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I want speakers like these

These were at a store called M-Zone, but it is no longer there. I’m sure that I will be able to find some similar at another store here or in Tacloban.

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  1. Was this across the street from the park? If so I bought a DVD player there for my nephew. It was Chinese of course but it had a TV tuner built in which was kind of neat. I almost bought one to bring to the US except the receiver was analog only, really useless in the US now. The different electronic equipment the Chinese can come up with never ceases to amaze me. Things that were never sold in the US I mean. On the other hand most of them are cheap crap and over priced to boot. You mentioned TVs in your last post. Try to find a top quality TV there and see what you pay. Coby and Haier for big bucks? Not to mention brands you never heard of. No thanks. I brought over a RCA 28″ with a built in DVD player that I got at a close out sale for $249. When I got there I paid $50 tax on it. Still less than I can buy an ‘off brand’ TV there that size. Why are the import duties so high on electronics? When we built the Sari-Sari store on the island it cost us $700 US to build a 4′ x 8′ shack. The refrigerator, built in Korea by a company I never heard of, cost us $1100! I still get a chuckle out of that.

    • No, not across the street from the park. It was on the side street that, man I wish I knew the names of all the streets, at the end of the street is the side of Chow King. Nijaga Park is right ahead. Help me out on this one Rick. You’re the one that use to go there a lot, M-Zone.
      Lita has picked out a TV already and she doesn’t remember the brand, but says it’s one she recognized. Guess I’ll find out next week. The TV is going out by the picnic table anyway. Victor is going to make a box for it up on the wall.
      We got a Sanyo refrigerator for about $488. The Sanyo freezer was about $730. Neither of them are big though and we plan to get another smaller refrigerator to put in here in the computer room.

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