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SAMAR - Once you visit, you'll want SAMORE

Samar Tourism Investment (3:09)

Samar Tourism Investment (3:09)



An introduction to the island so investor can see that Samar is worthy of investing in. The guy narrating sure does like to stress his “S’s” at the end of his words. At least it sounds that way when I play it.


  1. I probably wouldn’t have watched the video except for your comments about hs S’s. It did make me smile.

    • Well that was one of the reasons I put that statement in there to lure y’all to listen to it. Besides it’s true, he really does like to pronounce those S’s.

  2. Yes, he sure does pronunciate his “S’ssss” well! Did you recognize that last beach in the video? It’s the beach on my site where I am standing with a bottle of San Miguel. It’s the beach next to where the Mondejares Resort is located and is only a 5 minute boat ride from our house. I’m sure I will be spending some time there (if I can ever get there!)

    • No I didn’t notice that. I probably wouldn’t know anyway. I was mostly concentrating on that guy’s S’s.
      You’ll get here eventually, but you sure are taking your time about it.

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