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Marlou and Chiqui Wedding

Marlou and Chiqui Wedding



On 27 Dec, around 1145 Jun, Jason, Jhunnel and Tintin showed up from Tacloban.  They are here for Marlou and Chiqui’s wedding tomorrow at Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral.  I know that I told y’all that it was Saturday, but it was another mis-communication.  I think I mentioned that happens often here when you don’t speak the language.  It will be my first time inside this cathedral so I will be sure to get plenty of pictures of the inside in addition to the wedding pictures.  We got the invitation yesterday and it is tomorrow at 2pm.  They are very nice invitations also.

Just past the arch way

Upon entering Wedding

We will be having yet another party tonight.  I’m not sure what it’s all about except continuing the Christmas/End of Year celebrations.  I don’t know how much or what food will be served but I’m having chicken adobo, so it really doesn’t matter much to me what they have to eat, as long as they are all happy, I’m happy.

Jun, Khany, Bebie, Chatty & Kids

Robbie, Joshua, Raven & Fay

It’s time, I suppose to figure out what clothes I’m going to be wearing for that wedding tomorrow.  Since I am not participating in the wedding, only attending, then I can just wear whatever is nice.  I’m letting Jhunnel borrow my barong and my good shoes, so I’ll have to come up with something else.  I hope I can find some long pants that fit me.  I don’t have many long pairs of pants anyway, by choice, and the ones that fit me well enough will make the selection even less.

Mar, Marlou and Ludy

Closer to the front of Church

I’m glad that the reception will be at the Ciriaco Hotel.  In addition to getting pictures of how they have things set up for the reception, I can also get updated pictures of how things have progressed back there.  Also since Cafe Elsa upgraded again since my last pictures, I will be able to get pictures of inside there also.  Again I do not know what food will be served at the reception, but I’ll make due with what they have, I hope.  Whatever the case, I’ll survive and all I have to do is walk across the street to get something that I want to eat if necessary.

The Bridemaids minus one


So the next day I slept late, until about 1030 then did pretty near nothing until about noon thirty.  At that time, since we were suppose to leave at 1pm, I figured we had at least 45 minutes to an hour before we actually did leave, accounting for Filipino time.  As it turns out that we left about 1:25pm and arrived there about 1:35pm due to a little bit of heavy traffic.

Lita was 1 of the Godmothers

Marge busy elsewhere

As you can tell from the pictures, they had the church decorated nicely for the wedding.  We have not been to a wedding for awhile, although we was invited to one, but we were stuck in route from Texas back to the Philippines when that wedding happen.  That wedding was for Blair and Charise.  I wish we would have made it back in time for that, but they already put it off once before, so I really didn’t expect them to have to wait any longer.  I have a lot of pictures for this wedding so I will not be able to get them all in here, but I will continue to insert them after today too.

It is pretty hot inside the church as they only have electric fans and no a/c.  I saw at least 10 small electric fans, but the place is so big there is no way that they will keep it cool in there.  I suppose that an a/c would cost way too much for the church to be able to pay.  You would think that the church would be able to get free or at least discounted electric, but I guess not.  If they got it free, the rest of us would probably have to take up the slack for it.

The Wedding Party

Here comes the Bride

The groom (Marlou) looked very handsome all dressed up, but the bride, she was stunning.  She really had a beautiful dress, wore her makeup just perfectly and she was just breath taking.  Chiqui is already a beautiful young lady, but this really brought out everything in her.  You can judge for yourself from the pictures even though my pictures are not the best.  Maybe I can borrow a picture from Marlou’s Facebook when/if he puts some on there.

The reception was right after and we were seated at table 4.  Again I took many pictures and will only put a few here on this post and spread the others out over other posts.  The wedding singer(s) were good and I enjoyed just about everything they sang.  There was also something else going on there outside of the reception area.  There were a lot of photographers taking pictures of a model.  I sneaked a couple of pictures of her too, and they came out alright, but not as good as I would have liked.

The Bride and Groom

Bride, Groom & Parents

Those updated pictures of Cafe Elsa were taken.  And not only did I confirm the location of the soon to be fitness center, I got some pictures of inside there too.  That is where they had the food set up before serving it to the tables.  Speaking of the food, it was edible for me, at least some of it.  The chicken was okay and I even ate some of the sweet and sour pork, all with some rice.  I ate enough to last awhile.  The only thing I did not like about the reception is that they would not let us have more than 1 glass of tea.  They said there was a 1 glass maximum.  I suppose that is the way that it was set up by Marlou.

The Kiss

Lita & Judith

After eating, Lita wanted to come home and change clothes, so I walked her across the highway.  She went back, but I didn’t.  I was ready to stay home by that time.  It’s not that I didn’t like it and I love Marlou and Chiqui to pieces, but I figured I did enough socializing for the day.  I did make sure later to let Mar know of how nice I thought everything was.  I know he spent a lot of money for it, but he’s a righteous kind of guy so that’s to be expected.

You know, I’ve got a feeling that Marlou and Chiqui will be married for a long, long time.

Salamat, Y’all




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    • I let my host guy Rich now about your slow time. He’s in San Antonio so he won’t get the message for a few hours when he wakes up. Thanks for the information though Randy. I appreciate letting me know.

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      • May want to try cloud flare it is a website helper especially for those in the Philippines where bandwidth is always an issue

        • I’m going to check that out Joe, thanks.

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        • I just got a message from Rich (my host) in San Antonio and he says it loads in 1.48 seconds there. Others tell me it is slow. I really don’t know how to handle it with those conflicting things. I know it loads a bit faster here ‘usually’ now that I’ve got the new motherboard and processor.

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  4. Looks like it was a wonderful wedding. I saw some of the photos on Juviks FB page and didn’t put two and two together about who’s wedding it was, lol. I may have check out the Ciriaco next time I’m in town. It looks very nice.

    • Well as long as you are catching up. I need to catch up too because I still have 2 or 3 posts I need to write. I was without my computer for a couple of days, but more on that in the posts.
      Juvic was taking pictures with her phone and downloading them right after she took them. I have to spread mine out a bit to be sure that I have plenty of pictures for the posts. The Ciriaco is pretty nice, but it ain’t all that great. At least not yet. They are working on it though. I also need to get to Juvic’s webpage and ‘borrow’ some pictures. Also from a couple of my other relatives that took and downloaded with their camera phones. I don’t know, maybe I should get one too. I’m sure Juvic and/or Grace would be happy to help me pick one out. Instead of buying a new camera, I could just use that to take my pictures. Although a camera for getting the long distance shots a lot closer would be nice. Expensive cameras though.

      • My HTC cell takes 5mp photos and they come out pretty nice. My Xmas photos on FB were taken with it. Cheryl’s Samsung is even better. It takes 8mp and they’re very good too. It’s almost like you don’t need a camera for casual photos nowadays. Of course you still do for certain things. I need a new camera, too as my old one got a scratch in the lens. I’ve been checking out Nikons and Canons mid-range stuff. They have been on special at Target and Walmart for around $250. On another note, what’s your favorite BBQ/ hot sauce? I’ll be visiting soon and will sneak one into my luggage for you.

        • I just would like a camera that has a big zoom lens on it to get some close ups when I can’t be close. The cell phone cameras do work well and I can download them right away.
          As for BBQ sauce and hot sauce I’m pretty simple on those. I like the Kraft Thick n’ Hearty regular. I think it’s called Thick n’ Hearty, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. For hot sauce I like the Hot Thick Picante stuff. Those are the ones I can not get here. I also like Tabasco Hot sauce, but I can get that here. I hear that Tabasco also has a BBQ sauce, but I have yet to see or taste it.
          I did taste one that is made in Seattle that was pretty good, so I’m open to all types. I like the thicker sauces as plain as possible, hickory is okay too. Also the hotter the better too. I don’t like the ones that are too sweet. You just get what you can, I’m not going to be picky about BBQ sauce or hot sauce.
          Yeah, you are suppose to be arriving in February, right?

          • I was looking at Nikon L810. It’s a little bit bigger than a point and shoot camera and a little more sophisticated; 16 megapixels, 26x optical zoom. They’ve been on sale for $149 so may be doable. I got a couple of favorite BBQ sauces. I’m a fan of the sweet and hot kind. Sonetimes I adjust them by mixing two or adding a dash of Tabasco. I’ll hook you up!

          • That L810 sounds a lot better than my camera now. It’s only 10 megapixels and 3.6 optical zoom. I suppose that next time I have money to do things with, which might be awhile, I’ll look into that. In the meantime I suppose I could just get a cell phone with a camera and take care of 2 things at the same time.
            I have been known to mix BBQ sauces too. Like I said, you just get what you want. I’ll just about eat any BBQ sauce. I’m in no position to be picky on that.

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