just so calm before.  That typhoon is also causing havoc with my computer.  Since my surge protector is not working correctly, whenever we get a surge, my computer turns off.  With the winds blowing so hard, we are getting more than normal surges.  I should have just turned the computer off, but I didn’t.  I just kept resetting it until it stopped doing it.  Within the next 2 weeks, I should have that problem resolved and no longer need my transformer.

Ocean to Ciriaco Hotel

In the last post I mentioned to you that someone was trying to repair all the leaks we have around here.  Well we got a good rain and all but one of them seems to be repaired.  The one by the CR, the one that I keep having to move the electrical cord, is the only one that still leaks.  Lita going to get in touch with the guy again this week and hopefully that one will be fixed too.

Speaking of electrical cords, we had one here that starting sparking the other night.  It is right outside our bedroom window next to the ac.  At first we thought it was the ac, but luckily it wasn’t.  Later that same day, one of the electric fans, the one we just got for the dining room/kitchen died on us.  Actually I think it was the outlet outside, because we had it plugged up out there.  There were sparks from that one too.  I’m glad they have all been outside doing this sparking.  The extension cord that was sparking I think belongs to Cathy, so I’m going to let her worry about that.

Ciriaco Pool Almost Ready

On Friday, the 14th, we had a brown out.  It lasted from 7:05pm to 7:12pm and then again from 7:13pm to 8:07pm.  Also on Friday evening we did not have any water.  Although the electric came back on, the water did not.  It wasn’t until 10:50 the next morning that I tested the water and we had about 1/3 pressure coming out.  The water pressure stayed like that until Sunday morning, when it went out again along with a scheduled 12 hour brown out.  The electric came back on at 5:27pm (slightly early), but the water was still out, until just a few minutes ago.  It’s back on now at about 1/2 pressure.  That’s about 3 1/2 hours after the electric returned.  I hope the water doesn’t start having “wet outs”.  I wonder that when they finally get all the new poles put up, because that is why they say they are having these schedule brown outs, if the brown outs will stop.  Supposedly they are replacing the older wooden poles with newer metal ones.

If you are exploring in the Expat Website Links, then you may notice that some of them work differently than others.  On some of them you simply click them, and you get to the site you click on.  On some of the others if takes you to a page on this website and you have to click on it again to get to where you want to go.  I’m not sure why it works that way, but I started looking into it after I got the comment from Randy.  They all seem to be working, it’s just that one thing where you have to click twice sometimes.

Ciriaco Back Patio

While I was checking that site, I also notice that my Philippine Websiteslink was not working.  When you clicked on it, it was unable to find the page.  I finally figured out how to fix that one.  There are a couple more that say they can not find the page, but I don’t have anything in those yet.  I’m working on it, but there are just so many things to do.  I’m trying so hard to make this site work, but I get frustrated when I hear about other sites that are making decent money on theirs, and I make sometimes a dollar or two per day.  Usually it’s less than $1.  A couple of days ago, I made a grand total of .03 for an entire day.  I’m told that it takes time and my new site has not really been out there long enough to make a difference, but I still get frustrated.  Y’all can help me out though.  Get others to come to the site, if you think they would be interested, and when you are on the site, check out some of the Google AdSense ads.  I’m not allowed to promote them in any way, so I’ll just ‘suggest’ that you check them out.

New Roof behind our house

As I have mentioned I have been scheduling posts to start instead of just posting everything at once.  I told you that I have been re-posting old posts to put them up front in case any new readers don’t know to look for it buried in the website.  I have also scheduled a lot of new things, most of them are the Quick Quirk things.  I now have something scheduled for everyday for the remainder of this month, the 1st 3 days of October and a few others scheduled throughout the remainder of the year.  I plan to try to schedule something for everyday this year.  I usually have these posts scheduled to appear at 10:00am and if I schedule a main post (like this one) I have it scheduled for 10:10am.  I do that so the main post will be on top of the other post and will be around just a little bit longer than the other one.  Hopefully people will want to read this more than the Quick Quirk things.  Even though some of those are pretty funny.

Salamat Y’all

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.
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  1. Never mind, I see that you have posted the article.

  2. Please post the article In your blog John. If this is true, this is huge.

  3. Better breakout your Genset if you donot want to be sitting in dark soon. Was reading in Manila Bulletin that the National power grid is talking about dropping all of Samar off the grid because the electrical companys who are supplying power to custermers are not paying their bills. They was saying that if they don’t settle there bills in the rear that they have no choice but to cut Samar off. So I would be stocking up on coleman latterns like the old days.

    • George I sure wish you would have sent a link to that story so I could read it. I don’t think my computer will run on Coleman lanterns and I don’t have a generator. I had one, but even it was powerful enough to run the computer and the lights. I sure hope something is worked out because I can’t live here without electric. It’s hard to believe that could happen or be allowed to happen. Of course since the electric company is privately owned, I guess it is possible.

      • Never mind. I found it.

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