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Banking Mouse in Railroad Box Hotel

Banking Mouse in Railroad Box Hotel



I hope everyone caught a couple of the post I have put on the site recently.  The most recent one being about the PSB blacklisting some of the balikbayan box forwarders.  Since they already got them, they won’t be a problem, but there could be others that didn’t get caught.  It might be better to just stick to the big named ones, even if they cost a little bit more.  I have personally used Forex many times and never had a problem.  Just recently for our last 3 boxes, I used Atlas and even though 1 box was a week later than the other 2, they all got here intact.  There are probable many others out there that are very good, but I just have not had any association with them.  What are the names of some that y’all know about?


This past Tuesday my mouse gave up on me.  Just all of a sudden the computer would not recognize it anymore.  I tried resetting the computer, but that was not good.  I disconnected the mouse, turned the computer off, reconnected the mouse and turned the computer on … still no good.  I even tried plugging it into 2 other USB ports, still nothing.  I decided I just better head downtown and buy a new mouse.  I remember that Marlou told me that PC Tools (on Magsaysay Blvd) was a good computer store, so that’s the first place I went.  I went downtown by myself, but of course I forgot the camera.  I remembered I forgot it about 1/2 way to town and I didn’t bother asking the driver to stop so I could go back.  I just said what I always say when I forget … Next time.  Inside PC Tools I got a 4 Tech mouse, Model OP-720, or at least that’s what my eyes see, but when I go to the 4 Tech website, I can’t find that model.  It cost me P350 and I didn’t think much about the price until I went to the next store “Christians”  You see PC Tools did not have wrist pads and really didn’t know what I was talking about, but directed me to Christians store.  In Christians they had many mouse pads, but they also did not know what a wrist pad was.  I checked the prices of a mouse there and the pretty young lady told me they had some for only P150.  I justified my P350 purchase by convincing myself that I got a high quality mouse that would last a lot longer than their cheapo P150 mouse.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the mouse I bought works just fine and that’s what counts in the long run.

Your money or you melt

I think I have decided to make every Sunday, game day.  Around noon, I plan to clear the kitchen table, set up one of my Empire Builder games and sit there for about an hour or 2 waiting for someone to get curious enough to play.  Even if they just play because they feel sorry for me sitting there like an idiot, it’s okay, I’ll take it.  I think that once they played the game, they will like it.  I know I liked it the first time I played it and everyone else that I showed, liked it too.  Maybe the next Sunday they won’t play just because they feel sorry for me.  If any of y’all are in the area and have a few hours to kill, because the game takes 3 or 4 hours depending on the experience of the players, stop on by and give it a try.  I wish they had a Philippine Rails, but I guess I will stick with the original game for now, which is of the US and a little bit of Canada.  I noticed that they have come out with at least 3 new ones that I do not have, China Rails, Russian Rails and Martian Rails.  I also need to get a new Nippon Rails because they just started making those in the box instead of the tube.  I like the original, Australian and Nippon Rails the best.  Euro Rails is okay, but I don’t like the India Rails much.  I guess because I don’t know where anything is and the names are too hard to pronounce.  Some of my games I have not even opened yet and I don’t even remember the names of them all.  I think I have 7 or 8 different ones.  If I remember I will get the ones I mentioned above next time I’m in the US.  Oh, and I would like to get the British Rails too.  While I’m waiting for  players at the table, who may or may not show up, I’ll just play Cribbage solitaire, do Cryptograms  or play some other type of card solitaire.

It works. What's the probem?

Jason, that’s Jun and Luz’s oldest son, was in town for about 3 days.  He was here for work.  According to Lita he is doing something with the banks, or maybe she said ‘new’ banks.  He is checking their accounts to make sure they are accurate.  Supposedly he will be coming here for a few days every month for awhile, so I’m really thinking it’s for a new bank or maybe for the new Coconut Planters business loan bank.  They are paying for him to stay in a hotel while he is here, but he didn’t stay at the Ciriaco, the most expensive one.  I’m not sure at this time which one he did stay at, but it was in the downtown area.  All the hotels in the downtown area area basically the same price anyway,  I think.  Maybe I should look here just to review.

Bee Champ - Only in the Philippines

I was conversing with Blair on Facebook, or maybe it was Skype.  One of those.  He is stuck at the Marju Krisel Resort with no car and it’s hard to get a pedicab or tricycle while there because it is so far out of town.  He said that they have had brown outs on and off for the last few days, and last night (Wednesday), no lights all night.  Also it’s been raining more on that side of town then it has been on this side, although it has been raining here.  Anyway, he informed me that there is a new resort now at Malajog Beach.  I’m really out of touch.  I mentioned it to Lita and she already knew about it.  She said that last Easter, when I had the gout last, Titing and Neneng invited us to go to the new resort there.  Evidently it was like brand new then, so it’s been around for about 6 months now.  I still would not know anything about it if Blair didn’t mention it to me.  Blair also found out the name for me.  It is called Mondejares.  I’ll make an attempt at breaking it down so you can pronounce it, but don’t hold me to it.  I’ll guess: Mon-di-ha-ris.  Okay you Tagalog speakers out there, how did I do?  I hope to be able to get out there soon to see what it’s like.  I sure hope they have already cleaned the place up and fixed the road.  That was suppose to be happening, but a lot of things are suppose to be happening around here that are not yet.

Salamat Y’all

 First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.

George Burns






  1. They’ve blocked my access to your site from work so I’ll have to use my phone from now on during the daylight hours. Not a big deal but I can hardly wait to here that discussion at my annual salary review, lol.

  2. Mondejares Puertes Resort is probably a couple years old and is located at Saljag Beach, not Majalog. I think it is cleaner than Majalog, and it is definitely closer. Just after you head north from the rotunda in Brgy Lonoy, you will cross the river and go approx .6KM and you will see the sign on the left that points to Mondejares. You will then take that road about 2KM to the resort. At the “Y” you will veer right and it will take you to Saljag Beach and the resort. If you stay straight, or left, you will wind up in the village of Tomaliques (To-ma-league-is) where we are building our house.

    • When I was researching Mondejares I did find Mondejares Puertes Resort and from what it read it did seem it has been there for awhile. Maybe things just got messed up on the name. Supposedly Malajog is cleaner now, but I’ll try to get more information to see what’s going on exactly. Malajog being so dirty is a major reason why I do not really like going there, so I hope it is cleaner now. I have not been to the other place and didn’t know it existed until I found that place on the internet.

  3. For balikbayan boxes I use LBC mostly. This is my first time with Forex so we’ll see how it goes. I have used Fedex in emergencies but they are too pricey to use on a regular basis. The wife mentioned a typhoon may be delaying our package. Hopefully it will get there before Halloween as there’s a lot of kids stuff and some fishing gear for my inlaws that I’d like to see them get use out of. Your pronounciation is as the Spanish would pronounce it so probably pretty good for the locals as well. Speaking Spanish and English actuzlly makes following along in Tagalog not too bad.

    • Yes we have had a couple of typhoons in the area lately so it’s possible. Forex delivers here on Samar more than Atlas I think. Atlas told us they only come here 2 or 3 times per month. Did u get them some rod n’ reels? Do they know how to use them? Will they use them?
      I know Spanish and Tagalog are pretty similar, it’s probably right. Being from Texas, I know a lot of Spanish. Actually I know more Spanish than Tagalog, even though I’ve been married to a Filipina for a little over 32 1/2 years now.

      • I sent some hooks and fishing line along with some weights. I got a very good deal on some flippers I found at a flea market. Really high quality for only $3! The prize though is a Hummingbird fish finder. I’ll have to show them how to use it but it may help them locate bigger fish. I left a nice rod on the island but I’m not sure if anyone is using it. I showed a few of them how to but it’s not really their style.

        • Flea Market… those are 2 words I still don’t like put together right now. I still have the memories of ours in Texas this last trip. I hope they put the fishing gear to good use and it helps to keep some children from going hungry.

        • Mark, is it hard to find tackle there? I am bringing my three rods with me and wonder if I should stock up on tackle. :/

          • Hi Randy,
            I’ve never seen tackle here as you and I are used to. A lot of commercial items but not the typical rod and reel. I imagine you could find it in Manila or Cebu but probably at a premium. Most people here are fishing for food using nets or traps etc. you and I are used to doing it for recreation so our approach is different. I grew up on the east coast and deep sea fishing was a way of life. If I can get my brothers-in-law to realize the really big fish are about 10 to 15 meters down then I think I can help them feed their families better and make a little money on the side. That’s the reason I sent the Hummingbird. They’ll actually be able to see the fish.

      • John, I think most of the companies mentioned in the article were shippers located outside of the U.S. I think many of them are in the middle east and Europe. My wife is a shipping agent for VGM and her customers have never reported any problems. Years ago, we had problems with Manila Forwarders, mainly with long delivery wait times and the occasional undelivered box. Since Teri hooked up with VGM…no problems since.

        • I don’t know, but I know that I have never dealt with any of them. I really like that service though, and of course it’s good to have the competition, but getting the boxes to their destination is the ultimate goal, not the price.

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