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Walking to Calbayog

Walking to Calbayog



For this post and a change of pace, I’m going to start off with my, what I consider, odd ball topic.  I was talking with Poppa and Mar and learned something about some of the names in the Apilado clan.  Mar’s name at birth was not Marciano, but Douglas.  He has a first cousin named Macbeth and another one named Arthur.  Put them all together and what do you have?  That’s right Douglas MacArthur.  Poppa told me that he was so happy when MacArthur returned.  He said that when he saw those incoming planes flying overhead, he cried.  The man made such an impression on so many Filipinos that he (MacArthur) is the only non-Filipino hero that has statues erected in his honor here.  Of course Mar had a heck of a time getting his passport because his birth certificate says Douglas and all the rest of his identifications say Marciano.  He finally got it all worked out and should be receiving his passport some time next month.

Customer for Our Daily Bread

A quick update on the progress of the restaurant.  It is all complete and ready to open for business on Monday (that would be today now).  The last thing that is being done is that Victor is constructing a table with a bench out front for the tricycle drivers so they can eat there and keep a better eye on their rides.   According to Lita there should be a tarp that they can get under when if it is raining.  There is already a covering for protection from the sun, but not that sidewards falling rain.  I’ll get a picture of it once it is completed.

A Cool Wet Day out Front

Some of y’all may have noticed that my picture and video sections are not working properly.  Well I’m trying to figure out what the deal is with that.  Supposedly there is something that I keep forgetting to do when I add a picture or video.  I think that some of my other attempts to correct it have actually made it worse, but I’ll get it figured out eventually.  I have dozens of pictures to add in there and I want to be sure that everyone is getting a chance to see all the videos.

Juvic on Mar's front Porch

On Friday I decided to walk down to Monterrey Meat Shop to buy some bacon.  Well when I got there they were out of bacon.  Okay, so I decided walk to the other Monterrey Meat Shop downtown.  When I got there, they were out also.  The only other place that I know of that sells the bacon is JustMar, so I went there.  They had one package of the American Style bacon, but it’s too expensive.   It’s about twice the price of the Filipino style bacon.  While I was at JustMar I did buy a box of Kraft Cheddar cheese.   I decided to go back to the downtown Monterrey and buy some ground beef instead.  I just got a couple of packages, costing me P104.

Mar's Living Room

Why did I want the bacon and cheese?  Well I have 3 packages of flour tortillas here.  Juvic was in Manila and she went shopping at Pure Gold to buy them.  They are packages of 12 10′ tortillas.  I wanted to make some breakfast burritos with bacon, potato and cheese.  Those are the ones I get from our favorite Mexican restaurant back in Belton.  That place is called Salgado’s RestauranteI had to settle for ground beef instead of bacon, but they still turned out good.  So far all the Tex-Mex food that I have introduced to the relatives here, they have liked it.  When/If they get that Pure Gold built here, I can tell you that they will be getting a lot of our business.  It probably will turn into the #1 place that I buy my food, in fact I can almost guarantee it.  I say ‘almost’ only because I have never actually been to one.  I have heard only good things about them though.  I believe that Gary B. has been shopping at one before and he is one of the people that likes shopping there and recommends it.  Right Gary?

Areas Past Mar's Living Room

We were out of potatoes, well down to only 1, so I was planning to stop on the way home to buy a couple at a little stand on the way back.  As I was walking back, Eddie came by.  You remember Eddie, Vicky’s husband, the guy that bought one of our tricycles.  Well I decided to ride with him because I knew he would stop at the little stand for me.  Besides, once I got in the tricycle, I realized just how tired I was from all that walking.  I need to get back to walking on a regular basis to eliminate all that tiredness.  We stopped at the little vegetable stand, which is a place that is new to that location.  She use to be in the market, but decided that the new market was too expensive for her so she moved to along the highway, probably in front of her house.  Anyway I found out that the price of potatoes here is P60 per kilo and about 4 medium potatoes is approximately 1 kilo.  I only got 2 potatoes and it cost me P28.

Patio at Mar's House

Well I guess that is enough for this post.  I hope that this was somehow beneficial to someone.  I’ve been sending out e-mails again and I’ll tell you in next post to whom I have been sending them.

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Salamat, Y’all



  1. There is a Pure Gold in Subic that carries a lot of American products. By the way John, I thought you were going on a diet? Those breakfast burritos will do you absolutely no good…but they will make you feel happy! 😉

    • Did I say “diet”? I remember saying I wanted to lose weight, but nothing about a diet. I’m no good at diets so I have to go the limited intake route. I can eat less but when it comes to having to eat certain things on a regular basis, I just can not do that.

      • I’m pretty sure you mentioned a weight loss contest between you and your son (which translates to diet!). Intake has nothing to do with losing lbs unless you are talking calories. Remember, you can eat as many calories as you like but you better be burning off more than you take in!

        • Yes a weight losing contest not necessarily a low cal diet. A diet is whatever you eat, but a more healthy diet is what helps you lose weight. I’m not very good at the low calorie thing, as I’m sure most overweight people are not. I know that I can lose the weight, but I have to do the exercise to accomplish that. Once I see the pounds coming off, I get more motivated and focused. When/If I lose focus, it’s hard to get started again. For instance, before going to Texas on vacation last year I was losing weight good and even got down to 270 lbs, and still going, slowly, but going. After I got to Texas and starting eating all the food that I had been missing out on, the weight went back up. I need to find a way to stop doing that. I think that if I ever get to my goal, 215lbs, then I would not ever go back up again.

          • LOL UJ I was 325 lbs when i landed in PH, over last 2 years down to 210 pounds, eating a good mix of fresh fruits, veggies, little red meat, lots fish,chicken,pork but staying away from too much breads,I got to admit the Filipino diet been good to me, Many I have heard say Filipino food is bland or boring I’m lucky not to find it so enjoying most Filipino food i have tried but having balut once was enough for me.

          • I too went from 330 lbs down to 270 lbs in about 2 years, but then I went back to Texas for a visit and gained 21 of those lbs back. My body has adjusted to the Philippines so it’s harder to lose weight now. My biggest problems are for sure breads, rice and Mountain Dew. I can eat more chicken than anyone I know and I love fruits and most vegetables. I’m going to need for that fitness center to open though, I know it. You tried balut once more time than I have and one more time than I ever will.

  2. That’s right John. Pure Gold is one of my absolute shopping trips when I am in Angeles because of the wide variety of American foods that I can’t find anywhere else.
    I usually buy King Sue bacon because the American bacon that I can buy is just too expensive. I like the King Sue bacon but hate all the other King Sue products. Go figure.
    Breakfast burritos are one of my favorite meals and I like them the same way you do. Bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs and cheese. Yum. I think I may have to cook that up for dinner here tonight.

    • I will be glad when/if they put in a Pure Gold. Juvic told me that the store was huge. The way she described it really reminded me of a Sam’s Club.
      I haven’t seen any King Sue bacon that I know of. I don’t pay much attention to the names, but I will check on that. I usually just get the Filipino bacon. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of scrapes, but there are times, like the 6 packages Lita just bought, that it looks good.
      I’m thawing out a package now and will cook some potatoes too. I’m out of cheese, but I’ll have the bacon, eggs, potatoes and I’ll add some onion and peppers. Sometimes I don’t even put the eggs in there. I like the breakfast burritos with migas also.

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