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A Temporary Permanent Solution

A Temporary Permanent Solution



Recently I have been struggling with myself about what to do about these posts.  I have been debating on whether or not I should continue with the long posts or make the switch to the shorter posts that are more focused on just one subject.  Personally it doesn’t matter to me which way it goes, but in this situation, I don’t really count.  I’m just the author of a website that is trying to make the lives of people easier and hopefully less stressful.  Feedback from out in the reader world has come back about 50-50 on this subject.  Although to me everyone gets a say in final decision, the people out there that have successful websites themselves have been some of the ones saying that the articles should be shorter and more to the point.  They feel that the longer posts, talking about so many different subjects at the same time can bore the reader and turn them away from the site.  Of course I definitely do not want to do that.  I would like for you readers to be here everyday.  I wish to have such mind-blowing, well written topics that you will want to be here everyday and tell your friends and relatives about the site.  Also just because they have successful websites does not mean that I should adjust to the way that they do things.  I do not mind being on the cutting edge of a new way to blog.

Pizza Factory Menu

An Open Pizza Factory

Writing the longer posts and just typing away with whatever pops into my head is easier to write than a shorter more concentrated post.  For the shorter ones I would stick more to facts and less to the constant rambling that I tend to do when I normally type up my long posts.  Also when doing the shorter posts, I would do more posts and since there are more posts, I have to come up with more titles.  It seems that titles are not as easy as it may sound.  Some of the titles I had before were just weird and I was informed that maybe they were hurting the website in the Google rankings.  Of course if my Google ranking is down, then less people will know that this blog exists.  That in turn will most likely mean less visitors and less chance of people clicking on my ads and/or learning about Calbayog and Samar.

My long posts tend to be normally between 1100-1300 words.  When I babble they have been known to go over 1300 or even 1500 these days.  At one time I was even typing some posts that were in the 2300 word range before, but I have gotten away from doing those already.  The long posts are, of course, all the multiple subject posts, or as one person told me, hodgepodge posts.  I have seen a few articles about how long a post should be and there is no real answer, but the majority of the articles recommend around 600 words.  That seems a bit low for me, so I guess I  will do my utmost to try to stay between 700 and 900 words.  I think I can do well in that range.  I suppose if it is something of major interest I should expand it a little bit, but if it will be too much I’ll just make it a 2 part post.  Shorter posts would also mean putting less pictures in the post.  I normally put 4 or 5 in the long ones I do now, so I would probably limit the pictures in the short ones to only 2, maybe 3 pictures.

So what is the temporary permanent solution?  Beginning with this post I’m going to be doing a trial run of only short posts.  I want to see how, if at all, it affects you as readers.  Will you read more often?  Will you comment more?  Will you click on my ads more?  Will you enjoy it more?  Because it is you, the ones that read, comment and click that are the soldiers that will win this war of words.  I am just the munitions clerk supplying the ammo.  I have no idea at this time how long this trial will last, but I hope that at the end of this whole fiasco I am guilty of making your life just a little bit more delightful, imaginative and informed.

Salamat, Y’all


  1. I wouldn’t be too harsh on the Filipino schools. They do a pretty good job considering the circumstances. Most of the people you meet have had decent early schooling but for economic reasons fail to further their education. My oldest boy was in public schools here in the US until 5th grade but unfortunately they teach down to the lowest performing student. There were fights and disruptions that wouldn’t be tolerated in the Philippines. He had a lot of problems. Being too smart and mixed race average kids picked on him. The teachers had him help teach class which didn’t help! He’s been in private schools for four years now and it costs a fortune but at least he’s getting the education he deserves. If I was over there he could still get a decent early education and if the secondary schools proved inadequate probably attend very good private schools at a much, lower cost to dear, old dad, lol.

    • I know if I had school aged children, I would highly consider them to attend school in the Philippines. As long as they complete the curriculum, it is a good education, and bi-lingual in most cases. We have friends here in Mississippi that have chose to send their brightest student to UP in Manila, and he is in his first year.

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I just moved into Calbayog and It’s been a little bit helpful knowing where to buy stuff etc.

    I also prefer a little bit shorter posts, but please make sure the pictures and the text match together 🙂 Because in this article you have pictures of Pizza factory and not a single word about them 🙁 I tried them a few days ago, only had one cheeseburger but It was pretty OK and the prices were not bad at all either. A little bit small place perhaps but nicely decorated.

    • Well Reigo I’m glad to have been of some help to you. I thought about that picture thing after I sent the post. Be sure I will do my best to make sure things match up in any future posts. In fact I have done 2 since then and the pictures do match. I have not yet tried Pizza Factory, but plan to at least try something there soon, probably a pizza though. Thanks for reading the blog and, since you live here now, please let me know if there is something you think I should be addressing on here to help others that may also be thinking about moving to and/or visiting Calbayog. Also if you know others that you think may benefit from reading here, please feel free to inform them about the site.
      So are you a Filipino, an expat or maybe both? I’m just wondering because I have not seen that name before.

      • If I can think of anything that helps to improve the blog I will let you know.

        I’m a 26y old Software developer from Northern Europe, a little country called Estonia – if you don’t know that country then here’s a hint: Skype was invented in Estonia.

        I’ve been living in Philippines for 7 months now so I’m used to the cultural differences and the way of thinking by now. I’m using Calbayog mostly as an office as I also have a wife and a child but they will remain mostly on San Antonio island where we have a more permanent home at the moment. Both are also european 😀 Not a Filipino wife 🙂

        So I’m basically not your traditional Expat either as we plan to live here maybe one more year or so and then move to a place more suitable to raising kids as our Son will have to go to school at one point and HERE is not the place for that in my opinion. No offence meant to any filipinos but I just want the best for my child.

        I’m staying in Sigma homes at the moment and was quite surprised by the number of expats here because there’s way more of them in here than in San Antonio island and Bobon / Catarman area.

        Anyway once your food place is ready (I haven’t read all the posts So i’m not quite sure if it’s open already or not) I will come by and try your food and say HI 🙂

        • Ahhh! So one of the countries of the former USSR? I’ve been to San Antonio Island (and San Antonio Texas), but the last time I was there (island) it was not developed much yet. It was basically just a place to camp. I have heard that they have plenty of housing there now. I love the Philippines too, but I wouldn’t want my child to go to school here either. In fact, if I had a choice, I think I would not want them to go to school in the US either. I know very little about schools in Europe, but I hear they are the best ones for children to attend. I could be wrong though.
          At times my wife does have a little BBQ outside, but we hope to have a Mongolian style BBQ in the near future. We have the idea in our heads how everything will look, it’s just getting the money to make those thoughts come to life.
          I hope you come up with something to help my website. I’ll take all the help I can get.

  3. UJ,
    Your doing well and this site will grow i’m sure. Besides, us retired G.I’s are use to constant babbleing usually with a “humorous” or a “wtf over” outcome. I also read a lot of “Paul Thomspons” stories as well, he’s another retired Navy guy living a few miles outside of olongapo and post rather often. I’m sure it’s a major learning curve getting this site running strong, but your light years ahead of me, hell i just figured out what a thumb drive or “dongle” was several few months ago and your running a whole friggin web site. That my friend is amazing 🙂

    • What’s a thumb drive?

      • Isn’t that the knob they used to put on the steering wheel of classic cars? Jk

    • John I have a little bit more drug information. Rose Pharmacy here says they carry Tradolan 50mg and Mercury Drug said they have one like it, but a different name. She didn’t tell me the name of it, but said it was a name brand. Of course they all need a prescription.

      • Thanks John,
        Since I can get it there as well, you might have saved me a bucket of money on dental work. More beer for everyone 🙂

        • Alright, more beer. Chips and Mexican peanuts too?
          I have a tentative date on 1 Dec to find out how much a root canal actually cost here, or at least that’s my plan to find out. Ludy’s cousin is actually a dentist and he is their family dentist. I had to go see him once and was very nice, so we are thinking to make him our family dentist also.

          • Hi John. Is the dentist local? I may visit one next time I’m there because I need some work done too. It seems I can get the entire procedure done there for less than my deductible would be here.

          • Sure he’s local. He is on Navarro St. I believe. I’ll find out the exact location on 1 Dec, if I remember to go.

  4. I’ve learned that short, quality posts get the most participation. Too short (ie just pictures and a quick travel quote) doesn’t give enough substance for my audience to react. Too long and I lose their interest. I think it’s smart that you’re trying just one focused approach, and testing that idea. Good luck! I hope you find your perfect balance!

    • Liana I’m sure going to give it a try. Sometimes it hard for me not to babble, but I’m sure going to make an attempt. I sure wish for this website to be successful, but I have to learn as I go. I figure that whatever it takes. Y’all should check out her website also. It’s one of the ones that I have on my daily checklist.

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