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Space Military Barbeque Wedding Shower

Space Military Barbeque Wedding Shower



In the last post I let y’all know that all the leaks, except one, have been fixed in the house.  The one by the CR that had a chance of hitting an electrical outlet was still leaking.  Well I believe Victor fixed that final leak.  At least the next time it rained, it didn’t leak.  That would make our house leak free. I sure hope that it stays that way.

I suppose that if we ever get the restaurant built, since it would have a roof on it, any leaks would be stopped anyway.  Well we can’t do the restaurant yet, but Lita will be starting up her barbeque at the beginning of October.  It will be only her, Pam and Grace working with that.  I’m not sure of everything she will be cooking yet.  I’m pretty sure it will be something for the locals and the tourists, that would be the smart thing to do anyway, with the Ciriaco Hotel and Resort right across the street.  If y’all are in the area, stop by.  Lita makes a wicked barbeque sauce and she likes to use it quite a bit when she cooks.  I don’t know how her and Judith are going to handle the workload, since Judith is doing the little eatery.  I suppose they have talked about it and they most likely have it all figured out, or at least they think they do.  I hope they do.  We will have the barbeque, but no beer.  So if you want beer to go with it, you will have to get it elsewhere, at least for now.

Fitness Center-Dressing Rooms?

Our water is back to full strength now, after being out on Sunday and running 1/3 rate on Monday.  It’s time for me to take a shower.  I really should have taken one on Monday, but I don’t really like to take a shower unless the water is full strength.  We have plans to remodel the bathroom soon.  We will have 2 shower heads, both which we brought from Texas.  One of them is rather large, which is the one I like and the other has adjustable sprays, which Lita likes.  She going to get both of them installed at the same time and the shower head there right now we will give to Poppa.  It leaks anyway, but Poppa won’t care.  In his CR he has to use the scoop/water technique and his pretty old to be doing that all the time.  He’s 90 you know.  We also will be getting the hot water system soon too.  I think that all this will become reality this November or December.  I hope November because it’s just too hard to get and feel clean using only cold water all the time.

Our Neighbors

Mar is remodeling his CR because this December he will have a lot of people visiting there because that is when Marlou and Chique are getting married, again.  They will be having their church wedding, but have already been married by a Justice of the Peace.  Filipinos are big on church weddings.  Anyway … Lita has asked Mar to let the plumber that is doing the bathroom remodel for him to come by and see us.  There are also a couple of other things in the CR that I’d like to see fixed.  We might as well get it all over and done with at the same time.  Lita said she’d like to  run the hot water to the kitchen sink also, to do the dishes.  I told her that Pam usually does the dishes and she can carry the water, she’s still young enough and she’s use to such work.  Still, if it doesn’t cost too much, we might go ahead and take care of that also.  I suppose we can hook the shower and the kitchen sink up to the same hot water meter.  If not I’m not buying another one, at least not right now.

I have finished the new thing that I started on the website.  If you look under Misc, you will see “Space A Plus Info”.  It only has 2 or 3 entries at the moment, but I’ve got a total of 5 entries scheduled to be in there.  I’m sure that most of y’all reading this site have little or no use for that information, but it comes in handy for those of us that do use it.  It’s good to know such information ahead of time.  I called it “Space A Plus Info” because it is mostly about Space A, but it also has the phone numbers for each base.  I plan to expand those phone numbers as time goes by.  I have verified some of the information, but not all.  Most likely the phone numbers have not changed though.  I’m open to ideas from people about what else to add on there, so please let me know what you think and whether or not it helps you in anyway.

Poppa in his favorite chair

You may also notice another category under Misc called “Military”.  There is nothing in there as of this writing, but I plan to put things in there that I found out that is happening in the Military world.  It also will be moved to a different website, along with the Space A info, just as soon as I get a lot more information.  I have even already reserved a name for it in WordPress.  I will be calling it UJ Military World.  There is nothing in that website as of yet, but I also but something in there yesterday.  I decided to put it on here, on the front page instead.  It’s the “Say Thank You to the Troops” entry.  On the front page, to the right, under the first Google AdSense ad, is where you will find that.  If you want to donate, they will give out to the troops a $50 coupon book for over 18,000 restaurants in the United States for each $10 donation.  I couldn’t get the link to come up so you can just click on it, so you will have to copy/paste it if you want to do it.  I have already checked the link and it does work.  You will have to click again once you click here and get to the site it takes you to.  I’ve tried to to other websites before and they never really worked out, but I’m hoping that this time it will.

Ado, Khan, Crystal and Precious

I never did get out to the hotels this past Sunday.  I wanted Ramil to go with me and he didn’t want to walk.  He called to borrow one of his Dad’s cars, but no one answered the phone there.  We are already planning to do it next Sunday, so he shouldn’t have any excuse for not being ready this time.  I just need him there in case I have a communication problem with someone.  Otherwise I can just do it by myself.  Also he may know of any new places that I don’t know about and I want to be sure to get as many good hotels and restaurants on this website for y’all as I can.  I know of a few new restaurants, but there could be more because Calbayog City is a big place.

That’s all I’m going to be putting in this post.  I still have 3 more items on my list, but I’ll just save those for the next post.  I put the ones that I thought was the most important for y’all to know on here.  Well 2 of the other 3 are not so important, but they are what is happening to me around here and, after all, that is what this blog is all about, A Texan in the Philippines.

Salamat Y’all

 Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.
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  1. I don’t think it’s a very uncommon practice either. We did the JP thing as well but we will do a church wedding too if all goes as planned.

    • Well we only did the JP thing, in Texas, and we’ve been married for over 32 years. It just didn’t matter to us where it was done. Also it was her 2nd marriage, as you may know from reading my story on this site: An Odd Beginning to Bliss.

  2. It had lots of windows and doorways so we did have a breeze and the church is very close to the ocean so that helped.

  3. Jen and I did the double marriage thing too. We went to the Justice of Peace in Angeles City and then had the big church wedding in San Joaquin the following month. There was a brownout the day of the church wedding and the church’s generator didn’t have any gas so there were no fans. I was hot and sweaty but happy.

    • I found out that this is not an usual practice here in the Philippines. It is done a lot.
      Was it an outside church? I went to one that also didn’t have ac or fans, but at least it was outside with a breeze.
      That Barong Tagalog gets hot for a shirt made of such light material.

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