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Some of DupTours vans

No overhang here. Just a parking lot for the vans, a garage and an office.


  1. What is the cost to hire a private van for four people going to Calbayog from tacloban?

    • Here is what I know, maybe someone else here knows more. I know that at Grand Tours van, and probably the other van services, you can pay for all the seats in a van, I believe there are like 15 seats, maybe 16 and that van will be yours to travel with, with driver. For reference, when we travel via van, from Tacloban to Catabalogan is P120 and from Catabalogan to Calbayog is P100, so the whole trip being P220 per person. 220×16=P3520. Now maybe you get some type of discount for booking the whole van and it might be a little cheaper, I don’t know. Also I’ve never actually done this, I just heard about it a few times. I don’t think there would be any extra charges.
      I don’t know of any other van service or any service, except buses that will make the trip. When you are at the van depot and decided you just want to ride with the other passengers, you can reserve the seats you want, even if no one is sitting there. For example: When my wife and I travel we usually reserve seats 3,4 & 5 (right behind the driver). It gives us a little bit of room to move around or put any items we may be carrying. For 4, if you decide you want to do that, then seats 3,4,5,6 & 7 would be good. Seats 6 & 7 are on the first row right across from you. I think it’s only 2 on that side. I haven’t been on one of the vans for awhile. It’s no more than 3 on each side though, for sure. It’s not a bad ride if you don’t get a kamikaze driver. The van has a/c (air con) and the seats are comfortable. Of course going with the regular service, when you get to Catabalogan you need to sign up and pay again there, but you can make the same arrangements as before. Even if it’s not the next van going out, they usually have vans going out every 20 minutes, more if there are more people.
      Okay, that’s what I know. If you have anymore questions, please ask. I’ll be happy to answer what I can. If someone else reading this knows something different about transportation from Tacloban to Calbayog, please respond.

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