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Calbayog Fruit Vendor Arrested in Buy-Bust

Calbayog Fruit Vendor Arrested in Buy-Bust



CAMP SEC. KANGLEON, Palo, Leyte – At first glance, Danilo “Jack” Casaljay is just an ordinary fruit vendor, selling grapes, apples, mangoes and other foodstuff and is usually seen either at the bus terminal, public market or downtown Calbayog City.

But Jack has other business sidelines, while illegal, albeit a lucrative one. He is selling a different kind of fruit, one that does not come from a tree. It was purely white and in crystalline form, but instead of nourishing the body, it destroys not only the body and mind, but one’s whole being.

Days after receiving intelligence information on Jack’s nefarious activities and placing him under casing, surveillance and test-buys, the Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group of Calbayog City Police Station arrested him in a buy-bust operation on Monday afternoon, thereby putting an end to his illegal deeds.

Eastern Visayas top cop Police Chief Superintendent Elmer Ragadio Soria disclosed that Casaljay was nabbed by police operatives at Purok 2, Brgy. Obrero of said city after selling “shabu” worth P500.00 to a poseur-buyer.

The suspect, 35, residing at Purok 3, Brgy Capoocan also of Calbayog City tried but failed to elude arrest and was collared by the police team led by Police Senior Inspector Aaron Raymond Elago. Aside from the illegal drugs, also seized from the suspect is the P500.00 bill buy-bust money with serial number CG512226.

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UJ Says: Just like anywhere else in the world I guess.  People trying to make money and really don’t care how they do it.  This is NOT the fruit stand that is mentioned in the article.


  1. If you only knew how many hoops you had to jump through to open a business in Cleveland you’d be amazed. It’s no wonder there are less small businesses being opened here then there used to be. After 3 years of trying to satisfy beaurocrats I finally gave up. I may try to open a similar business in the Philippines but of course it will be my wife’s business there, lol.

    • Well good luck Mark with whatever it is. I hope it something unique to what they have around here already, because what all the normal things are a bit over done in these parts.

    • Well Mark, if the dollar keeps sliding against the peso, I may need to work. Where can I send my application? lol

  2. I heard of one community in NY that charges $250 for a lemonade stand permit. In my town, we had a garage sale last fall and now I can’t have a moving sale within the same year! Maybe I’ll just pay the fine.

    • You know I seem to remember that it costs big bucks for a lemonade stand in Texas too. I suppose that the parents don’t what to fork over that kind of money because it would take a long time to make that kind of money selling lemonade and maybe the kid will lose interest after a few days.
      As for a garage sale, well it’s the same in Texas. I think we are limited to 2 permits per year to ‘officially’ have a sale. I think that there are so many illegal sales though that they don’t bother checking them all. It’s a chance, but I think all they can do is shut you down on the spot and/or make you pay the fee. I’m not real sure of the penalty because it never happen to me or anyone I know.

  3. I guess if there weren’t so many business rules and restrictions in the U.S., we too could have many roadside fruit stands selling drugs. Maybe that’s why you don’t see lemonade stands anymore…the lemonade might be spiked! 😛

    • Maybe Randy and I always thought that a lot of American kids were just getting lazy and just wanted things given to them instead of earning it.

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